Part 4: SPLC against JONAH: understanding the gay mind: projecting

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projectingIn this series, we look into the radical gay mind in order to understand what is going on as extremists try to eradicate all opposing views in society. They insist that there are no psychological phenomena involved in being gay and that it is solely society to be blamed for any sort of psychological stress or problems.

Why does radical gay-lib incessantly blame others? In this article we investigate the phenomenon of projecting.

To understand this reaction, we need to look even deeper into the homosexual mind than we have done in the eight paragraphs of part 3. As we have explained, the fundamental issue to be observed is rejectionism, a frame of mind that creates a reality all of its own. It goes on all day. But one does not want that uncomfortable feeling to come into consciousness. We project it from us, attribute it to others in order to get it out of mind.

Paragraph 9 projectionism

How does projectionism work? Let me take an example from my own life.

One Sunday morning, I was driving down the road of a village in the Netherlands; I had woken up too early and I had drunk too much on a good Saturday night before. We had fun, but I should not have taken that last Martini, after only a few glasses of wine and some good old Heineken, as far as I can remember. I wasn’t in the best of spirits. At the end of the morning, a police officer hauled me over and questioned me about what on earth I was doing. Here is my tale:

I was driving down the road. Bad mood, bad temper, I admit. But here was this ass-hole of an old-aged pensioner driving at 40 km/hr where he should have been driving at 50. In front of us was this traffic light. And would you believe it? Miles, and I mean MILES, ahead of the traffic light, he pressed on his brake pedal and started to slow down. In the meantime, I saw his wife distracting his attention. He slowed down to hear her yapping. And would you believe it? She had this horrible hairdo. I mean those phony gray curls to make her look like Shirley Temple. Would you believe it? At her age?

old-coupleAnd what did the ass-hole do? He slowed down as if he would cause thousands of injured pedestrians crossing the street at this time of a Sunday morning. After the light changed to green, there she was: yapping and yapping. I gave it a good honk. Wake up, sunshine.

So, with his pension and all, he slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, pressed the gas pedal to speed up. Then there was this street at the right. And a car from miles, and I mean MILES away, slowly making its way to the junction. So I honked my horn. Old Hairdo turned around in surprise and started yapping. Pension-Boy pressed the brake yet again. And would you believe it? They slowed down to a halt to let this car from MILES away to approach and enjoy its right of way. What are these people doing in society anyway?

He took his sweet time to rev up again, Old Hairdo meanwhile was yapping and yapping. And then we approached the next traffic light. So I blinked my headlights, honked my horn, drove up right to his bumper and pressed my gas pedal to wake them up at this time in the morning. Old Hairdo turned around with a face of anguish, while Pension-Boy fiddled with his pedals. These people should not be allowed to drive at their age. We need new laws to make these people face a new driving examination due to their behavior. And come on, everyone knows this problem, and no-one is doing anything about it!

It was then that a police officer hauled me over, stopped me and invited me to explain what on earth I was doing on a calm Sunday morning.

It is called projecting.

This psycho-analytic term means that you get rid of the bad thoughts in your head and say that the other guy did it. Not you. It had nothing to do with you, but with those other people. So all your negative emotions vanish and you are clean and right as rain. It is the other guy, not you, and boy, does he deserve hell!

If you have a troubled mind, or a hangover for that matter, then according to Sigmund Freud there are all sorts of mechanisms in your mind to feel good just the same. He called it defense mechanisms, defending yourself from internal negative emotions. He named quite a few, and one of them is projecting.

You lead yourself to believe that it is not you with the negative feelings/emotions/behavior, but the other guy. You are cleansed on the spot. The blame goes whoopie! over the fence and gone forever. It’s them. You are right as rain. There are negative emotions/traits/desires at stake, but it is the other guy, not you. And boy, does it feel good to know that, to feel and assert that. If others affirm you in this stance, they save your day. What a blessing.

So it is very important that others take away all doubt. I retold my driving experience to others, and when they heard my version, they sympathized with me. How I love my friends. In your hour of need, it is then that you get to know your true friends. Those who believe all you say. Trustworthy companions, my crowd.

Paragraph 10 analyzing projections

Let me now as a sober psychiatrist painstakingly analyze what I did that Sunday morning:

1. I had a bad vibe (but did not admit it at that time)

2. The other guy was hostile to my driving experience (but in truth, I was hostile to his)

3. I felt he was damaging my normal right to share the street and highway (but I was damaging his right to a calm and peaceful Sunday morning)

4. I felt her hairdo was ridiculous (but so is my juvenile crewcut at my age)

5. I perceived every action of his as a hostile and inappropriate action towards me, and I was eager to see and counter his next vicious move.

6. My only incentive was to punish him for his next onslaught. I had been harassed enough.

7. I felt entitled to punish, to show hostile behavior, to demotivate him from feeling good about himself. I felt entitled to let this Sunday morning go down in their memory as a bad experience. And it was my very intention to traumatize them as much as possible, as far as I could from the limited possibilities of my car. I want, I need, I have the right, I have the obligation to go as far as I reasonably can, because of my emotions. And I have emotions, therefore, I have a right to traumatize, to punish. I have a right to be myself, therefore I have the right to let him have it!

8. I called for new legislation for these kind of people, so that punishing is the way to go, sanctioned by everyone else. So as I can get off the hook, and look on in innocence. And just call the cops, and let them do the dirty work. Let them perpetrate the violence, let them violate the other guy’s sense of innocence as an old aged pensioner, let the cops be my bullies. So as I can get on in life, in absolute innocence, and as a victim for ever more. We need laws, my laws, to suit my temper.

Welcome to radical gay-lib. This state of mind is their state of mind, and not only on a Sunday morning, but on every morning they get up.

Radical gay-lib has beaten the crap out of JONAH, Jews Minding Their Own Business, being Jewish. Yeah, that is what Orthodox Jews happen to do, and have done since centuries. Personally, I am secular. But nevertheless, let us as a professional community look at what is going on here with the notorious SPLC. Jews, persecuted for centuries. For being Jewish, for having other opinions, for having another sense of togetherness, for having another sense of male and female affirmation.

Jews have an outstanding sense of togetherness that is never to be found anywhere else. Such a sense of mutual acceptance, solidarity, and caring for each other, that has withstood Nazi Germany and each and every persecution in the last twenty centuries. Due to the persecution of orthodox Judaism at the trial in New Jersey, some have left the USA for good for Israel. And even then, radical gay-lib is inciting the crowds to persecute them in Israel (US gay-lib has gone global) for defying Western gay-lib dogmatic stance on achieving same-sex identification through same-gender sex acts.

People apparently have no rights anymore to another opinion. Jews have witnessed this so often. The diaspora has gone on for centuries, and in a previous blog (Part 2, an eye-witness account of the New Jersey trial against Orthodox Judaism) we see how the Jews are submitted to what could be called a witch hunt, which defies each and every aspect of logic and the sense of a fair trial. It has always been that way when dealing with Jews. Since when have witch hunts ever been perceived as a fair trial? But in the meantime, we fear the worst. Who is next on the SPLC’s hit list? One down, more to go. Their list of so-called hate groups is growing every day and has gone up by 40% over the last three years, according to their website.

But there is another side to it, Orthodox Jews are guilty: they have a ridiculous hairdo.

And funny little hats to go with it.

But does that entitle the people of America to put them out of business, when no harm has been done, and plaintiffs only arrive at the scene when they have been recruited, and offered money, to do so by the SPLC?

Persecution is a psychological phenomenon, a pathological one, therefore a psychiatric challenge. We need to dig even deeper into the homosexual mind, the only way to understand what is going on. It is called rejectionism, and it permeates each and every fiber of the body and mind. In our next installment we will try to explain what it feels like.

(to be continued).

Job Berendsen MD