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Gender Identity Confusion, part 2: “The Realities Of Suicides”

Little does the general population know the realities of life as a transgender. Gay-lib disinformation campaigns appear to deliberately keep everyone ignorant. Unfortunately, gender confusion is not a state of happy bliss in which an individual has supposedly become “who he is”. That is far too simple. It is an ongoing turbulent mental condition which consists of auto-aggressive behavior with an endlessly churning maelstrom of sadness, hatred and self-harm. Bystanders are paralyzed in their responses, beholding seemingly true Martians in their midst. The metamorphosis looks human and yet non-human, or at least, not like me. Awestruck, the on-lookers know no reflex but to gaze. Continue reading Gender Identity Confusion, part 2: “The Realities Of Suicides”

Gender Identity Confusion, part 1: A New Epidemic In Western Society

In the last five years, “transgender” is being hyped by liberal media as the new human rights issue. It is made to look exciting and exotic, as if anthropologist Margaret Mead, renowned for her 1940 expeditions to study tribes in the Pacific Ocean, has discovered a new island. This aggressive crusade has eclipsed the emancipation movement of the 20th century when women’s rights and homosexuality were the core themes. We see mental problems being denied out of existence, thereby breaking with a 100 year tradition of sound research. In this series, we will demonstrate how the well-trodden paths of psychiatric facts are making way for a mythological dreamy state. Continue reading Gender Identity Confusion, part 1: A New Epidemic In Western Society

Samuel Brinton’s latest move: transgender!

Sam Brinton changes his storyline yet once again: now he is transgender, prancing around at the Oscars! As to be expected, Samuel Brinton has come up with new rhetoric to gain attention. This activist, who claims he was tortured at the hands of his father, make that a religious counselor, make that a therapist, make that a licensed therapist, for being gay, make that bisexual, has now come out as transgender at the Oscars of 2018. Continue reading Samuel Brinton’s latest move: transgender!

The Gay Related Complex, part 2: The social context

The false notion of “Born This Way”, invented in 1988 for legal reasons.

In our previous article in this series, we demonstrated that homosexuality does not exist as a separate entity. But before we expand on this, we need to understand why insights as these have become so highly contested in American society. Why do gay-lib activists insist that you were born this way and how has this unsubstantiated stance become mainstream? How can a century of psycho-analytic research have been silenced? To understand that, we need to explore the political context. Here is what happened and why. The content is shocking. Continue reading The Gay Related Complex, part 2: The social context

Via Malta, the EU has been conquered overnight

malta-map2According to a government statement, Malta has become the first European country to ban what they call “gay conversion therapy”, imposing fines of not less than €2000 pounds and up to €10,000 ($10,750) and a jail term of at least a month and up to one year for health workers who offend the new law. On December 5th 2016 the parliament approved a law that effectively outlaws any attempts to “change, repress and, or eliminate a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity and, or gender expression”. The law further stipulates that “no sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression constitutes a disorder, disease or shortcoming of any sort.” It also lowers to 16 the age at which minors can request a gender change without their parents’ approval.

In the EU, the smallest member state Malta (400.000 inhabitants), which is barely conspicuous on any map, has a full veto right on all issues in the EU which are not in accordance with Maltese law. This initiative comes from outside the EU, from American gay psychologists united in ILGA. The 28 member states of the EU have been conquered overnight. Continue reading Via Malta, the EU has been conquered overnight

People are not born that way

In an well-documented essay, California psychologist Laura Haynes, PhD, demonstrates how the American Psychological Association finally agrees that the “born-that-way” ideology and the “you-cannot-change” ideology are NOT true. Here is the essay that she published on the 27th of September 2016. She debunks the myths that caused so many people in the past to avoid seeking psychotherapeutic help for their unwanted same-sex attractions, myths that have deterred them from exploring their full capacity of sexual fluidity. Continue reading People are not born that way

Gay-lib reactions to the Mayer and McHugh report, part 1: Dean Hamer

dean-hamerGay-lib magazine The Advocate has released a response by Dean Hamer to the Mayer & McHugh report of August last. The two scientific researchers demonstrated that there is no scientific evidence to substantiate a genetic origin for either sexual feelings or gender identity. Hamer on the other hand was the geneticist who claimed he had identified the “gay gene” in 1998, thereby proving the “born that way” theory. The Advocate writes: “The right wing is pushing a study that isn’t based in sound science, says famed geneticist Dean Hamer.”  Who is Dean Hamer, what has been his role in gay-lib, what is he doing now as filmmaker and full-time activist for the radical transgender agenda, and what exactly is his point? Continue reading Gay-lib reactions to the Mayer and McHugh report, part 1: Dean Hamer

The policy implications of the new Mayer and McHugh study

obama1In our previous article, we have outlined what the researchers Mayer and McHugh found on the subject of fluidity of gender and orientation. On the website The Daily Signal, researcher Ryan T. Anderson demonstrates what these scientific findings mean for Obama’s executive orders, where this president is bypassing the democratic process in congress. Anderson is a senior research fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation. The impact, so he argues, is huge. Continue reading The policy implications of the new Mayer and McHugh study

New scientific evidence Mayer and McHugh proves you were not ‘born that way’

couple13In August 2016 a groundbreaking study was published in the New Atlantis journal entitled “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the biological, psychological and social sciences.” by two researchers Dr. Lawrence Mayer and Dr. Paul McHugh. This study draws from sixty years of research.

The major findings include:

1. “The idea that individuals are “born that way” – that sexual orientation is a biologically fixed, innate human trait is not supported by scientific evidence.”

2. “The idea that an individual could be “a man trapped in a woman’s body or a woman trapped in a man’s body” – in other words, the notion that a gender identity that is independent from or in conflict with biological sex, cannot be supported by scientific evidence.” Continue reading New scientific evidence Mayer and McHugh proves you were not ‘born that way’