Crowd-funding initiative for personal story by David DeJiacomo

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In light of the persecution of ex-gays by radical gay-lib, it is increasingly important that the stories of real people are heard. A fund-raising initiative has been started to help David DeJiacomo from Denver to raise $8,000 to hire a professional editor to ready his story for publication and sale to a commercial publisher.

He is publishing his story about his journey out of the gay label. David was a client of JONAH’s, and his therapist is a person schooled in the counseling strategy and techniqes of the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. According to the website, it is important to bring stories of successful change in sexual orientation like David’s to the public conversation. On their website, we read the following:

Do former homosexuals really exist? Yes.  Am I a Novelty? No.”

Thus begins David DeJiacomo’s story.  He worked hard through a combination of spiritual and psychological counseling to liberate himself from the addictions that bound him to the gay lifestyle.  He was assisted by Catholic priests and a reparative therapist schooled in Joseph Nicolosi’s methodologies. He has been free for nearly a decade and has written a personal account of his journey. 

It is very important to bring stories of successful change in sexual orientation like David’s to the public conversation.  David testified before the Colorado State legislature and again for the defense of JONAH in New Jersey. He decided to tell his story to focus on the facts of specific life experiences that may push a man towards a gay lifestyle and to be clear about how therapy combined with his strong religious convictions enabled him to change his sexual orientation and identity from “gay” to “straight”.

Here in David’s own words is his motive for writing this memoir —

​”I am proud to say that I, in a court of law, stood up to today’s political correctness and testified about my own successful change in sexual orientation.  The case in question was Michael Ferguson, et al vs JONAH, et al, which centered on whether those who provide resources for individuals with unwanted homosexual feelings, behavior, or identity violate the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. After the counsel for the defendants showed the court a video of my testimony, I was astounded to learn that the Superior Court Judge Bariso said that he did not “understand what the accomplishment was there” and went on further to say, “I’m not even sure how it’s [referring to my testimony] a success story witness, based on his testimony.”

I was dismayed and deeply saddened that a Judge who is supposed to be fair minded could possibly make such a statement.  By doing so, he denied the many years of effort on my part to transform my life from that of a homosexual sex addict to that of a God fearing man who lives a life consistent with Biblical principles. Mine is certainly a story of successful change.”

On the website, he gave an interview. DeJiacomo speaks of a surprising and unexpected result of the counseling he received after leaving homosexuality.

“I did reparative therapy. I did it so that I could be comfortable with men. … I had to be able to sit with men and be comfortable, but because of the therapy and how they were working with me, I found a renewed interest in women. And I’m dating women now like you would not believe. I’ve never been happier. This is the happiest I’ve been.”

“David tells his story with wit, heart and deeply felt experience reflected in his own distinctive voice.  The draft is now complete; however, he needs a professional editor to make his story more accessible to the broad audience of people.


Here is a url-link on their website to contribute to the crowd-funding initiative.