The false notion of ‘sexual orientation’

At the JONAH trial in 2014, radical gay activists and gay members of the American Psychological Association managed to close down an orthodox Jewish mutual support group (JONAH). The aim of the activists is to eradicate religious organizations who oppose radical gay-lib ideology. The extremists succeeded in doing so, and are anxious to close down more dissidence to their world-view, be it religious, secular or otherwise (People Can Change, Narth, etc.).

At the trial, the activists managed to hand in a lengthy report by APA activist Lee Beckstead. Continue reading The false notion of ‘sexual orientation’

The Attack on PCC, part 5: turning the tables around

part5In this last installment to the defense of People Can Change, we will look into the document with which the complainants hope to silence the bisexual community and their therapists for once and for all, in order to replace them with Gay Affirmative Therapists only. There will be no more talk of heterosexuality for bisexuals, once radical gay-lib has brought its campaign to an end. Bisexuals and homosexuals are henceforth to be considered one and the same. Continue reading The Attack on PCC, part 5: turning the tables around