Part 11, SPLC against JONAH: Myths, deceptions and Leelah’s Law

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deceptionRadical gay-lib plays the victim card and uses one-sided unsubstantiated accounts to spread alarmist signals to the general population about people who want to look further into their sexual possibilities rather than just the possibility of a full-blown ‘gay’ label. One of them, the Southern Poverty Law Center, spreads disinformation. In doing so, dissidents are deliberately framed.


1. The victory of the SPLC

The SPLC makes much of its victory over JONAH (see part 1). JONAH was a two volunteer non profit organization. It was dependent on pro bono services from a small law firm going up against the SPLC with its multitude of attorneys and one-third of a billion dollar resources. As a non-profit group, JONAH simply engaged in no commercial activity, a requirement to be covered by the Consumer Fraud Act.

2. Fraud

JONAH was accused of fraudulent commercial activities. The real fraud was that the Court allowed the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) to be applied to a religious organization and a non-profit organization for the first time ever, and allowed recovery for non-economic damages, even though the New Jersey CFA specifically disallows such recovery. In retrospect, this was the first sign that the lawsuit had a pre-determined outcome.

3. Combating our assumptions

The Court conducted the trial on the assumption that same-sex attractions, unlike seemingly every other aspect of human experience, are miraculously never affected by trauma or psychological influences. The assumption is that same-sex attractions just pop out of nowhere, perhaps affected mainly by genes, but it would have nothing to do with personal experiences. This ideology is becoming mainstream, and any opposition is labeled bigotry. But this view on same-sex attractions is not as settled an idea as some think.

Bringing scientific facts to the foreground as we have done in part 8 and part 9 does not mean you are anti-LGBT and would be pushing a homophobic agenda. Nevertheless, you are immediately discredited and publicly defamed for expressing opposing views, no matter how scientifically substantiated they are. More often than not, extremists dig into your past or your family life to search for mud to throw. The SPLC has made abundant use of this practice in their report when targeting JONAH.

4. One-sided testimonies

The report argues one-sidedly from testimonies of people who did not change, to generalize its conclusions about all change efforts. The SPLC report does not contain anything brought forward by the defendants on the issue. The general impression that the report creates is:

“If I didn’t change, then no-one else has done so, nor will they do so in the future. For my personal experience is the golden standard”.

All of this is published in spite of the contrary that was demonstrated. This would be analogous to taking testimonies from people who had marriage counselling and subsequently divorced to conclude whether marriage counselling is effective. The SPLC report relies heavily on one-sided, extreme, and outlying testimonies.

The SPLC is careful not to put the assertion into its own mouth that sexual orientation never changes. Instead, it always put this assertion into the mouths of others. There is a very good reason it is so careful. Research has established that the assertion is wrong.

5. 99% results equal no results?

The SPLC further implies that, if someone says they experienced change toward opposite-sex attraction, but they still experience some same-sex attraction, they have not changed. Thus, they appear to define change as complete 100% change with zero recidivism, or it is not change at all and the whole effort is debunked, a standard that is never applied to any other change efforts, for example marital therapy or treatment of depression.

It is true that doctors apply these standards when treating a bacterial infection, but psychotherapy is not a medical activity in that sense of the word, and the standards of somatic (physical) medicine are not valid in the realm of psychotherapy. We are not treating a disease, and same-sex attractions are not a genetic, and therefore a  physical and hard-wired condition, whose treatment standards can or must be compared to eradicating bacteria.

Helping people achieve insights into their same-sex attractions has to be compared to the way we deal with other problems in psychotherapy, where a success rate of 60% to 70% is considered quite good, where the re-appearances of symptoms is not uncommon and where side-effects (“harm”) always range between 10% to 15% for adults and up to 20% for minors for any psychotherapy form for any psychological condition. The risk of deterioration of symptoms is always present in all psychotherapeutic settings for any condition, and monitoring progress or fall-back is standard procedure.

6. Gay-lib wants to be treated differently

Gay-lib appears to have the impression that one should be shocked when there are side-effects from psychotherapy. One should be shocked to hear that there is a risk of not fully reaching the expected goal, shocked when things take a lot longer than an antibiotic treatment, and shocked when a client perhaps feels worse afterwards then before entering therapy.

But in psychotherapy, that is all part of the game for any condition and for any treatment; learning to deal with this in a healthy way is part of your professional training. But for gay-lib it is reason to sound the alarm-bell. The occurrence for example of a single isolated suicide is reason to believe that a major failure of therapy has taken place and that the law has to step in. Anyone associated with this, is sued and put out of business.

What does research say? German researchers of the University of Berlin (Michael Linden and Marie-Luise Schermuly) write:

“In summary, there is an emerging consensus that unwanted events in psychotherapy should be expected in about 5 to 20% of all psychotherapy patients. They include treatment failure and deterioration of symptoms, emergence of new symptoms, suicidality, occupational problems or stigmatization, changes in the social network or strains in relationships, therapy dependence, or undermining of self-efficacy. Rates may vary depending on patient characteristics (suggestible persons), diagnosis (personality disorders), patient expectations (social benefits), severity of illness (severe depression).”

Research clearly shows that side-effects are quite normal for psychotherapy, no matter what the issue.

In this sense, we can safely say that JONAH is the victim of a hostile, aggressive and scientifically unsubstantiated ‘anti-discrimination’ campaign, although JONAH did not discriminate against anybody. How does gay-lib manage to do that? Let us look at the biggest deception by these same activists in recent political history: the notorious Leelah’s Law.

7. The Leelah Alcorn case

The suicide of one Leelah Alcorn has given birth to Leelah’s law. This is meant to end, nationwide, the use of those therapeutic approaches to same-sex attractions and gender dysphoria, which differ from the radical gay-lib world-view. The case is about a young man, Joshua, aged 17 years old, who wished to be considered a woman, Leelah. He had suffered from gender dysphoria for a number of years.

In Wikipedia we read:

“Assigned malejoshua at birth and given the name Joshua Ryan Alcorn, she was raised in a conservative Christian household in Ohio. At age 14, she came out as transgender to her parents, Carla and Doug Alcorn, who refused to accept her female gender identity. When she was 16, they denied her request to undergo transition treatment, instead sending her to Christian-based conversion therapy with the intention of convincing her to reject her new “gender identity” and accept her gender as assigned at birth. In her suicide note, Alcorn cited loneliness and alienation as key reasons for her decision to end her life and blamed her parents for causing these feelings. She committed suicide by walking out in front of oncoming traffic on the Interstate 71 highway.”

More than 90% of all children and youths overcome this condition before reaching adulthood. Leelah had apparently seen some religious person on the issue, but never a licensed orientation therapist. A suicide note was posted on her Tumblr account. The note made reference to her parents, but did not make any reference to the religious person that she had seen and certainly not to licensed therapists, people that she had not seen. She wrote:

When I was 14, I learned what transgender meant and cried out of happiness,” the note reads. “After 10 years of confusion I finally understood who I was. I immediately told my mom, and she reacted extremely negatively, telling me that it was a phase, that I would never truly be a girl, that God doesn’t make mistakes, that I am wrong. If you are reading this, parents, please don’t tell this to your kids…I’m never going to be happy… There’s no winning. There’s no way out.”

lying2The case was seized by radical gay-lib to be used in their paranoid battle against licensed therapists, although Leelah had not seen one, nor had she referred to the subject in her note.

We also note that the religious person who Leelah had seen, has never been interviewed. We therefore do not hear the case from the youth in question, nor from the religious “therapist” (the only two who knew what actually went on) but solely from the parents and from the accusing activists.

This campaign was already well organized and heavily funded before the event ever took place. All they needed was a poster boy with an emotional appeal, and they stumbled upon a suicide note which had gone viral in the social media. In the note the youth did not mention therapists but complained of not feeling understood by his parents.

leelah's dadThe parents were bullied by gay-lib on television and in social media. Leelah’s father pleaded on television to be left alone to grieve, but to no avail. Gay-lib relentlessly attacked and shamed these parents.

8. Leelah case exploited

Gay-lib went on to use, if not to say exploit, this case for their long-standing call for a nationwide ban on all efforts to look into the subjects of homosexual and gender dysphoria feelings. The ban would be applied to lay and professional workers, counsellors, nurses, mediators, support groups, hiking weekends, anything and anyone who does not blindly accept gender dysphoria and who does not blindly and immediately assign the gay label to any doubting youngster.

With a proposed ban, all these therapists and counsellors are to be put out of business with no further questions asked if the slightest bit of non-conformity to the current ideology can be demonstrated.

By means of an online petition in social media directed at the White House in 2015, the Leelah case was made to look like a horrific event perpetrated by licensed therapists. NCLR activist Samantha Ames even informed the gay readers of the L.A. Pride that “these therapists have blood on their hands”.

The rest was history, and Obama finally agreed to call for a nationwide ban on any kind of therapy for transgenders and even for homosexuals, naming it Leelah’s Law, although homosexuality was not an issue with Leelah Alcorn. Senators are lobbying to pass the law proposal into law.

It is orientation therapy that must pay the price. People must be led to blindly accept a radical intrusion into the licensed therapy room, to see psychotherapy as a political issue based on emotions and to end professional autonomy.

And to that end, the trial of the SPLC against JONAH is also an important media event in the gay-lib campaign, a show trial to settle an imaginary score “for once and for all”. The American Psychological Association admitted in 2009 that no harm has ever been scientifically substantiated, but that does not prevent the SPLC from charging ahead and to give it a try anyway.

The overwhelming majority of youths with gender dysphoria get over it before reaching adulthood. 40% of the cases who remain hostile to their body and gender become hostile even to their own life and attempt to commit suicide; it is part of the psychiatric condition itself. The same applies to Anorexia Nervosa, patients who are extremely hostile to their own body and do not accept it the way it is because they fear they are too fat. They attempt to starve themselves to the desired and correct body image, in the same way as individuals have their genitals and bodies ‘corrected’. They have an alarmingly high death rate, mostly due to starvation but also from suicide. In the Journal of American Psychiatry we read:

“Twelve studies described deaths from suicide in patients with Anorexia Nervosa, and analysis showed that the weighted annual mortality due to suicide in Anorexia Nervosa was 1.39, which means that 1 in 5 individuals who died had committed suicide.”

The deaths of people with gender dysphoria are solely caused by the psychiatric condition itself; the chronic and deep mood disorder stems from within, not from without, however convenient and relieving it may be to blame an outside world. Talking with the neighbors has never prevented a person with gender dysphoria from committing suicide. Were that the case, then the treatment of the mood disorder would be a cinch. The doctor holds one lecture at the local community hall and all psychiatric symptoms vanish before your eyes. I wish it were that simple.

9. Nancy Pelosi, the modern Don Quixote against “child abuse”

palosiThe Democratic Party minority leader Nancy Pelosi has put her full weight behind Leelah’s Law. In her online statement she writes:

“Ending conversion therapy is a vital step to ensuring that all families have the safety and security needed to keep improving and strengthening our country”.

I have no idea what strengthening a country has to do with psychiatry. No Dutch medical association talks about strengthening the country. These words are hollow phrases, hinting at feel-good heroism.

With this strange phrase, Pelosi insinuates that parents and their children are molested by psychotherapists, or the likes of JONAH for that matter — evil people! But the parents of Joshua Alcorn were not molested by psychotherapists. It is the other way around: the parents were molested by gay-lib and the likes of Mrs. Pelosi.

With a proposed ban, parents no longer have the freedom to run their family the way they choose. Lesbians at the NCLR will now run your family the way those lesbians choose. No “safety”, no “security” in that, but rather to the contrary.

You are being disowned of your very own children. They are to be protected from YOU. If you have a 7 year old boy who declares he would rather be a girl, then if Pelosi has her way, he is from that moment on protected by Leelah’s Law. Neither parents, church ministers, pastors, general practitioners nor surgeons are allowed to say to him:

“Why don’t you wait until your next birthday and see what the tooth fairy has to say?

No, any resistance to help him maintain his gender is labelled by Pelosi as “child abuse”. The penis must be removed, and any opposition constitutes a criminal offence. Any surgeon or paediatrician who does not approve of the chop will lose his/her license. Never again is the kid allowed to be told the magical words every boy needs to hear: “you are a boy, and a magnificent boy at that”. Nope, that is child abuse. Don’t even think of it.

And Pelosi is very proud. Please remember that Leelah’s Law has no age limit. On the contrary, Pelosi maintains that, what she labels, “LGBT-children’s sexual rights” need to be protected. Thereby full-blown sexuality, self-determination and sexual rights are assigned to children, even before sexual hormones kick in during puberty: a paedophile’s dream come true. He always knew that kids deeply wanted his sexual presence. He understands them in a way that their ‘abusive’ parents never will.

Under Leelah’s Law, 7 year old kids are the ones who decide. Not their ‘abusive’ fathers and mothers. The lesbians at the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the homosexuals at the Human Rights Campaign are all too willing to support the 7 year old kid in his freedom struggle and to report the abusive heterosexuals to the authorities so that they can be dealt with in a way that fits the crime.


The comments made by the parents toward their son (“it is a phase”), are considered quite appropriate from a psychiatric stance. There is plenty of scientific literature on the subject to back this up, and in our next installment we shall look at the research on sexual fluidity, proving that sexual orientation and gender dysphoria are not as fixed as radical gay-lib is trying to convince everyone that they are.

We will demonstrate that JONAH was framed. As members of an organization, they were emasculated, so to speak. But if gay-lib has its way, history will prove that the emasculation of boys struggling with identification issues from an early age, will henceforth be considered the right way to “protect” and “strengthen” the USA under Leelah’s Law. The JONAH trial was only the overture.

Job Berendsen, MD