How an update of language can influence the Culture Wars

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The cultural warriors paint images to reach out to the heart. They dwarf resistance with giant-size flags, soppy emotions, and, above all, the victim role. Their weapon of choice is newspeech. The latest branch sprouting from the radical tree has become the Castration Movement or “Transgender Revolution” as they call it, offering an identity with the use of a surgical knife and an operation theatre sewing kit. However, many people, like us, who for medical reasons oppose castrations and the whole hype, find ourselves even using that very same language for lack of better. In doing so, we have become part of the problem. We need to avoid their framing and to update our own language ourselves.

The far-left politically-activist American Psychological Association (APA) has introduced a new narrative: your sex is either male or female or another sex. Doctors around the world are asking themselves: what chromosomes would that “other sex” be? Did Mendel, who first discovered the mechanisms of inheritance, get it wrong? No, it is PR at its finest.

We need to clean up the mess. To save our children from the suicides, let’s rinse our mouths. Here is how.

First, draw attention to their verbal harassments, then offer a more correct and science-based representation of reality, and call their bluff. Then we will advise on what NOT to say.

a) What to say:

Transgenderism -> Gender suppression

A transgender -> a gender-suppressed individual

Gender dysphoria -> Identity Deficiency Syndrome

A cisgender individual -> a non-gender-suppressed individual

Gender clinic -> Gender suppression facility

Cross-sex hormones -> Sex-inappropriate hormones

Gender-affirming hormone therapy -> Mind-altering drugs regime

A transgender client -> A gender-suppression victim

Retransitioning -> Gender-suppression survival

He retransitioned -> A gender-suppression survivor

Gender-fluid, gender-queer, gender-non binary, gender-questioning, gender-hesitant, non-gendered, non-binary, post-queer, trans-binary, gender-transcended, trans-maternal, trans-paternal, -> Identity Deficiency coping mechanisms

LGBT community -> Social apartheid universe

Transgender identity -> Transient identity-loss coping mechanism

Becoming who you are -> Resolving transient identity relief issues

Gender-affirming surgery -> Delusion-affirming surgery

Gender-affirmative care -> Delusion-affirming procedures

Transgender health care -> Castration spectrum regimes

Transgender expert -> Quack

Transgender mental health care -> Contentious harmful initiatives

Coming out transgender -> Scarring vulnerable gullible youths

The transitioned body -> The scars of delusion-reinforcement procedures

Transgender affirmative therapy -> Gender-engineering efforts

Offering transition support to clients -> Performing suppression efforts on victims

The transgender condition -> The normophobic locked-in syndrome

Transphobia -> Normophilia (to approve and seek normality)

You are transphobic -> I am normophilic on the diversity spectrum

The fight against transphobia -> Annihilation efforts on normophilia

Transgender awareness -> Self-hatred justifications

b) What NOT to say

1. Keep it secular at all times, not religious. Religions have all sorts of views, but if religion is your angle (an ideology), then a counter-ideology or belief system like “born that way” is equally justified. Hence, you make it just a clash of ideologies. However, with evidence-based findings, you appeal to people who embrace all ideologies. Religion can be an inspiration force, but it should not be the message in psychotherapy. Homosexual feelings are what they are, but, most important, they do not point to a separate immutable sexuality. Fluidity is the default mode of operation in this realm. Call it your full sexual potential. Insight proves to be extremely rewarding.

Gender suppression is never a standard mode of operation in any individual. It is the cause of the greatest number of harmful side-effects and deaths in all psychiatry.  All professionals who promote transgenderism need to be disproven and, if necessary, prosecuted so as to set a healthy standard. The frame of reference should not be the victim who is still heavily into gender suppression but he who has overcome the condition.

2. Do not engage in discussions directly with the enemy him/herself because he is waiting to take offense, dying to take offense. That is what radicals live for. Make sure to always target other people, the moderate audiences in the left- and right-wing camps. Never sit down at a meeting with radicals or cooperate in a comparative scientific study with them. Never address them in scientific studies, papers, or Internet forums as a battle between giants while the audience can sit back and enjoy this entertaining professional wrestling bout.

They are not kind people, they have a narrowing of consciousness and possess deeply felt vague neurotic grudges. Always appeal to the middle-man in society and empathize with them, their predicament, and the future of their kids. Ignore radicals. They have it all figured out. Never let radicals seduce you into a discussion, be it at a forum, TV program, or any other venue. Do not give them the honor.

3. Do not say BIOLOGICAL sex”. Although sex is always based on biology, the problem is the unnecessary adjective “biological”. As soon as you use this term, you are complying with the activist brainwashing that there is a whole bunch of sexes and that you wish to refer to only one of them, you want to talk about the biological one. After which, they will then talk about the other sexes that you have clearly omitted, bigot that you are. So, never use the term yourself. Please say “sex” without an adjective, meaning XX or XY, and leave it at that. Do not drag biology into the equation and present it as your favorite option. Your statement should be along these lines: there are no other options, it goes without saying. Therefore, do not introduce the term yourself.

4. Activists pronounce His sex does not align with the sex designated at birth”. Never use the terms “align” and “designated’. Sex is not “designated”, it just exists. My left arm is not designated, it just exists. My right arm is not designated, it just exists. And no, I do not have other arms in me, waiting to “come out”. My sex is not designated, it just exists. My testicles were not designated, they just exist. People have a human right to the integrity of their body; therefore, children have the right to own their genitals, to possess them as an integral and inborn part of the human condition. And when lunacy lashes out, then fight the lunacy, not the genitals.

This trend that is hyped in social media, is a contagious condition. Social media came around in 2010, and so did this plague, this pandemic with an annual increase of 5000%. What a coincidence. Trans ideology (transsexism) is truly a crime against humanity, not the other way around, as activists try to insinuate.

5. Never use the passive term Transgender” but always the active term Gender Suppression”. It is not something you passively are, or just happen to be, or just happened to have discovered one bright and sunny morning, no, it is something you frantically do all day and night. You do so perhaps subconsciously. All the more reason for a therapist to kindly wake you up. The mental state is characterized by non-pathological phenomena like agony, bewilderment, loneliness, obsessions, and projections, and pathological phenomena like auto-aggressive and auto-destructive tendencies and actions directed at the self.

6. Do not say “TRANS rights“, or gay rights, for that matter. Why? Well first, “trans” is not something that you immutably ARE but feelings that you transiently HAVE. It is a state of mind, not a state of genes. Those feelings are what they are, but they do not point to an ingrained entity located somewhere in the body, making you a different species of mankind. That would be stigmatizing. Feelings come and they will go (up to 98% of the cases), given that you do not affirm the delusional thinking.

Second, the word rights means: I will have it my way, and you shut your mouth. And if you don’t, I am coming for you. The word “rights” has no other meaning. It means: shut your face! The “rights” paradigm was invented and infused into the emancipation movement in 1974 by the National Center of Lesbian Rights, a law firm that does only one thing: silence others by use and abuse of the law (and later on: changing the law and brainwashing the public to make them feel that it is the right thing to do through an incessantly crafted victim stance).

Ban “rights” out of the discussion because it ultimately means You shut up, we are calling the cops”.

Moderate feminist and lesbian Prof. Camille Paglia writes,

“In a democracy, everyone, no matter how nonconformist or eccentric, should be free from harassment and abuse. But at the same time, no one deserves special rights, protections, or privileges based on their eccentricity.”

7. Never say “cisgender“, even if the enemy does and even if scientific papers, legislators, and counselors have come to use this social construct. Do not allows yourself to be addressed in this way. Gender does not come in flavors. You are being stigmatized. Call their bluff and stand your ground. If someone asks you what are your preferred pronouns, tell they are stark raving mad. Become angry and insist that they wash their mouth. So, aim for audience approval, not enemy approval.

8. Never speak of sexual orientation, but exclusively of “sexual preference”. And immediately draw attention to the fundamentally transient nature of preferences in every human realm. The word “orientation” at the hands of activists and journalists has an immutable ring to it. It sounds like a characteristic of the way the person “really is”. It defies all notions of bisexuality, relegating the co-existence of same-sex and opposite-sex attractions to the freak show.

9. Never speak of “change efforts“. It is as lousy as saying “I am trying to get along with my wife” or “I hope to stop drinking next week”. It is an extremely damaging narrative, and sadly with many therapists on our side also using it, a self-damaging narrative. They mean well but fall into the homosexist trap.

10. Never drape or tolerate the rainbow flag. It signals self-appointed apartheid, a sort of ISIS flag conquering territory and minds, and like all forms of apartheid, the stigmatization that turns up, fractures the core of a cohesive and integrated society, the cracks in the wall, the pottery falling to pieces. 6 colors, 6 cracked pieces. It’s like that age-old English nursery rhyme:


“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again”.


To be continued.

Job Berendsen, MD, former gay activist.