Richard Wyler, advocate for the modern bisexual movement

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wylerWithin less than two decades, Richard Wyler and David Matheson from the USA have achieved in becoming the voice of the modern bisexual movement, in the same way as Rosa Parker once became the icon of the civil rights movement for another minority, the Afro-Americans.

First, heterosexuality was the only way to go. Then the Gay Liberation Front managed to put Same-Sex Attractions on the agenda. And now, as a third wave of the emancipation struggle, Richard and David have become the voice of the secular endeavour to venture beyond Same-Sex Attractions and to incorporate even Opposite-Sex Attractions into the lives of thousands of people worldwide, without coercion and without undue harm to self-esteem and self-respect.

They have achieved in taking emancipation one step further, an historical milestone in the evolution of a tolerant and compassionate society. Where does this movement stand? Let us look at the facts.


Wyler is well known for his initiatives to bring bisexual people internationally together to embrace their sexuality fluidity. He is founder of People Can Change, a network of bisexuals supporting one another in embracing a full quality of manhood. David Matheson is author of the best-selling book ‘Becoming A Whole Man, Principles And Archetypes’.

What does ‘bisexual’ really mean?

People who experience same-sex attractions, but who at the same time feel attracted to the idea of opposite attractions, or indeed experience them, are technically to be considered bisexual. What does Gay mean? The Gay identity means feeling exclusively Same-Sex Attractions with no Opposite-Sex Attractions and neither wanting nor desiring the OSA’s either. To the contrary, they resist the very idea. The so-called heterosexual identity is exactly the opposite. This leaves all other forms of identity, wishes and urges in the middle: the Bisexual range of sexual feelings, orientation and identity.

The bisexual community is a minority group and is heavily persecuted and discriminated against by extremist gay-lib organisations. The community is ignored by all major professional health organizations. No sound research has been done into their unique onlook on life.

The Gay Liberation Front and the complainants against PCC at the Federal Trade Commission, claim to support the interests of, amongst others, the Bisexual community, as reflected in the phrase LGBT.

But in no way do they really support and affirm the heterosexual potential of the Bisexual individual. The heterosexual component of Bisexuality is ignored, concealed, silenced, frowned upon and is even portrayed by extremists as being offensive to the emancipation endeavors of gay-lib.

born-this-wayOn their website, the radical lesbian feminist organization National Center for Lesbian Rights, NCLR, features images of gay protesters bearing flags saying ‘Born this way’. From a bisexual point of view, this is a false and misleading statement, aimed at inducing ignorant citizens into believing that a person is either born gay or born straight. In no way do these feminists infer that sexual fluidity is also part of the human nature, a fluidity which by the way, has indeed been recognized by all major health organizations in the USA.

The current persecutors of PCC, namely the NCLR and the Human Rights Campaign, mislead citizens into believing that same-sex attractions are, under all circumstances, to be seen as the core of the extreme homosexual end of the 7-point Kinsey Sexuality Orientation Scale. The complainants infer that SSA’s always lead a person to be gay or lesbian, in other words to be heading for the extreme homosexual end of the Kinsey Scale.

Coming out

Every person experiencing SSA’s therefore would have a ‘coming out’ process lying ahead of them, inevitably and irrevocably leading to the extreme homosexual end of the Kinsey Sexuality Orientation Scale. According to the complainants and their websites, all a person with SSA’s needs, is a Gay Affirming approach which aims to assist this shift on the Kinsey Scale to reach its assumed final destination, the exclusively homosexual extreme.

The complainants have no problem with orientation shifts or identity shifts of people who regard themselves as questioning, as long as they end up at the homosexual extreme of the KSOS. They have no problem with incest either, the insinuation of father-son sex, examples of which are splashed all over the internet. We are yet to see the NCLR and the SPLC take action to stop these commercial activities which undermine the protection of vulnerable youth. No, they pick on guys who are interested in the opposite sex.

The harm that Gay Affirmative Therapy inflicts is not mentioned, not evaluated nor brought to the attention of questioning youths or adults, nor to the professional medical community. Urging questioning youths and adults to adopt the extreme end of the KSOS is portrayed as the most healthy, the most correct, in fact the only way to go for every bisexual experiencing SSA’s. These feelings are portrayed as synonymous with being gay and lesbian.

In no way do complainants nor major professional organizations acknowledge that SSA’s also occur in every other point on the Kinsey Scale (except the exclusively heterosexual extreme). In other words, they ignore the existence of Bisexuality, which is a state of having both a homosexual and a heterosexual orientation in the same individual, and which is part of the universally recognized fluidity of sexual feelings.

The complainants do not accept the basics of Bisexuality when they bear signs and promote the ideology of ‘Born this way’. They promote that SSA’s are always, and under all circumstances, symptom of the exclusively homosexual extreme on the KSOS, and that finally ‘coming out’ and embracing this stance is an immutable process, deviation of which would be harmful to a so-called core identity, the notion of who the person ‘really is’.

Bisexuality is not taken into consideration as an option, neither is sexual fluidity recognized. But this is at odds with who the person ‘really is’, namely Bisexual. Guys experiencing heterosexual feelings are only seen as sex objects.

Consumers are harmed by ignoring, defaming, discouraging and persecuting the notion of Bisexuality. And Bisexuals are in far greater numbers than people who identify as gay.

In a recent scientific study conducted at the Ilia State University, researchers have investigated the probability of the existence of homosexual genes which would affirm the false stance that having SSA’s is a genetic, and therefore immutable, phenomenon. The report ended by saying: “No specific gay genes have been identified” (click here).

Earlier in the year 2000, the Australian Identical Twin Studies, conducted under a random sample of the identical twins database consisting of 33.000 registered identical twins, proved unequivocally that almost 90% of all identical twins in which one twin identified as homosexual, the other identical twin did not. This rules out the possibility that one is always born gay. With your genes, you may very well experience a heterosexual orientation. This is not the exception, it is the rule, given the fact that this difference occurs in almost 90% of the cases. The notions of radical gay-lib are hence outdated.

Richard Wyler and Rosa Parks

Within the Bisexual community, Wyler is regarded a champion of the secular Bisexual movement which dares to publicly defy the current gay-lib mantras of being ‘born this way’. Bisexuals who speak up are a small minority. Most of them dare not be deviant to the political correctness that surrounds the homosexual emancipation movement at the expense of the bisexual community.

Richard Wyler is internationally considered as the Rosa Parks of Bisexuality, the black woman on the bus.

Who was Rosa Parks?

rosa-parkdsRosa Parks brought together a unique blend of life experiences, a commitment to racial justice, and a flawless reputation to transform a single act of defiance into a defining moment for the modern American civil rights movement.

It’s one of the most famous moments in modern American civil rights history: On a chilly December evening in 1955, on a busy street in the capital of Alabama, a 42-year-old seamstress boarded a segregated city bus to return home after a long day of work, taking a seat near the middle, just behind the front “white” section. At the next stop, more passengers got on. When every seat in the white section was taken, the bus driver ordered the black passengers in the middle row to stand so a white man could sit. The seamstress refused.

Inside this bus on December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a soft-spoken African-American seamstress, refused to give up her seat to a white man, breaking existing segregation laws. The flawless character and quiet strength she exhibited successfully ignited action in others. For this, many believe Rosa Parks’ act was the event that sparked the Civil Rights movement.

“The time had just come when I had been pushed as far as I could stand to be pushed, I suppose. I had decided that I would have to know, once and for all, what rights I had as a human being, and a citizen”.

In Richard Wyler, we see equal strength and determination to battle for the rights of bisexuals to be recognized by society and by the professional organizations at large. Against all odds imposed by extremist gay-lib and their rallying of politicians, White House and the UN, and in spite of the political correctness in which radical gay-lib can nowadays lather and bathe, he battles for bisexuals to start loving themselves too, as do homosexuals at the extreme end of the KSOS, to look into the double discrimination issues that haunt their lives, and to be recognized and acknowledged above all to themselves.

The NCLR even supplies unawaring politicians with unsubstantiated outrageous statements of harm perpetrated by Wyler, alleged suicides, rape and everything else they can cunningly invent, fabricate and use to motivate ignorant politicians. They willingly monger fear at carefully targeted audiences, cunningy choosing what to say to whom and when to exaggerate and get away with it, in their paranoid frenzy against the Bisexual community.

The heterosexual aspirations of the Bisexual person are perceived as a threat, in the same way as people with a skin colour used to be perceived as a menace to the American society. Complainant NCLR manages for example to write in the Los Angeles an uheard of smear campaign, in order to ‘inform’ ignorant gays and lesbians about reparative therapy.

They dare not reiterate this before the more scrutinizing FTC in their official complaint against PCC (click here). No, they just relentlessly hammer out the results of their well crafted smear campaign, and remain innocent and silent about the sneaky and distrustful way they manage to emotionally manipulate the public discourse to achieve the desired results.

Wyler is advocate for the Bisexual community. He states that this community has the right to look into their sexual feelings as they feel fit, as much as gay sadists, masochists, transvestites, lesbians etc. have. But it must be remembered that 80% of all Afro-American youths from impoverished suburbs seeking the gay extreme of the KSOS, will end up with the H.I.V. virus, so the Surgeon General warns. Talk of harm.

PCC is not persecuting or condemning anyone for adopting the gay label if she or he freely wishes to do so. But as one of few, the lonely struggler Wyler acknowledges and proudly speaks out that many bisexuals have a different prospective in life than to adopt the gay label, and all that the proud-and-out gay community by means of public pressure and legal coercion wishes to impose on others.

Glad to be gay, be my guest. But is that all that life has to offer to the questioning or bisexual individual? The opposite sex gone for ever? No fathering own children? Heterosexual aspirations sinking like the Titanic by conforming to the rigid “coming out” process? Enforced on all youths by the monopolist Gay Affirmative Therapy movement just because you experience some SSA’s at some time in your life?

It is with great sadness and deep concern that bisexuals around the world look on as this lonely pioneer of the Bisexual movement faces shaming, criminalization, defamation and persecution by the Federal Trade Commission at the hands of gay-lib extremists, as he seeks to create a safe haven for consenting adults who voluntarily seek to look into their full array of sexual possibilities.

Wyler communicates on the BBC and on national television that the Bisexual community will choose its own words, its own therapists, and its own world view. PCC is not into therapy, so he repeats time and time again, but their vocabulary as Bisexuals and as free citizens, will not be fabricated by gay-lib extremists at the office of the notorious Los Angeles National Center for Lesbian Rights, nor at the offices of the infamous Southern Poverty Law Centre in Alabama.