Part 1: SPLC gloats over its victory over JONAH

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splc-buildingThe SPLC, a multi-million dollar law firm in Alabama, has issued a report, built around revelations that emerged from a lawsuit against JONAH that was tried in New Jersey last year. Is it true what they are saying, and if not, why do they say this? Let us have a look.

Represented by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other attorneys, several gay plaintiffs sued Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing, or JONAH (formerly Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality), under a state consumer fraud law.

The judge in the case barred almost all testimony from the six experts proffered by the defendants. JONAH was not allowed to call in expert witnesses to contradict the wild allegations constructed by the SPLC and extremist gay-libbers. In this way, a lame-winged JONAH was sued out of business. The SPLC now presents its story; they hope to achieve even more success with their version of the truth.

quacks-front-pageThe report called ‘Quacks’ starts off with the following sentences:

“If the quacks who make up the reparative therapy business are not stopped, lives will continue to be ruined. The “science” examined here actively harms people, leading with grim regularity to suicide, depression and an array of self-destructive behaviors. It demeans, defames and defrauds human beings, typically at their most vulnerable moments. “Ex-gay” therapists are like the “experts” beloved by the Nazis who thought they could identify inferior human beings by measuring their subjects’ skulls.”

So there you have the opening sentences to put every reader in a certain mind-frame:  “grim regularity of suicides”, “beloved by the Nazis”, “identifying inferior human beings”, “quacks”, “actively harming people”. Welcome to the deadly spin of the SPLC lynch mob.

In the seventies of the previous century, the SPLC got rich by attacking the rhetoric of the Ku Klux Klan. Fifty years later they copy the same tactics, the same rhetoric, the same fear-mongering and they want to dish out punishments as vehemently as the Ku Klux Klan wanted to do, to save society just like the KKK wanted a better America. They have become a hate group themselves.

In a series of three articles we will analyze this SPLC account of the JONAH trial and ask ourselves:

1. who are these people?
2. is it true what they are saying?
3. if not, why do they do this?


Part 1 Who are these people?

1.1 The SPLC

avfm-logoThe humanist website A Voice For Men writes:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center‭ (‬SPLC‭) is ‬an Alabama based organization operating under the auspices of civil rights advocacy. Once‭ ‬there was a time when SPLC did proactive work in the civil rights arena,‭ ‬targeting the Ku Klux Klan and other known hate organizations through the legal system. However,‭ ‬under the current leadership the organization’s mission has drifted toward the persecution of individuals and groups who oppose mainstream political thought.

It is a left-wing organization, and its attorneys have founded several left-wing political organizations. If targeted organizations have other opinions than for example big main stream organizations, then they are persecuted for doing so.

By using their formerly legitimate reputation as a civil rights advocacy organization, SPLC is not only engaging in public deception,‭ ‬but is seeking to undermine the principles of tolerance and equal treatment under the law. And the SPLC does so viciously.”

mbarber_cOn his website, attorney Matt Barber, who specializes in constitutional law, writes:

“Southern Poverty Law Center has officially been declared a left-wing hate group. According to its own materials, the SPLC was internationally known for tracking and exposing the activities of hate groups. Alas, “power corrupts,” as it goes, and the SPLC, having amassed tremendous power and wealth over the years, has regrettably become corrupt to its core. By way of an ever-escalating wave of “us-versus-them” money-grubbing schemes, today’s SPLC has morphed into a far-left political activist outfit, famous for promoting a panoply of extreme liberal causes.”

social-contract-pressThe Social Contract Press‭ writes:

“They are the King of Fearmongerers,‭ ‬scaring donors since‭ ‬1971.‭ ‬Thanks to the generosity of four decades‭’ ‬worth of donors,‭ ‬many of whom are aging Northern-state‭ “‬1960s liberals‭” ‬who continue to associate‭ “‬Southern‭” ‬and‭ “‬poverty‭” ‬with lynchings,‭ ‬white-hooded Klansmen,‭ ‬and sitting at the back of the bus,‭ ‬and thanks to the sheer genius at direct-mail marketing,‭ ‬the SPLC is probably the richest poverty organization in the history of the world.‭


With their talent for crafting multi-page alarmist fundraising letters,‭ ‬the SPLC has steadily accumulated a mountain of surpluses: $52‭ ‬million in net assets that the SPLC reported during the mid-1990s, in‭ ‬2016‭ ‬it has risen to more than‭ ‬$300‭ ‬million.

Because in civil cases,‭ ‬in contrast to criminal cases,‭ ‬the government is not obliged to supply defendants with free lawyers,‭ ‬most groups who are targeted in SPLC civil cases go bankrupt.‭

The groups chosen out are usually economically and socially marginal groups,‭ ‬whose units typically consist of a handful of down-market youths clustered around a kitchen table.‭ ‬They can seldom afford either decent lawyers or the cost of mounting an effective defense.‭”


In this way the SPLC acts as a political bulldozer by eradicating small groups who indulge in what the radical left-wingers consider inappropriate opinions. In doing so, all public debate is stealthily by-passed. The Social Contract Press goes on further to say:

“The SPLC says that there is an ever-spiraling amount of hate in America,‭ ‬and sure enough,‭ ‬its state-by-state list of hate and patriot groups has grown steadily over the years,‭ ‬especially during the presidency of Obama,. In 2016 they state that the count has increased by 14% in the last two years.”


On their website, the SPLC splashes the numbers of so-called hate groups in big and alarming red figures, in order to look very disturbing.

Non-existent ‘hate groups’

Robert Wilcox from the Kansas University says:

“Many of the organizations on the SPLC’s expansive list‭ ‬may be two guys and a post-office box,‭ ‬while others might not exist at all.‭ ‬Their lists of hate groups never have addresses that can be checked.‭ ‬Up to 20% can’t even be found. ‬All they can sometimes find is a post-office box.  ‬People have tried to track down these groups,‭ ‬but they couldn’t find them”,‭


splc-building2Wilcox goes on to say:

“For their donation-generating machine,‭ ‬powered by SPLC’s mastery of the use of‭ “‬hate‭” ‬to coax dollars, the SPLC wants to ensure that‭ “‬hate‭” ‬is forever.

They always look for cash-strapped defendants plus maximum donor-base appeal. For example, in recent times‭ anti-LGBT‬ sells and to advocate it raises millions of donation dollars. In 2014 they filed a fraud lawsuit against an obscure Jewish nonprofit group in New Jersey that offers so-called conversion therapy to gays and lesbians hoping to enter traditional heterosexual marriages. They reached an undisclosed settlement.”

Time magazine writes:

logo-time-magazine2“The court refused to hear JONAH’s experts, who include a social worker and clinical instructor at Ohio State University; a psychiatrist and preceptor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; and a former University of Toronto professor of psychiatry.”


People are forced to reach a settlement, lest they go bankrupt. But the court’s verdict is used in the next case for yet another victim of the accusation of hate crime. The SPLC does not primarily desire money, they want the court decision unappealed, so it can be built upon in the future. And to do so, the small group has to go bankrupt so they can’t go in appeal.

The next victim is People Can Change, a small group of adult men, minding their own business. After that, they will go for the jugular: all psychotherapists in the USA who dare to have any other professional view than the radical gay-lib world-view.

Our conclusion about the SPLC

splc-logoThe SPLC is a small group of successful attorneys in Alabama, who by means of their business model, have received millions of dollars of donations from well-to-do white 1960 liberals to persecute all elements of unwanted political behavior in American society.

Out of hand

The SPLC has grown out of hand; the FBI does not want to support them anymore, and an ever increasing list of “hate groups” is published yearly by these extremists, not to persecute hate crimes (because those perpetrators have been put out of business) but to carry on in an ever increasing left-wing agenda to the extent of extremism against differing opinions, even according to many moderate left-wingers in the USA. And of course an ever increasing funding by white, politically correct millionaires who still believe that the Ku Klux Klan is on its way to hang “niggers” from trees if the SPLC says so.


electroshockThey have photos (preferably from the 1930‘s) to prove their point, obsolete electroshocks, lobotomies etc. And outdated photos are used over and over again for different causes. When there are no photos, then You-tube videos and cartoons are professionally crafted to look authentic and make the victim look very bad. After all, one image says more to an unsuspecting jury than a thousand words. Spin and images of horror have become a standard tactic. They have the resources to easily do so. According to their ever expanding and yearly updated State Hate List, rural America would be more intolerant than Islamic State.

JONAH as victim

A recent victim is the small sexual minority of orthodox Jews with self acclaimed unwanted same-sex attractions, seeking to investigate their innate heterosexual capacities, and who minded their own business in forming an informal support group, JONAH. They were attacked and put out of business by a paranoid small group of radical gay-libbers. These gays turned to the SPLC and since then, the SPLC has supported them.

Extremist LGBT-agenda

By embracing an unsubstantiated radical LGBT agenda, the SPLC has received millions of dollars from men dying from AIDS, men who have left their inheritance to the fight for justice. The SPLC funding has risen yearly since they embraced the radical gay-lib agenda and declared to save the world, in close cooperation with extremists.


Part 1.2 Radical Gay-lib

‭We have looked into the SPLC. But they were coached by radical gay-libbers, a small group consisting essentially of no more than three people. Who are these radical gay-libbers? The names that always pop up everywhere are Wayne Besen, Lee Beckstead and Samantha Ames.

The National Centre for Lesbian Rights is a small law firm in Los Angeles, which has been suing people or organizations who oppose radical gay-lib ideology. samantha ames making moneySamantha Ames leads a campaign called Born Perfect, meaning that lesbians are perfect, and that all forms of criticism, therapy or opposition to lesbian behavior are futile. She aims to criminalize each and every form of therapy which is not gay-affirmative in the US by the year 2019, even when that therapy is deliberately sought for by consenting adults.

On the BBC in Britain (click here) during one of her heavily sponsored international propaganda campaigns, she says that orientation therapists are merely a negligible fringe of the psychotherapeutic community, and yet on the other hand she says they are a lucrative industry.

It is difficult to see how a ‘fringe’ of marginal psychotherapists would constitute a booming industry with a normal professional salary on the one hand, and that her law firm which earns $5 million a year and a SPLC which has $300 million to its disposal, are merely altruistically  encouraging public awareness.

vjThat ‘fringe’, so we are led to believe, is an international problem, needing the complete Democratic Party of the USA, the President himself, more than five professional mental health organizations, the United Nations, the Pan-American Health Organization, the Federal Trade Commission, State laws in as many US states as possible, and media coverage worldwide to combat ‘potential harm’.

Talk of harm, in 2009 the American Psychological Association wrote:

“We conclude that there is a scarcity of scientifically sound research on the safety of SOCE. Early and recent research studies provide no clear indication of the prevalence of harmful outcomes among people who have undergone efforts to change their sexual orientation or the frequency of occurrence of harm because no study to date of adequate scientific rigor has been explicitly designed to do so. Thus, we cannot conclude how likely it is that harm will occur from Sexual Orientation Change Efforts.”


To be continued

Job Berendsen, MD