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Samuel Brinton strikes yet once again: now he claims to be ‘ex-gay’

Samuel Brinton has done it again. The poster-boy of the intolerant anti-psychiatry campaign has changed the story about his persona once more: we are now in September 2019 led to believe that he is an ex-gay. On NBC News, he is quoted saying:

“For a period of my life, I identified as ex-gay and came back out, and I wish people had been there to talk to me when I was ex-gay, because I felt rejected by both communities. I was rejected by the gay community, because they believed I was a hypocrite, and I was rejected by the straight community. It feels like the worst Venn diagram of your life, that neither side wants to claim you, Brinton said.”

In this article, we will demonstrate the many changes in his political spin over the years, and we will demonstrate how to spot a pathological liar. He is copycatting the rhetoric of other persons as though it happened to him personally; we have finally smoked him out. With his obsessive campaigns, he is doing a great deal of harm to a huge number of people, and the scam needs to be spelled out for all to see. Continue reading Samuel Brinton strikes yet once again: now he claims to be ‘ex-gay’

Samuel Brinton’s latest move: transgender!

Sam Brinton changes his storyline yet once again: now he is transgender, prancing around at the Oscars! As to be expected, Samuel Brinton has come up with new rhetoric to gain attention. This activist, who claims he was tortured at the hands of his father, make that a religious counselor, make that a therapist, make that a licensed therapist, for being gay, make that bisexual, has now come out as transgender at the Oscars of 2018. Continue reading Samuel Brinton’s latest move: transgender!

To the defense of Samuel Brinton’s parents

In the previous blog, we analyzed Samuel Brinton’s article in the New York Times about alleged “torture” by a non-professional counselor. It is part of his campaign to silence professional psychotherapy and remove therapists from the public arena. He is one of the few men in the USA who makes it his job to denounce and persecute his parents in every state and by means of the Internet. It has even become his main source of income, rather than making money as a nuclear physics scientist. Something has to be said to defend the parents. This article can only be understood after reading the previous article “Samuel Brinton strikes again”. Continue reading To the defense of Samuel Brinton’s parents

Samuel Brinton strikes again

Samuel Brinton, the poster-boy extremist, working for the anti-therapy campaign of the National Center of Lesbian Rights (NCLR), has managed to have an article published in New York Times on January 22, 2018. This article was crafted to resemble a regular article. But it is part of their campaign and reiterates the tiresome slander of the defamation rhetoric crafted to influence public opinion. The aim is to marginalize and ultimately remove all professionals who counsel people with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA’s) from the public arena. Why now, you may ask? And why in the New York Times? What kind of man is he, and do his newly acquired heterosexual feelings mean the end of the “born that way” hoax? Continue reading Samuel Brinton strikes again