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1. No More Squaw Camp.  This is a compilation of the first 24 articles written in our series “Exploring Your Full Sexual Potential”.


2. The Science Facts on Same-sex Attractions. In the past twenty years, science has come to understand same-sex attractions. It has been proven that you are not “born that way”. In the battle between nature and nurture, the latter has won. These 15 articles have been published on this website between 2016 and 2017 on the subject. They are stand-alone articles and can be read in any order.

3. The Californian War on Dissident Views. In 2018, members of the Californian Assembly, led by Evan Law (Democratic Party) drafted a bill in cooperation with the gay-lib organization Human Rights Campaign, to declare it illegal “to advertise, offer to engage in, or engage in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual”. This proposed state law, which is unique in the whole world, also applies to all economic activities with consenting adults. In this booklet, the draft of the bill is analyzed, showing that these legislators can only achieve their goal by means of deceit, fraud, slanders and lies.


4. The Attack on ‘People Can Change’ This is the story, demonstrating how radical gay activists in 2015 launched an attack on the ex-gay group “People Can Change”. Their aim is to silence all those who openly defy the ‘gay liberation’ ideology. To date, they have not succeeded. In this series, all their fake arguments are debunked and their intolerant tactics exposed.

5. “The Battle for Normality: A Guide for (Self-) Therapy for Homosexuality” by Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg

This book is for men with same-sex attractions, but do not have the opportunity to visit a therapist. It contains many practical rules for (self-) therapy including exercises.

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6. The Bias in Gay-lib Rhetoric. Radical activists in gay­lib distort the emancipation debate by using heavily biased paradigms, leading to pseudo­science. These five articles on this website aim to point out ideological mistakes made by current gay­lib and the harm that is inflicted on society.

7Then And Now This booklet offers fifty first-person accounts on “How My Sexual Attractions Have Changed. 50 Brief Summaries of Successful Sexual Orientation Change Efforts”, published by Rich Wyler, founder and executive director of People Can Change, Inc.

8. Overcoming Male Homosexual Problems This paper by Jason Park, PhD, 2008, provides an introduction to the subject of male homosexuality and explains that unwanted homosexual problems can be resolved As men resolve the underlying causes of the homosexual attractions, these impulses diminish or disappear. “What is homosexuality?”, “Why are men attracted to other men?”, and “Can homosexual problems be resolved”.

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9. What does SSA entail. This is an overview of the subject of Same-Sex Attractions in a scientifically based way.


10. Same-sex Attractions. This is a booklet published on the (now offline) website Same Sex It gives an comprehensible explanation of SSA’s.

The scientific understanding of Same-sex Attractions

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