Examining the hate speech of transsexism, part 4: understanding the inner battle

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In this series, we review a 5-point proclamation by a group called the Netherlands Transgender Network’. See how they spread disinformation to lure ignorant Dutch politicians into mainstreaming easy official gender-change registration for school children. They propose abolishing all overseeing by adults. And they plan to go global. Their third statement is: “It is important for trans youths to be affirmed in their gender identity”. This remark is the paramount mistake made in radical ideology. Observe the core of the radical trans movement: their endeavor to recruit as many young persons into the dark and delusional state as possible and, above all, to make sure they stay that way by hook or by crook.

Observe how activists use the word “gender identity” as a unidimensional state. Psychiatry knows for sure that we are not facing a single identity in the person but two identities in the same person, battling for dominance. The transdelusional state of mind is called a Dr.-Jekyll-And-Mr.-Hyde syndrome.

In Wikipedia, we read:

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a gothic novella by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1886. It follows Gabriel John Utterson, a London legal practitioner who investigates a series of strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and a murderous criminal named Edward Hyde. It is revealed at the end of the novella that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person, with Jekyll transforming into Hyde via an unnamed chemical concoction to live out his darker urges”.

Why use this reference to a novel? In gender confusion, we see this same double-heartedness. Deep inside is the genetic hardware-induced sense of gender which causes men/women to be men/women in both the physical and the mental sense. More on the surface, the individual demonstrates an array of problems, experiences, struggles, and urges for which he tries to find a coping mechanism. The struggle leads to a double life.


It is weird to accuse the body of being the problem and to say that the body is wrong. It is an invention that the person has come up with and under all circumstances still has his doubts about. He should watch out lest it becomes an obsession in the same way that anorectics can become obsessed with their imaginary overweight and lousy body image.

Anorexia Nervosa, a perception disorder

Dieting is a strategy to deal with the core predicament: fear of lack of control over the body and life, a deep sense of hopelessness, powerlessness, worthlessness, despair, and a deep yearning to be considered lovable. And so, the body must change. Then things will go much better, such is the frantic hope. The same applies to persons who insist they are “transgender”, trapped in the wrong body. Not just the size of the carcass is wrong, damn it, the whole bloody thing is no good.

Notice the self-hatred. Transgenderism is a self-hatred disorder that has long been recognized to belong in the same category as Eating Disorders and certain types of Borderline Self-mutilation Syndromes. “Slash away at my body!” so the victim cries, “No time to lose. Let’s get rid of (parts of) this body, let’s do this. Then, only then, will I be happy. Come on!”

Nobody understands them, so they feel. Alone, abandoned, and caught in the cobwebs of their thought patterns as they drift away from, what we call, healthy reality-checking. The genes just keep calling out: “you’re a man, you are male”. But the mind says: “you deserted me, I am lonely, no one loves me and I will take destiny into my own hands. Perhaps all will be well, then”.


This becomes a frenzy, especially if the individual has more mental hiccups, like a touch of being (slightly) autistic, histrionic, psychopathic, hostile-aggressive, or avoidant. The debate in the mind between the genetically induced sense of identity and the software-induced coping mechanism can be excruciating. Hence, the individual seeks to end that debate in the mind. And that is the very moment that radicalized strugglers step in out of nowhere and proudly offer a seemingly way out: activism.

What is important?

Is it important for “trans youths” to be affirmed in their gender identity, as the fringe of deluded activists assert? “No”, say we. Victims must be affirmed in their underlying mental struggle. This has proven to exist of a need for love, a need to be seen, a need to identify with their same-sex parent (sometimes, this person is not even present), a need to be lovable, a need to be a human as, yes, the much-hated man that your genes compel you to be, and to feel good about it.

Someone needs to help you, touch you, hug you, affirm you, and be a reliable source of confirmation that even you can be who you are in your flaws or perceived shortcomings: a man.

Activists have given up on all this and have come to cry out for affirmation of the coping mechanism. We psychiatrists say: “what is needed is an affirmation for the underlying cries of a human soul in pain, as in all psychiatry”. And healthy psychiatry needs to be available.

‘Not so’, say radicalized activists: ‘Lock ‘em up. Get rid of these psychiatrists who wish to be available; we, the battle-hardened activists, will stand shoulder-to-shoulder to uphold our brother who truly is a woman despite the obvious and disgusting sight of a dick. The horror of your own body!’

Plastic surgery, a modern industry

Ruthless plastic surgeons then step in and cash in; billions go in their direction, the curse of the new millennium. They would rather Botox lips for a handsome price than be available for real suffering at for example, under-staffed ER departments. Did you know that the under-staffing of the ER department is a major health hazard these days?

The medical world is in crisis without the major medical associations realizing the depth of the conflict and failing to uphold the most important two rules of them all: Above all, do no harm” and When in doubt, refrain”.

Observe how these ruthless plastic-surgery money-makers manhandle a psychiatric patient, knowing very well that the whole subject is still under heavy scientific debate. But they don’t want to know. They choose to share the deluded state, making the delusion their own, and ignoring the double-hearted nature of the predicament. Where is the refraining that is demanded by medical ethics?

For a frantic patient, to obtain love and self-love is all that is needed. It needs to come from those people who truly understand. You don’t need much money for a caring psychotherapist or psychiatrist. And yet, it can be so hard to come by. Especially if a frenzy of a ban on therapy is considered by the likes of Biden and his donors to be the salvation to the world. In their eyes, a set of new latex breast-implants are a far easier and sexier remedy than a painstaking look at your innermost neglected and agonizing mental needs.

You are an individual with an embarrassing array of unspeakable emotional needs, and a new set of quickly inserted boobs will surely settle the score, will it not?


The death rate of anorexia nervosa (eating disorders) is 20%. The death rate of the “transgender” frenzy is up to 35%; this is the downside that radical activists don’t tell you about. Is it genuinely important, and in the interest of youths, to be affirmed in drifting away?

Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn”

It is like Huckleberry Finn clinging to a log in the dead of night as he floats down the Mississippi river. Unseen and in despair, although the writer, Mark Twain (1884), tried to give it a romantic twist.

But what’s the romance in the New-speak taught at schools (if we give woke school counselors that chance!) that your sane and healthy body is actually grossly disfigured and that you have a severe genetic disorder called (yuck) “normality”? How romantic is that? Tell me.

It is not in the interest of youths, by all medical standards, to stay locked up in the software frenzy of gender confusion.

The activists of “transgenderism”, united in the Harry Benjamin Foundation, are acting out their darkest urges and are  fiddling around with their deeply disturbed sense of bodily awareness as do the victims of eating disorders.

To be continued.

Job Berendsen, MD, former gay activist