Russian Faith Christian Site Attacked by $700 Million ‘Woke’ Megacorporation: Mailchimp

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On the website “Russian Faith”, we read that the US Gay Liberation Army is hijacking ‘Mailchimp’. This is a database service for any website. It can be programmed to inform subscribers automatically via email of a new blog or an email campagne. The policy of this service appears to have been hijacked by activists. Mailchimp can now be added to the ever-growing list of the Cancel Culture in the USA. ‘Woke’ reigns supreme.

They are using their power to cripple the mark that websites make on society. They annihilate the email robots, to which webmasters have subscribed in order to announce new blogs. In this way, subscribers don’t hear a thing although, technically, it is a legitimate voluntary contract between the webmaster and his/her subscribers.  Mailchimp intervenes behind the scenes. We naively use Mailchimp too. Are we next on the Cancel Culture list?

We knew previously that orthodox Jews like Arthur Goldberg in New Jersey and a exgay website like JONAH have been silenced by the radical LGBT lobby. Now, this lobby appears to be silencing the Russian Orthodox Church as well.

The radical LGBT activist policies have been added to Mailchimp, resulting in the silencing of subscribers and webmasters without anybody’s knowing. Hundreds of thousands of bloggers use Mailchimp. What happened to “Orthodox Russian Faith” whose website has revealed this tactic?

On its website, Mailchimp advertises itself:

“We’ll help you reach the right people. Put your people at the heart of your marketing with tools that help you get to know your audience and see who you should be talking to. Audience management tools

On, we read:

“Mailchimp is a 700 million dollar American megacorporation headquarted in Atlanta, Georgia. Billed as a marketing company, Mailchimp provides mailing list services to thousands of companies and organizations.

“Being the industry leader in this field, they appeared to be the obvious choice to handle the thousands of names and email addresses on the Russian Faith mailing list.

“Then about six weeks ago — without any warning — the Russian Faith mailing list disappeared. Our Mailchimp accounts disappeared. We could not send out any more Russian Faith newsletters. We could not advertise any fundraisers or news stories.

“Worst of all, when new readers would try to subscribe to Russian Faith, their contact information disappeared into a virtual cyber black hole, because suddenly the website software was disconnected from the mailling list software, and thus it had no where to send the information.

“We tried contacting Mailchimp to find out why they cut off the Russian Faith account with no warning. Days went by and we received no response. Finally, we were able to get through to a worker at Mailchimp. She said that our website is guilty of “hate speech”, and so they decided to shut down our account with no warning.

In late October of last year, the Atlanta-based platform said it would use its “sole discretion” to determine whether messages are misleading, confusing,  and should be censored, according to The Daily Signal. Mailchimp wrote,

“Mailchimp does not allow the distribution of content that is, in our sole discretion, materially false, inaccurate, or misleading in a way that could deceive or confuse others about important events, topics, or circumstances,” Mailchimp explained in a customer message at the time.

Depriving youths of the necessity to think for yourself

As a secular scientific website, we are not only concerned about Mailchimp’s religious persecution (it is as old as the hills), but by a new American movement to “protect” the next generation from the necessity to think for yourself, to enjoy investigating matters, and to wilfully seek other information sources than those circulating in your own bubble and within your social media account.

Mailchimp calls for a ban on website content written “in a way that could deceive or confuse”. So, the Mailchimp ‘wokies’, as they are currently mocked, find confusion and antagonizing viewpoints unhealthy, harmful, and, if at all possible, illegal.

But science thrives by independent thinkers who doubt the trodden paths, who investigate confusion, and who dare challenge their own state of mind. Mailchimp is creating an atmosphere in which the mindset of systematic scientific doubt is being relegated to the dustbin of history,

The extremely interesting debates within religious interpretations also have a lot to contribute to our ways of thinking and living. Take for example Arthur Goldberg’s mind-boggling book “Light in the Closet, the Torah and Homosexuality”, stunningly beautiful. All these things are now labeled as harmful, and thus ultimately illegal.

With the current Biden administration, essential Western values like freedom of speech are going down the drain. When one cannot resolve major differences of opinion by talking, then, inevitably, one needs to resort to other means. Is that what the ‘wokies’ want? Why has no one woken up a ‘wokie’ to make him/her see that free speech is not only the glue, but the ‘sine-qua-non’ (= fundamental necessity) of our form of society? When words fail, we are back to where we started, centuries ago.


By hijacking Mailchimp, radicalized elements in the emancipation movement have found yet another instrument of war so that no youngster discovers truths that these Woke activists find undesirable. And they insist that this is at their “sole discretion”.

Can you imagine, say, Airbnb stealthily annihilating a contract between a host and a tenant, because Airbnb finds the host to be too Christian according to the rules? After all, he REALLY believes! Without the host’s knowing or the tenant’s?

In doing so, Mailchimp is contributing to institutional censorship and is alienating thousands of individuals who weren’t all that anti-LGBT before. But they are now.

Job Berendsen, MD.