Hungary, the EU little guy, resists radical-gay extremism and pays the price

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At the EU summit dinner table in Brussels in June 2021, emotions got high as several long-time EU member‑states tried to bully the Hungarian nation into canceling a recent law. Hungary wants to protect minors from being fed incorrect information without parental knowledge or consent about sexuality and the recently hyped transdelusion. Hungarian people realize that they have so little grip on matters of upbringing that it takes state power to forge space for parental involvement. They now pay the price as radicalized LGBT-activists in the EU parliament (most notably activist Sophie in ‘t Velt, NL) try to stigmatize Hungary’s majority wish and to set Europe up against the government.

During a visit to Belgrade in July, prime minister Orban said:

“The European Parliament and the European Commission want LGBT activists to have free access to our schools and kindergartens and that will not happen because it is not what Hungary wants. The spirit that sustains this law is not homophobia, but who has the right to decide the education of our children. There, the Brussels bureaucrats have nothing to say. No matter what they do, we are not going to allow LGBT extremist propaganda in our centers,”

The law addresses information on three subjects: homosexuality, pedophilia, and the historically new Internet hype of transdelusionism.

It was passed in May 2021 with a voting tally of 157 to 1, an overwhelming majority. The law expresses that the state should ensure the right of children to identity in line with their sex at birth. It forbids exposing minors until the age of 18, to any content that depicts sexuality for its own sake, or that portrays and promotes homosexuality and especially deviance from gender identity based on birth sex including in advertisements, education, and any media content. Also, any school programs related to sex education under 18 may only be conducted by organizations authorized by the state.

What we see is the first time that in Western culture the right to a normal upbringing needs to be protected.

How did it get that far? What ideological mistakes did the emancipation movement make to the extent that lawmakers need to intervene and protect the right to be normal? Is it because radical-gay law firms use the tool of lawmaking to harness society and to have things exclusively their way when it comes to education and upbringing?

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The Hungarian population has closely watched the turn of events in the USA thanks to Christian news outlets on the Internet. There, a vicious struggle exists between parents on the one hand and various state-organized schools on the other, where activists have successfully managed to infiltrate school systems. These professional activists, who are accountable to no-one, have gained a position to disseminate worldviews along feminist and radical-gay lines at the expense of all other paradigms.

In recent years, kindergartens have become the main activist target, with “drag queens” (men dressed up and meticulously visaged as women) giving story-hour performances for infants. The sooner a child learns right from wrong, so the activists feel, the healthier he/she will grow up.

Parents fight hard, if they find out about it at all, to gain control of the upbringing of their own children again. In California, any parent who protests about his 6‑year‑old “sissy” child being labeled “transgender” by his schoolteacher, is about to be labeled “child abuser” and therefore put out of parental custody. The child is handed over to lesbian parents who “understand” the child’s predicament until he can undergo his “medically necessary” transition. These new laws are on their way.

Furthermore, new Californian laws are being presented to lower the age of consent for gay sex to age 12, paving the way for 22-year-old homosexuals to legally engage in sex with minors. A new bill, SB145 headed to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, would lower penalties for adults who have consensual sex with a minor if the offender is within 10 years of age with the victim.

Other laws (“50 states, 50 bills”) seek to criminalize any psychotherapist at whose hands a 14-year-old decides that homosexuality, after a period of doubt, is “not for me”. Same-sex attractions are not allowed to diminish, so the (gay) legislators insist (rep. Ted Lieu, California, Democrat). Many well-informed parents in the US are at wits end.


In Hungary, we see a well-informed population observing all this in the United States. Christian news outlets have done their job, their research is meticulous. With new laws, attempts to turn the tide are now made in the hope to chisel parental legal rights into stone. A battle is raging: “Who owns my child?

“Leave our children alone,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Sunday, protesting against a children’s book featuring homosexual characters.

“Hungary has laws on homosexuality, which are based on an exceptionally tolerant and patient approach,” Orban said in an interview on public radio. “But there is a red line not to be crossed. To sum up my opinion: leave our children alone”.

Viktor Orban was questioned about a manual that was written for infants. In one story, Cinderella is lesbian and in another, a dragon slayer is transgender. In this way, the psychiatric disorder of the transdelusion is peddled as being totally normal and appropriate in front of children who also still believe in fairies and magic carpets. All of this is done behind the parents’ back.

Rainbow colored mouth-masks are distributed all over Europe for free, thanks to an injection of millions of American dollars.

It is all about PR and we now witness the 2021 European Soccer Championship being abused for the cause of identity politics. Rainbow flags are all over the place when there are television cameras around, even lighting up stadiums. If you try to engage in even the slightest form of critical discussion, you have a problem.

Polish government agrees with Hungary

Polish Education Minister Przemyslaw Czarnek praised the regulations:

“This law states that school lessons touching on questions of sexuality must not promote gender reassignment or homosexuality. We should copy these regulations on Polish soil in their entirety!”

The facts on Hungary

Homosexuality is legal in Hungary and the country is not renowned for any violence against the expression of homosexuality in adults. However, it does not share the Dutch promotion of gay marriage and neither are Hungarians keen on promoting the adoption of children by same-sex couples.

After all, is that what kids really felt they needed at age 18, two gay dads instead of a boring mixed-sex couple? Is this not a projection on the part of the gay dads needing some form of external validation: a kid who can’t choose?

In December 2020, the Hungarian law on adoption was revised. Single-parent families were declared undesirable as an ultimate goal in view of the child’s interests. Adoption was restricted to married mixed-sex couples. After all, what if mom dies? Hungary thereby voted to curtail the use of orphans as a social experiment. In 2021, the government placed the creation of fetuses in fertility‑centers under state control to ensure the rights of the voiceless unborn in the process.

The law, stating that the information passed on to children at schools should be placed under state supervision, was also passed in the Netherlands in the same fashion in 2012, but in that country, radical-gay activists are in charge of the government. Gay radical-activist chairwoman, Vera Bergkamp of the COC, has even become House Speaker. In Hungary, it is the Christian-Democrats who nevertheless rule.

The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte even tried to imply that Hungary has no right to remain in the EU if radical-LGBT ideology is challenged.

Prime minister Orban stood his man, at least for the moment. What can be said to the defense of the Hungarian parliament?

Defending the Hungarian fight

The Hungarian law does not specifically aim to prohibit homosexual feelings, as many paranoid activists in the West fear. The main problem is the way that, as of 2010, American activists have managed to intertwine homosexuality (LGB) and transdelusionism (T)  into a single, inseparable entity (LGBT).

In doing so, the emancipation movement has dug its own grave because a false sense of solidarity has been forged, making criticism impossible. And that is exactly what the transdelusion activists aimed for. All for one, and one for all: a risky and un-called-for gamble by the gay activists.

A male victim of transdelusionism

The Hungarian people are first and foremost deeply concerned about transdelusionism becoming mainstream. And the latter activists achieve their goal by infiltrating under the radar. The transdelusion is a software problem, and a software problem only. It is a highly contagious coping strategy for confused citizens, and it is spreading like never before in history.

The truth is, however, that 85% of youngsters under the age of 16 get over it as long as it is not affirmed. And up to 98% of adults recover from the delusional state too, as long as it is not affirmed. It is the affirmation that is the problem.

And as resistance to this epidemic rises, many homosexuals are fooled to believe that they themselves are also under siege, which is not the case. So, the radical transdelusionists have hijacked the gays, and are using them in a form of NATO strategy: one for all and all for one.

The big problem with the transdelusionists, the 2% die‑hards who insist on affirming the delusional state, is their equally delusional idea that an operation to remove genitals or to “correct” hormones should have happened earlier in life, preferably from infancy onward. It would have made life so much easier, so they imagine.

Scientific research, however, proves otherwise. But their state of mind is delusional, and you have a tough time correcting someone who is in a state of delusion. With the rise of Joe Biden to become the president of the USA, the world has a problem.


Another major concern of parents is the pedophilic movement, a secretive underground network. In the USA, for example, the Boy Scouts Movement is facing bankrupcy. On his website, Bryan Fischer writes (April 26th, 2020):

“Homosexual pedophilia destroyed the Boy Scouts. This fact is enormously disturbing. Homosexuals comprise just 2% of the population, yet are responsible for 33% of all instances of child sexual abuse. The BSA has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an effort to stave off an avalanche of lawsuits filed by victims of sexual abuse at the hands of homosexual scoutmasters. It has established a victims’ compensation fund that may have as much as $1 billion in it to make reparations to the thousands upon thousands of young boys raped by older males who found the BSA to be a target-rich environment for their twisted urges.”

The worries of the Hungarian people are great. But worries are not restricted to the EU. In the USA, awareness to the threats of pedophilia and the transdelusion epidemic is equally growing.

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to be continued

Job Berendsen, MD