The harm caused by a therapy ban in NZ, part 2 of 8: Transdelusion ideology kills young people

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The proposed New Zealand Bill demands respect for the lethal condition of delusional gender identity. It calls for five years of imprisonment for professionals who take any other stance. The transdelusion is a long and winding road of suicidal thoughts and attempts. Many patients narrowly escape death but a great number will die of the condition. Legislation is meant to terrorize people into obedience. What facts are being hidden from view to fool MP’s into acceptance?

Recent science has demonstrated that the majority of children with gender dysphoria will ultimately normalize and not grow up to live a life as transgendered. They will overcome their auto-aggressive impulses, they will no longer attack their own bodies, and they will not indulge in an endless array of self-hatred, self-loathing, and suicidal thoughts. They will become healthy and will experience their own body as the self and not as an alien object.

If, indeed, we cannot predict those for whom gender dysphoria continues, it is irresponsible to begin the child on transitional pathways. We are affirming the child in decisions which they are too young to make and committing adolescents to interventions which they may subsequently regret because their identity development has taken another turn.

At age 16, no less than 85% of gender-confused youngsters have gotten over their gender confusion, so science proves. At age 26, these figures even go up to as high as 98%. Normality prevails all by itself as long as pathological thinking is ignored. The thoughts and doubts fade away, like a wet branch fizzles out when it is lit by a match. It may flicker for a few moments with smoke, and smell, and crackles, and tiny bursts of steam, but despair diminishes and normal life sets in. As long as no activist gets to them.

The Right Hon. Kris Faafoj from Takelau

And that is the very moment that a Labour Party MP from the remote Pacific island of Takelau, called the Right Honorable Kris Faafoj, steps in. He is not a professional in the field of health care. Neither has he visited a gay bar in Takelau because there are none. As a woke lawyer, we see him ignorantly following a San Francisco activist scenario from the notorious National Center of Lesbian Rights (NCLR), a vixens’ den of radical-feminist and lesbian lawyers who are specialized in cunningly suing people outside their bubble.

For example, to raise money for her crowd-funding, the CEO of the Californian law firm, Kate Kendall, wrote in an email newsletter in 2017:

Many of us faced challenges in our childhood. But I can’t imagine those faced by the LGBTQ youth who are fighting to survive. NCLR is fighting for LGBTQ youth in every arena—from schools to homeless shelters, foster care, health care, and beyond.” (11th July 2017).

“Every arena, and beyond”, she writes. What is she? A playwright? Question is: beyond what? This is a demagogue. Without realizing it, she admits that she has had childhood issues, a condition that lies at the heart of the psychotherapeutic approach of same-sex attractions. And she says it applies to “many of us”.

“Fighting to survive”? Give me a break. Her motorclub “Dykes On Bikes” is alive and kicking by all medical standards.

With this kind of defensive detachment, you can even make folks reopen Auschwitz and manipulate them into believing that it is the right thing to do:

“We are reminded every day of the tremendous threat this moment poses both to our community and to the entire nation. This moment requires a level of vigilance, and engagement, and energy, I have not seen in my lifetime. (Kate Kendall, 1st July 2017).

The idea  of a “community” is merely a social construct. In view of emancipation, life has never been so good as now. And here, we see her trying to convince us that things were far better before the year 2000! Recent advances in science are not a threat to the “entire world”, they are a threat to her law firm, to her consistently constructed house of cards. She is whipping the crowd up into a frenzy.

If you add the word Jews to her email, it will become clear how dangerous her rhetoric is:

“We are reminded every day of the tremendous threat that Jews pose both to our community and to the entire nation. This moment requires a level of vigilance, and engagement, and energy, we have not seen in our lifetime”, signed the Nazi party.

This kind of phrasing is skillfully crafted for the introduction of draconic measures, the ones we are seeing in Melbourne (10 years incarceration for professionals) and Wellington (5 years).

The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and the highest per-capita incarceration rate. Since 1970, we see the number of inmates rising to a 10-fold. The population is not becoming more criminal, the government is becoming more hostile. And law firms like the NCLR are very much part of the problem.

Last month, colleagues of hers even managed to have a judge in California grant a black person $137 million damages for having to work in a “hostile climate of colleagues” which made him feel uncomfortable in the cantine, at times. That ought to teach those employers a lesson!

Wokeness is becoming a profitable industry. And that authoritarian culture of shoving people around and creating fear is now being exported to the whole world as the new norm.

Note also how Kendall weaves homosexism into her rhetoric: there would be two sorts of youths, the heterosexuals and the non-heterosexuals (commony stigmatized as the LGBTQAI+++).

She is hammering out a binary: you are either one of “these”, or one of “those”. And never the twain shall meet.

As of 2019, we know scientifically that everyone can experience homosexual feelings and indulge in homosexual activities. It does not make you a separate monkey race. But those very same monkeys can also indulge in all sorts of other feelings; science now knows for sure.

Seeing yourself as a victim is a political choice, made by Kirk and Madsen in 1989, one that Kate Kendall exploits to the full. Kendall is suffering from a paranoid disorder in the last two years before her retirement in 2019, in the same way that president Richard Nixon was totally paranoid during his last days in office at the White House.

Kendall is not just paranoid, she is paranoid-persecutory, the most severe stage of the disorder. And now, we see a woke Maori from Takelau falling for it like a sucker.

The campaign is to remove time-proven realistic physicians from office. Mr. Faafoj is calling for New Zealand to hail the new American prophets as the long-awaited Saviors of Down-Under. Doctors go to prison, messiahs wave to the crowd. New Zealand flag down, rainbow flags up. The changing of the guard in Wellington.

But what does this mean for children, other than a lot of surgery? And hormones? And hormone-induced depression? Hormone-induced cancer? Hormone-induced cardiovascular disease? Hormone-induced brain clots, lung embolism, and thrombosis of the veins? Hormone-induced suicide attempts? Hormone-induced infertility? Surgery leading to no testicles (meaning no offspring)? What does life have in store other than a life expectancy usually not exceeding 35 years of age?

Does the proposed Bill mention anything of this before the House Speaker summons all the Right Honorable Gentlemen and Ladies to the vote?

As of 2019, science knows for sure that Gender Identity Conflict (GIC) is a software issue. There is nothing hardware about it. It is a highly contagious state of mind. And so, activists seize their chance to cast their magic spells. Then they lure children and adolescents into an intoxicating world of rabbit holes, the one that Alice stepped into as Lewis Caroll described all too well in his topsy-turvy world of fiction.

“With a penis, you can very well be a girl”, said the White Rabbit, wearing a waistcoat, and muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” Alice follows him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, according to Lewis Carrol. And if the Right Honorable gentleman from Takelau has his way, many shall follow.

“No time to lose. Hurry, hurry, I shall be too late”. Social transitioning at age 6, puberty-blocking hormones at age 10, changing your birth certificate at age 14, and a breast implant at age 16. Right in time before 85% gets over it. Phew!

Within twenty years, however, the rabbits will die. Well, most of them. But that future subject will not be brought forward in Wellington. Especially since the Bill makes no provision for any compulsory evaluation of its effects.

Political science calls this a hit-and-run legislative move. No evaluation has been conducted beforehand, no objectives or measurable/plausible goals have been prescribed in terms of “harm-reduction”, hence no outcome can be measured or weighed.

Meaning: no MP can be held to account. Hit now and then run for it! This is not the government of life in all its consequences, this is ideology in your head. “Just lock dissidence up, for heaven’s sake!”, so the Labour Party MP insists.

A good question is:

will the rabbits now live longer?

The answer is:

most certainly not.

In no way can the effects of this vicious campaign in terms of client outcome be compared to a pre-2020 situation because no scientifically scrutinous research model has been designed to do so. Your guess is as good as mine. This draconic piece of legislation is therefore by all standards disproportional.

The next question is,

in what way does the NZ Constitution safeguard the populace against tyranny and overkill?

At Parliament House, we should not embrace and espouse the arbitrariness and randomness of so-called socially relevant groups. Does the NZ Constitution have any handbrake at all on haggling for the slimmest of majorities in light of this transmittable mental disease, this software issue?


In the United States, we see a 5.000-fold rise in the adolescent cases of Gender Identity Conflict between 2020 and 2021, due to social media. And if phony hormones and surgery succeed in lowering the life expectancy of so many, as they sadly do, can we say that a Hollywood movie is coming to life: “The Invasion Of The Body-Snatchers”?

Who will blame the Labour Party politicians for robbing kids of a long and prosperous life? Who will be left to do so? Won’t they be doing time?

To be continued

Job Berendsen, MD