The books that Amazon does not delete: the ‘Born That Way’ ideology, ‘Mein Kampf’, and ‘4 Ways to commit Suicide’.

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After a smear campaign in June 2019, the ‘Born That Way’ ideology reigns at Amazon. All other views are on their way out. It was organized by radical-gay members of the American Psychological Association. The LGBT mantra of ‘look how inclusive we are!’ is clearly fake. Here is an overview of some of the books that are now exclusively permitted, thanks to the APA. These writers can only prove their point by portraying same-sex attractions as purely an animalistic drive like a dumb gorilla. Then this allows each book to pluck conveniently from the animal kingdom and expand the results to human behavior. In doing so, human psychology is thrown out of the narrative.  But what if a female spider due to its bodily lust eats its male partner after intercourse as many do, what does THAT say about the human race?

In these ‘Born That Way’ books, bodily lust and primitive reflexes define all. Everything is portrayed to revolve around genitals, while emotions evaporate in the analysis. If one male penguin can suddenly jump onto another to mate, then so can two guys. In this crude way, homosexuality is represented and explained.

But what if a male mouse kills all offspring of a female mouse if they are not his, does THAT justify domestic violence? If a gander has intercourse with a female duck, never to return when the eggs hatch, does THAT justify broken homes? If five horny male toads attach to one female during mating season in the pond after which she drowns under the weight, does THAT justify gang bangs?

Well, the American Psychological Association certainly does not seem to have any problems with it.

In an offensive graphic on Amazon, we read about two lions: “Yup, we’re gay. You got a problem?” Well, now that the editor is so kind as to ask my opinion, yes, I do, actually. I have the scientific problem of equating rare moments in animal behavior with the complexity of human romantic and love life whenever it fits your activist agenda. And then selling this pathetic notion for money. Yes sir, I have a problem. With you! With your intellectual behavior, not the lions’!

On close analysis, all these books prove to be pseudo-science, lies and speculations. We will expand briefly on three of them to show how easy it is to expose the narrative.

Before they have even written one sentence, the authors consider human same-sex attractions to be an inborn animal trait. Hence, there is no need in the rest of the book for reviewing what is going on in the human mind. Psychology fades away like an Autumn morning fog when the sun slowly rises in the sky.

The fault of these books lies in the fact that the ‘Born That Way’ ideology is not the output of the research as they claim in dramatic final chapters, it is the input before the book and research project was even conceived. They rule out all other options, merely in the way that the research assignment is put in words before doing anything else. This then, constitutes pseudo-science.

This book is for sale on Amazon

The whole activist move to convince Amazon to delete certain books has clearly nothing to do with gay rights or ‘protecting vulnerable youth from the possibility of suicide’. On Amazon, you can buy Mein Kampf (1933) in six different editions quite easily. See for yourself.  But then again, he is a welcome champion of gay rights, is he not?

On, Jeremy Schwab explains how Amazon is selling numerous books on self-help for suicide, including “4 Ways to Commit Suicide”, “Final Exit”, and “How to Commit Suicide”.

On his website, Tony Perkins writes,

“But to LGBT activists, it didn’t matter what the (deleted) books actually said or how many people they helped. All the extremists care about is that these authors might undermine their agenda and therefore must be silenced.”

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On Amazon, they sell “Biological Exuberance, Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity They say,

For anyone who has ever doubted the ‘naturalness’ of homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered behaviors, this remarkable book, which demonstrates and celebrates the sexual diversity of life on earth, will surely lay those doubts to rest”.

In other words, Amazon says that the evidence of any non-hostile behavior between animals of the same sex, as this book shows with 450 species, means that same-sex activities are natural. Well, it may mean that same-sex behavior of albatrosses is ‘natural’, but since when are humans the same as albatrosses? Birds who fly over the ocean for months on end? What has that got to do with the human condition? This fundamental question is not answered in this book.

Although, I did get quite horny after a long distance intercontinental flight across the Atlantic Ocean last month, come to think of it. Hmm… Perhaps I should order that book after all. This book has been highly discredited, by the way, when you read the comments. But it is still on sale without a worry in the world. Boy, was I horny! And I was definitely “celebrating the sexual diversity of life on earth”. Horny me! You should have seen me at the airport after landing! Gay as hell. Feel like definitely laying doubts to rest? Then buy this book at the airport kiosk before take-off, what a read!

——– ——–

Amazon also sells: Evolution’s Rainbow Diversity by Joan Roughgarden (2010).

Amazon writes,

“She leads the reader through a fascinating discussion of diversity in gender and sexuality among fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals, including primates. Evolution’s Rainbow explains how this diversity develops from the action of genes and hormones.”

In one of the comments on Amazon, Emily Olsen wrote,

“Good book in general, but a little bit politically biased, not an excellent scientist’s way.”

Our impression:

This writer is a well-known radical LGBT-activist and feminist. She is trying to argue that homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder stem from genes by studying the animal kingdom. She embraces the ‘Born That Way’ ideology right from the start and there is no mention of psychology in her alleged ‘research’. But how can you understand same-sex attractions if you exclude how it feels and if you only focus on sexual acting-out? She writes about fish. Does she know what the fish is thinking? If not, then how can fish define our feelings? How can she be sure? And if those fish are gay, then how can they replicate and pass on those supposed genes? Ever saw two female fish having offspring? Fish do not define the human race. The book is therefore LGBT-biased and flawed.

——– ——–

Praying mantises reproduce by laying eggs without any males around. Can we therefore say that a single parent family’s mom is “born that way”? A swan male and female couple is faithful for life. Can we therefore say that having a longstanding marriage means you were “born that way”? Yes, if we tend to believe these authors. They always get away with it by stating that “more research is needed”, but they never back down.

——– ——–

Amazon sells “Brain Development And Sexual Orientation” by Jacques Balthazart (2012), with no comments yet.

Amazon writes,

“Sexual orientation (homo- vs. heterosexuality) is one of many sex differences observed in humans. In contrast, many sexually differentiated behaviors are organized during early life by an irreversible action of sex steroids. In particular, the preference for a male or female sex partner is largely determined in rodents by embryonic exposure to sex steroids. The early action of these steroids also seems to affect sexual orientation in humans.”

Our critique (a first because there are no reviews on Amazon yet):

The opening sentence is:

“Sexual orientation (homo- vs. heterosexuality) is one of many sex differences observed in humans.”

This opening statement is the core of homosexism, the unsubstantiated world-view that same-sex attractions constitute a unique ‘orientation’, a fixed mental property. This property would then lead to ‘sex differences’ in humans, such is the claim. He then goes on to treat these alleged ‘properties’ as innate and immutable. But what if there is no ‘orientation’, and that such a thing is merely a label, a social construct?

What if each and every human being has the full innate capability of experiencing homosexual feelings and acting upon them and, at the same time, having the full innate capability of experiencing heterosexual feelings and acting upon them too? This question totally changes the paradigm, rendering the book useless.

The author does not even consider this paradigm in the slightest way, thereby chopping for example bisexuality out of the equation, or sexual fluidity. That can never pass as science.

He writes that men with homosexual behavior just didn’t have enough male hormones during pregnancy. He offers no proof for this, and the comparison with rodents is just not good enough. The way he says that “these steroids also seem to affect sexual orientation in humans” is unscientific. Either you have evidence that it “affects”, or you drop the wishful thinking. Seem just will not do. Take this sentence: “The magician seemed to pull a rabbit out of the hat”. Well, did he or did he not? Was there a rabbit, yes or no? The answer is: no, it only seemed that way.

Therefore, do these steroids affect sexual orientation in humans? No, it only seems that way. And those are HIS words, by the way. Therefore, the rest of the book, which uses this as its foundation, is built on quicksand. For activists, we have very bad news: you have no hormone problems, neither have you had them in the past. No pediatrician can substantiate the contrary to this statement, nor has he/she ever done so. We see only speculations, with high sales figures.

Many activists are enraged, feeling that it is offensive to say that you have a normal healthy body just like everybody else. Saying so is even considered harmful. Yep, the horror of it all: being normal and saying so out loud! So stigmatizing!

——– ——–

We can go on and on, debunking each book. But in the three comments above, we have outlined the general frame of reference on which all “Born That Way” books are built and why they are nonsense. We may be animals, but we are not dumb senseless mutts.

Here is an overview of some more of these phony books that now are the only thing that journalists and students can buy for their research:

——– ——–

The Biology of Homosexuality, again by Jacques Balthazar.

He is repeating the material above with a few simple twists, thereby earning money twice from the same amount of work done.

Amazon writes,

“In this fascinating book, Jacques Balthazart presents a simple description of the biological mechanisms that are involved in the determination of sexual orientation in animals and also presumably in humans”.

Note the words “presumably in humans”. In science, we call this speculation. Imagine my party-crashing and the guy who opened the door for me says to the host: “I presumed he had an invitation”. Well, I didn’t. And I got away with it. Lucky me. Balthazar is even ripping people off twice at Amazon and getting richer. Lucky Balthazar!

——– ——–

Animal Homosexuality, a Biosocial Perspective by Aldo Poiani.

Amazon writes,

“Homosexuality is common among social animals, and mainly expressed within the context of a bisexual sexual orientation. Exclusive homosexuality is less common, but not unique to humans.”

This constitutes homosexism, the unsubstantiated ideology that people have a fixed set of feelings right from birth, and that there are individuals walking around who have no opposite-sex feelings or potential even. Everyone is labeled and stigmatized. The author takes it for granted that exclusive homosexuality exists as a phenomenon. In doing so, sexual fluidity is written out of the equation, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It demotivates, especially when all books demonstrating the contrary, be it in research or in testimonies of real live people (“Then & Now”, download here), are consistently being deleted so as no researcher or journalist will easily find them.

——– ——–

Born Gay, The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation by Glenn Wilson (2008).

Amazon writes,

“A key study in the psychobiology of sexual orientation and its true causes. Since the ground-breaking work of Simon LeVay and Dean Hamer in the early 1990s, a tremendous amount of new research has been carried out by scientists who now understand a great deal more about the biology of sexual attraction. In this book the authors argue that popular efforts to blame parents or teachers for a child’s homosexuality are futile and unjust.”

This book is based on the works of the notorious Dean Hamer (author of The Science of Desire, the gay gene, 1995). What Amazon does not tell its customers is, that he has been thrown out of science for committing science fraud on this very subject when he was caught manipulating the scanty evidence that he had on a heterosexual control group and inventing the missing data in order to reach a scientific relevant number, after which he so-called “proved” his point that you are “born that way”. His books on the discredited ‘gay gene’ are still on sale at Amazon, mind you, and no mention of his science fraud or expulsion from the scientific community. He is regarded as an embarrassment to the medical community.

Dean Hamer’s book on the “gay gene”

On Forerunners Of America, we read about Hamer and gay gene book,

“However, in 1995 Dr. Dean Hamer was accused by one of the study’s collaborators of selectively reporting his research and data. More importantly, Dr. Hamer’s results have never been reproduced. Rather, a 1999 study by the University of Western Ontario of 52 pairs of homosexual brothers found the genetic markers cited by Dr. Hamer in exactly half of the brother pairs, which is consistent with the laws of chance. It concluded that the results of Dr. Hamer’s study “did not support an X-linked gene underlying male homosexuality.” Nevertheless, the media and gay activists continue to cite Dr. Hamer’s study as proof of a gay gene.”

Not only do gay activists continue to cite, Amazon continues to sell.

When it comes to the way that psychology would “blame” parents for a child’s development of self and identity, Wilson’s book provides no proof, evidence or data that child psychology is “futile and unjust” on these matters. As activists they just argue, they just say what people want to hear. That will not do.

——– ——–

Gay, Straight, And The Reason Why by Simon Levay

Amazon writes,

“What causes a child to grow up gay or straight? Neuroscientist Simon LeVay summarizes a wealth of scientific evidence that points to one inescapable conclusion: Sexual orientation results primarily from an interaction between genes, sex hormones, and the cells of the developing body and brain”.

LeVay is the most notorious of the “Born That Way” writers. To achieve this status, he excludes all other outlooks on life, right from the start. People, so he states, grow up to be gay or straight, born that way, growing up that way and dying that way. He disregards everything known under the term bisexual or sexually fluid. His claims are as bold as his income, knowing that thousands of confused youngsters need to hear someone say that you do not ever need to look at your past or your feelings. These people are willing to pay great sums of money, just to be lulled to sleep. And LeVay delivers.

Amazon goes on to write,

“(He) considers whether there could be a biological basis for subtypes of gay people such as “butch” and “femme” lesbians.”

So, now the labelling game continues into subtypes of people, born that way and going to die that way. In therapy, more often than not, “butch” women turn out to be very kind, gentle and vulnerable, once they lay down their shield. You will see that they have blown themselves up like a balloon fish, but it always turns out to be a defense mechanism to avoid being hurt again, or to avoid feelings of inferiority, or perhaps they had so few hugs during childhood that they have even forgotten they had such needs in the first place, a chronic sadness which is done away with in a cloak of armor, of butchness. In therapy, they usually learn that it is okay to be vulnerable and kind, and that harm and abuse will not happen (again). LeVay on the other hand, teaches them that they are a subtype, born that way, never to improve because it is caused by genes. Since when do doctors have the right to treat women that way, to tell them that change is just not in your stars, and then cash in?

Below is some more of this activist prose, available at Amazon.

Job Berendsen, MD

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