Is being gay a disease?

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psychIs being gay a disease?


Gaylib insists that homosexual feelings are not a psychiatric disease per se, and that therefore any counselling on the subject is unethical and malpractice.

Well, marriage problems aren’t a disease either and yet millions of people see psychotherapists annually, there where we see 30% of all marriages ending within three years in a divorce. Continue reading Is being gay a disease?

A ban on geology?

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geoA ban on geology?

With his proposed ban on reparative therapy, Obama may just as well ban geology.

Gaylib has managed to influence the presidential advisor of Barack Obama to support a ban on reparative therapy, that is to say any psychotherapeutic counselling of youngsters where heterosexual feelings are explored or evaluated with a client who experiences homosexual or homoerotic feelings. Continue reading A ban on geology?

The scientific understanding of Same-sex Attractions

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