The harm caused by a therapy ban in NZ, part 5 of 8: “The myth of the monkey race”

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As a child in 1962, I saw a movie called “Toby Tyler, 10 weeks with a Circus”. I had saved three pennies in my piggy bank. I juggled them out and bought myself a seat. It was based on the book by James Otis Kaler (1880). Walt Disney made the movie and you can always trust Walt Disney. ‘Taken in by distant members of his family after being orphaned, Toby runs away to join a circus that had come to town’.

It blew my mind away. But can you get away with it in these days of animal-rights activists?

The traveling entourage had cages on wheels in which tigers and monkeys were displayed during a parade on the main street as the circus came to town, with music, colors, and a big bass drum. And Toby gazed in amazement. The monkey was called Mr. Stubbs.

Traveling circuses were quite normal in those days and they came to town with a bang. “Look at those tigers” cried Mrs. Jones at her husband in 1962 as the ferocious tigers passed by, snarling at the crowd. Flyers were handed out by the circus crew and all spectators were enticed to love it. But as time came by, along come the animal-rights activists, the greenies, irresponsible people who just yell their heads off. They spoil it for everyone and are making their way into legislation to end all this for once and for all. Fancy cheering at a locked-up monkey in his cage, so they feel.

Come 2021, Mrs. Jones cries to her husband as the parade is once again passing through the main street in Summer: “Those are not monkeys, those are youngsters!” “What are you talking about?” replied a very grumpy Mr. Jones to his hysterical wife. She cried out: “Look for heaven’s sake. Those are people from this town being shown on display for all to see”.

Mr. Jones couldn’t believe his eyes: there was a youth dressed up like a dog, being flogged with a whip as the crowd cheered and cheered.

Can you get away with a display of monkeys in the streets? No.

Can activists do it with children? Well yes, as long as the circus that the kid has decided to join is called the LGBT community! As long as you call it the Gay Parade and as long as the mayor has given you a permit to use the main street for the spectacle. You can feel the bass beats pounding out as the entourage heads for the City Hall. Mr. Jones tried to comfort his theatrical wife: “Honey, it is not about us, it is about those kinds of people. Luckily we are not like them. Nothing to worry about”. “But that is our son!” she sobbed.

Let us look into the false ideology of an imaginary LGBT community, a sect, a spectacle on the streets, a new apartheid ideology. And let us see how self-inflicted it is. And then, let us argue how ridiculous it is to lock up any shrink bringing up the subject. Let us look at this Bill.

Where are the animal-rights activists when you need them?

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1. A divided sexuality?

The bill is built on the false notion that there would be different strands of sexuality which people just randomly happen to find themselves possessing. Different sexualities lead to different people, and these then lead to parallel societies. Gay parades are proud signs of “who we are”, and youngsters are led to join in. Each of these societies then has its own culture, after which confused intellectuals create their version of science, “LGBT science”. After which a matrix of “LGBT-scientific” organizations, “LGBT-scientific” journals, and an unfathomable intertwining of LGBT-science and LGBT-activism is created.

It is so flabbergastingly intricate that no outsider can make sense of it, nor can he/she easily criticize it if it is not your daily job to do so.

Hence, it is totalitarian: meaning, you cannot contradict it because it is not structured that way. It is not open to criticism. To the same extent that when he is in a tight spot, only the octopus himself can know the way out once he has squirted his ink, leaving all others behind and confused.

In the West, a rainbow planet is born. From earth, you can observe Saturn with a ring, Jupiter with two colored bands, and nowadays an LGBT planet with six colored bands. (Some people think they see seven bands but look carefully: there are only six).

Activists block entrance to annual psychiatric meeting in Washington 1973

By means of an extensive propaganda campaign with an annual budget of 1 billion US dollars, they get to work. At the 1973 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Washington, a radical gay activist seized the podium after an organized riot and siege into the building, much like the January 2021 invasion of Capitol Hill. He yelled into the microphone: “We declare you psychiatrists war”. 50 years later, we must acknowledge that that was no bluff; the non-psychiatrist meant business.

2. Pride

In the years that followed, the most deadly sin of all (in the view of Catholic doctrine) set in: pride. Did you know that pride and vanity have always been placed at the top of the seven deadly sins? I didn’t know that until I started researching this article by looking into the subject of gay pride.

Saint Augustine said:

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels”.

Pride is excessive belief in one’s abilities. It crosses the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness, according to Catholic doctrine. In history, pride and vanity in the minds of leaders have led to the horror pages in the annals. Pride is the feeling that my light must shine brilliantly over yours. The beggars and the crippled in mankind’s history have always lived in the shadows; their lives have never been one of pride.

When it comes to modern-day radical LGBT activism, there is not much humility to be observed from my (secular) point of view. They are occupying the whole public space. Not very humble. They started a Toby-Tyler Gay Pride Day with a march, morphing into a Gay Pride Week, morphing into a Gay Pride Month, morphing into a Gay Pride Summer, morphing into Gay Pride all year round with rainbow flags at every town hall, above US embassies, or on Shell petrol tanks.

3. Rainbow everywhere without discussion

The latest conquest is the streets: rainbow zebra crossings painted at shopping malls. Even at Christmas as you cross the street doing your Christmas shopping with your children, you are reminded in case you didn’t see it in July.

Did you know they even have a National Gay Pilots Association? They say they are:

“committed to build, support, and unite the global LGBT aviation community through education, social events, and outreach programs”.

What on earth are they doing with each other high up in the sky? What support does a pilot need while flying a plane? Shouldn’t he just need to keep his eye on the job instead of his hobbies?

When it comes to dog training, an LGBT veterinary society will tailor your needs within the sect. Imagine going to a lesbian vet, does your dog then get a better level of service? Is this environment more “safe” for your mutt? Surely we are witnessing the dawn of a parallel society.

An LGBT sectarian propaganda institute called PFLAG boasts itself to “have united in love, embracing each other and people whose communities are often marginalized, erased or ignored”. On their website, you can see how PFLAG is part of an extensive campaign against sound and safe voluntary psychotherapy which is falsely labeled “conversion therapy”. This CT thing is not recognized by any scientific psychiatric organization as a term; it is a radical-activist stigma.

4. Being erased

The core issues on the website of the PFLAG apparently are: “being marginalized”, “erased” and “ignored”.

How do they go about their work? They marginalize, erase, and ignore.

We see them marginalizing anyone who contradicts them, we see them ignoring all the scientific publications they don’t agree with and we see them erasing any traces of undesirable scientific reports from Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and bookstore Amazon. It is the 1933 Nazi book-burning frenzies all over again.

5. Begone sinful books

Begone, sinful books”, so the LGBT activists yell as they flooded Amazon with 500 fake reviews in 2018 against Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr., Dr. Gerard Van Den Aardweg, etc., written by radical-LGBT activists from the American Psychological Association who never read the books in the first place. They run APA. This so-called professional organization is a major producer of fake news in the US. They even admit it (that is how I knew about it).

On, we read:

“Rojo Alan used social-media sites to ask people to leave bad reviews of the books, and also began researching the ways in which they violated Amazon’s rules of publishing.”

It was the bad reviews which made Amazon cave in, after a threat with law suits in spite of the fact that the books had been available on Amazon for more than two decades.

Dykes on Bikes ®, San Francisco

Furthermore, the Californian law-firm NCLR, also known as the Dykes On Bikes ®, menaces any Internet provider who offers web space to dissident websites. “I’ll see you in court”, the radical-activist CEO declares in all her “loving” and “embracing”.

Tolerance is a very conditional affair with these people.

Did you know that on their annual corporate team-building cruise with 2.000 lesbians on MS Olivia, the black captain was dismissed for being male? Did I say Dykes-on-Bikes ®? Make that: Dykes-On-Boats. And yes, get the hell from board if you are a male, black or otherwise.

This bill which bans any therapy other than affirming sexual apartheid, assumes that sexual orientations exist as separate random phenomenons, that they are immutable, and more specifically that homosexuality and transgenderism are biologically determined. There is no evidence of the latter. To make matter worse, the notion has extensively been debunked.

The Bill ignores sexual fluidity by requiring that in a discussion with an individual, that person may only be affirmed in an immutable “gay” and immutable “transgender” identity. It is denying the individual the option of exploring their sexuality and identification more fully.

The “born-that-way” ideology and the “you-cannot-change” ideology are both false. Sexual orientation and identity often shift.

6. Facts

Dr. Lisa Diamond

Lisa Diamond, herself a lesbian activist and co-editor in chief of the APA Handbook on Sexual Orientation, writes

Individuals with nonexclusive patterns of attraction are indisputably the ‘norm,’ and those with exclusive same-sex attractions are the exception” (1).


In every large-scale representative study reviewed thus far, the single largest group of individuals with same-sex attractions report predominant – but not exclusive – other-sex attractions” (2).


Research on sexual minorities has long documented that many recall having undergone notable shifts in their patterns of sexual attractions, behaviors, or identities over time.” (3)

Mustaky et al. write

“Over the course of life, individuals experience the following: (a) changes or fluctuations in sexual attractions, behaviors, and romantic partnerships.”(4)

Kaestle (2019) explains that

“substantial changes were common not only from late adolescence to the early 20s but also from the early 20s to the late 20s, indicating that sexual orientation development continues throughout emerging adulthood.” (5)

Most people who experience same-sex attraction also experience opposite-sex attraction. These feelings commonly shift over time. Childhood gender distress usually subsides by the age of 16. At that age, 85% have already gotten over it. And in the years to come, it will decrease even further.

Science, therefore, proves that change of feelings is the norm and that being stuck in feelings is the exception. It does not make sense that professional counseling should have the aim to help people stay stuck in their feelings. I am not saying that counseling should promote the opposite of gay affirmative therapy but it should promote taking a good long, healthy look at yourself. And as a client, it takes guts to do so.

Homosexual sexual behavior and gender confusion are a software issue, and a software issue only, we know as of 2019 for sure. That is not meant to belittle the feelings and behavior, but after 60 years of the same old tune about being born gay, the emancipation movement needs to catch up on modern 21st century science.

Ideological mistakes have been made. Nothing to be ashamed of, unless you hide under a rock and start stoning all people who contradict you.

7. Gay-lib is outdated.

The term was borrowed in the ‘60s of the previous century from the Vietcong with their Vietnam Liberation Front, and at the time, the term “Liberation Front” seemed to unify all outrage against the American establishment which used napalm to burn enemy territory so as it could be bombed more effectively in a pointless war.

At that time, the hippies sang the Bob Dylan song: the times they are a-changing . Yeah, but come 2021, the same is now applying to you. You cannot keep on “liberating” forever. A liberation effort is a short burst in history but not a way of life.

Sexual feelings are influenced by early experiences and can shift or change over time. Diamond and Rosky (2016) observe

arguments based on the immutability of sexual orientation are unscientific, given that scientific research does not indicate that sexual orientation is uniformly biologically determined at birth or that patterns of same-sex and other-sex attractions remain fixed over the life course.” (6)

8. Conclusion

The Bill assumes that sexual orientation would be immutable and thus the person needs to be affirmed in an “orientation” that would be a genetically established phenomenon. This discounts modern-day science. It eradicates the notion of a universal full sexual potential and it treads on the feelings and rights of those people for whom homosexuality does not fit and who have abandoned exclusive homosexuality. There is a vast array of stories of people who have left their homosexual lifestyles and thoughts behind (7). When it comes to the myth of the monkey race, their stories are the missing link.

to be continued

Job Berendsen, MD

———- –

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