World swimming organization “FINA” dives into transsexist trap

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World swimming’s governing body FINA has adopted a new “gender inclusion policy” on Sunday, 20th June 2022, that only permits swimmers who transitioned before age 12 to compete in women’s events. FINA noted  “this is not saying that people are encouraged to transition by the age of 12. It’s what the scientists are saying, that if you transition after the start of puberty, you have an advantage, which is unfair.” Without their realizing it, however, FINA uses the exact language that transsexists throw at them. All that FINA does, is moan and groan over minor details. In this way, the battle for the narrative is won, leading transsexism on its way to being mainstreamed.

Gender suppression activists feign, as is to be expected, to be furious about this so-called “discrimination” against athletes. Little does the general public or FINA realize that these very same activists are laughing their heads off. Things couldn’t go better.

1. Steeple chase

Activists realize that the battle to recruit as many youngsters as possible into gender suppression is a steeple chase. Transsexism is the ideology in which normal people are directly or indirectly forced to affirm other people’s delusions, contrary to their own genetically-induced reality. It imposes the software-induced confusion resulting from Gender Suppression onto others whether they like it or not, even if those others have science on their side. They are increasingly forced to use the delusional vocabulary of the sectarian ringleaders as their own.

Communist Rudi Dutschke (1940-1979)

German radical left-wing activist Rudi Dutschke called it in 1967: “The long march through the institutions”. And what a beautiful hurdle it was in the chase of June 2022 at the pool.

We see that FINA does not resist this brand-new transssexist ideology as such and that it joins the choir of those people who do indeed believe and proclaim that the normal development of the body is one hell of a medical problem: normality is a mess and may very often need to be fixed. This governing board reduces gender suppression to merely a question of age, and blood levels, and the duration of the treatment, but the “treatment” itself is not challenged.

They have taken a deep plunge into the transsexist trap. Going with the flow, they unknowingly profess their faith and belief in the ultimate conversion therapy of our time: converting from man to woman and cheering the victims on, all the way. FINA does not defy the notion.

The human body is not pathological of itself, therefore it does not need to be fixed. When in the sex chromosomes (nr.23) in the cell nucleus a verifiable abnormality is present after robust genetic mapping (syndromes like Duchenne, Turner, Klinefelter, Fragile X, Noonan, etc.), then a medical approach is an option. But in lack of such findings, all medicalization and pathologizing of healthy bodies is considered unethical and is to be condemned.

The new priests of transsexism are the rich plastic surgeons who revel in the possibilities of modern-day surgery to treat non-medical issues. Their industry offers nose jobs, liposuction, and a new vagina for the hardcore woman inside all of us, so they advertise.

Delusion-affirming procedures performed on victims with healthy bodies are an abuse of medical science. A healthy body needs to be respected by the medical community, so most doctors feel: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Gender suppression is practiced in the obscure fringes of the medical world. Their ideology follows the conspicuously unconventional and bizarre logic seen in other forms of alternative medicine.

Anorexia nervosa patients cry: “how I hate being fat”. Gender suppression victims cry: “how I hate being me”. For the radical lobby, this hurdle of the swimming pools worldwide is a glorious day. May many more days come, one at a time. One hurdle down, nine to go.

Deliberately, they keep the general public oblivious to the fact that gender suppression is a transient condition. You are transient, not transgender. This means that most gender-suppression victims get over the suppression sooner or later, as long as the suppression is not encouraged and glorified. Or turned into a physical reality with the blocking of puberty in Gender Suppression Facilities, an attack on the victims’ human body that FINA apparently just takes for granted and has no problems with.

Gender confusion boils down to rejection of the own healthy body. “Treatment” with hormones and subjection to surgical devices convey the same message: rejection. The quacks reinforce the self-hatred. It is then left to the, often autistic, adolescent to make sense of it. Many of these mentally challenged victims smash the mirror in their room in sheer bewilderment, hoping that hormone pills will bring a magical quality to the void that they feel in their deluded life, now that they have smashed and suppressed the essence of their humanity.

Post-feminism has deconstructed the biology of the human race and social media have become the messengers. An epidemic of loneliness and lack of connectedness is largely responsible for the staggering rise in child and adolescent suicides, people who clearly cannot handle the pervasive intrusions of post-feminism into their lives.

T. Steensma, Amsterdam

The controversial chairman of the Dutch gender suppression facility in Amsterdam, Thomas Steensma, (2018), even admits:

“For decades, follow-up studies of transgender kids have shown that a substantial majority — anywhere from 65 to 94 percent — eventually ceased to identify as transgender.”

The British Royal College of Psychiatrists agrees (2018) that

“For most of the history of psychiatric practice, transgender and gender-diverse individuals are considered to have a psychiatric diagnosis. Psychiatric disorders (particularly anxiety, depression and acts of self-harm) in treatment-seeking gender-dysphoric patients are much more common than in non-affected people”.

There is no scientific proof stating that gender suppression is normal; it is based on the private opinions of New York gay-scene based Jack Drescher, a friend of the discredited Dean Hamer (his “gay gene” turned out to be science fraud), and a proponent of the “born that way” myth with which he has infiltrated multiple organizations, including the WHO.

The UK National Children’s Bureau (2021) writes:

“We are concerned by the reported levels of distress and unmet needs. Gender identity issues are a significant factor in  child suicides. We are uneasy about the lack of high-quality evidence and investigation particularly around the disproportionate number of children presenting with gender dysphoria who are also on the autism spectrum. We are also worried about puberty blockers that have been prescribed for children who identify as gender dysphoric without having been licensed or investigated in the UK, EU, or US for that specific purpose. We haven’t sufficiently prioritised identifying what works for children and any possible adverse impacts.

A similar picture exists in respect to non-drug-related interventions. A recent study of 52 affirmative therapy interventions, commonly used with children, found that there was strong evidence for effectiveness for only 30%.

In 2007 in the UK, 51 children and youths were referred to Gender Suppression Facilities; in 2016, this figure rose to 1766. Medically speaking, this is an epidemic, seen only in the West, and cannot be explained by the hardware narrative. The contribution of delusion-affirming  procedures to these statistics is not to be overlooked.

2. The camel in the room

In 1989, radical gay activists Kirk and Madsen wrote in their leaflet “The Gay Agenda” (page 2, download here):

“LGBT rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent — only later his unsightly derriere!”

In Wikipedia, we read,

Mao Tse Tung’s Long March, 1934

“The long march through the institutions” is a slogan coined by Communist student activist Rudi Dutschke around 1967 to describe his strategy for establishing the conditions for revolution: subverting society by infiltrating institutions such as the professions. He borrowed the term from Mao Tse Tung’s historic Long March of 1934.”

A left-wing colleague of his, the German Marxist Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) wrote:

Communist Herbert Marcuse

“To extend the base of the student movement, Rudi Dutschke has proposed the strategy of the long march through the institutions: working against the established institutions while working within them, but not simply by ‘boring from within’, rather by ‘doing the job’, learning how to program and read computers, how to teach at all levels of education, how to use the mass media, how to organize production, how to recognize and eschew planned obsolescence, how to design, et cetera.

The long march includes the concerted effort to build up counter-institutions. They have long been an aim of the movement but the lack of funds was greatly responsible for their weakness and their inferior quality. They must be made competitive. This is especially important for the development of radical, “free” media. The fact that the radical Left has no equal access to the great chains of information and indoctrination is largely responsible for its isolation”.

Well, the gender-suppression lobby and the radical gay-liberation army have taken this to heart, as we now see an annual budget of $ 1 billion, the appropriation of “free” media, the indoctrination and control of all social media in the West where anything considered being against the radical LGBT agenda is immediately deleted from sight: the Cancel Culture. Marcuse wanted the Left to be radical, so he writes. Marcuse is getting it radical, merely a few decades later.

Dutschke may have died at age 39 but he certainly is not turning in his grave when we see radical hurdles being taken, the way he and Marcuse suggested. Current Western thought was already shaped and groomed half a century ago. And the chase is on; in fact, it has never been better.

3. FINA chews on the bones of minor issues

On the subject of the FINA, we read,

“The members voted 71.5% in favor at the organization’s extraordinary general congress after hearing presentations from three specialist groups — an athlete group, a science and medicine group, and a legal and human rights group — that had been working together to form the policy”.

What’s most concerning about this prose, from a moderate activist point of view, is that a “science and medicine group” was consulted. Who, for heavens sake? As though science is a single entity! It thrives from discussion and antagonism. No antagonism, no science. No discussion, no progress.

We know that, as of 2015, the activist US Association of LGBT Psychiatrists has taken over the US American Psychiatric Association on all issues regarding our sexuality and that the new President of APA is a proud and out radical member of this activist group, ruling all. The long march through the institutions has paid off. They now pull the shots, they now define psychiatry itself.

Their holy grail is the struggle for ownership of the narrative, the monopoly of viewpoints. Although recent science proves that each and every person can experience same-sex sexualizations and be bogged down by feeling misplaced in comparison to others, they make it look as though we are facing a separate monkey race, the ultimate self-stigmatization forcing generations into an agonizing and lonely desert of apartheid.

Due to new laws in AU on any therapy which defies all that this association stands for, people like yours truly will face ten years incarceration for mentioning scientific facts if we ever show our face in Melbourne, as of 2022.

4. The human rights of psychiatric patients

It is disturbing to see how mainstream psychiatrists do not see themselves as a ” human rights group and how they follow the lead of others. Who else sees the suffering from so close by? They leave that up to the LGBT crowd for fear of being bullied. And bullied they will be. Critical thinking has hence died a peaceful death round about 1980. Mainstream psychiatrists placidly look the other way, the ultimate client negligence and discrimination. “Oh well, leave them to it”, so they appear to mutter as they yawn.

Varun Warrier, Cambridge UK

In a huge study of more than half a million subjects, published in 2020, Varun Warrier et al. report:

“Autistic children have an eight times higher rate of becoming a victim of gender suppression in modern Western culture compared to non-autistic children. Researchers also found in victims a four times higher rate of other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diagnoses than in non-gender-suppressed children.”

Gender suppression activist Jack Drescher, NY gay scene

Who cares about your autistic or otherwise challenged kid when activists follow Marcuse’s recommendations to infiltrate the professions and to indoctrinate the “free” media? US ‘LGBT’ psychiatrists under leadership of Drescher take control of APA as they indulge in projecting all woe onto society, onto others, onto the dirty and filthy healthy lot, people who, in their eyes, need to be “fixed”.

Diane Ehrensaft

The director of the UCSF’s gender suppression facility, Diane Ehrensaft, is clear in, what appears to be, her sermon on the mount:

“Why are we asking a child to conform to something that is not them because society hasn’t done its learning yet? It’s time to teach society.”

We ask: who do you call “society“? Is that not a convenient social construct? It’s learning?? Who is it?  Is she referring to scientific facts that need to be taught (but these are not on her side) or does she mean Gender Suppression Ideology that needs to be mainstreamed? Her stance does justice to the accusation that her facility, and thereby this whole Gender Suppression movement, truly is a sect, preaching to the world.

She expresses the essence of the transsexist trap, namely that gender confusion is not feelings that you transiently happen to have, but something that you inevitably are. As though she is playing with plasticine, she is creating the illusion of innateness by her careful and pertinent choice of words. Sociologists call this stigmatization. At her facility, children are branded for life. Little chance that they will get over it if she has her way.

A deeper layer of the trap is where the body cells of boys and girls are painted as equal and interchangable. This is of course a kingsize lie. There are 6500 genes of difference in each and every cell nucleus between the sexes. Puberty is a manifestation of that difference, but it does not CAUSE the difference. It is merely an expression of that multi-faceted kaleidoscope of being gendered which starts at conception. At the playground of any primary school, the difference is obvious.

Surprisingly few women who claim to be men, engage in competitive sports with men; their chances of winning are very slim due to the structure and functioning of their entire body.

5. Psychiatrists off-course

Mainstream psychiatry needs to stand for the right to be protected against yourself in your hour of need and confusion and delusion. Many die in the process of their obvious auto-aggression.

Up to 98% of the survivors get over their gender-suppression by the age of 26 as long as the suppression is not cheered on.

It is an auto-aggressive phenomenon, like others in psychiatry, leading to the highest number of suicide rates of all mental software conditions, not to mention the physical damage inflicted by pediatricians and internists who make it their business to let deluded people reign at their wards. Most patients who cling to their suppression do not grow older than 35 years of age, 40% die from hormone-induced heart attacks and cerebral haemorrhages and cancers, and no long-term evidence is there to underpin client consent. Informed consent is, as of 2022, a scam.

5. Conclusion

Where are human rights when a patient needs them? This a human rights issue of paramount magnitude. The FINA has failed. It is inevitably only going to get worse. Wait until 2023 when the hijacked Democratic Party rises to world power. Unsightly derriere, anyone?

To be continued.

Job Berendsen, MD, former gay activist.


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