Gay Identity as Fashionable

In his recent update on his book on “Attachment Loss”, the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi wrote about the recent scientific discoveries and research into the subject of homosexuality. Only weeks prior to his untimely death this month, he published a new edition of his wonderful guide for therapists: “Attachment Loss”. Let us take a look at some of his writings: Continue reading Gay Identity as Fashionable

The problem with ‘coming out gay’

I was watching a Dutch television program last night. We see two young Dutch gay men in Disneyland, Paris, who had decided to adopt the gay label, as they lament the fact that they cannot conceive children and lead a normal straight life. The program is all about this misfortune of theirs. They are encouraged to go for adoption. The remarks they made in the first two minutes of the program are worth looking into, because it explains the difference between the approach of Gay Affirmative Therapy and Reparative Therapy. Continue reading The problem with ‘coming out gay’

Crowd-funding initiative for personal story by David DeJiacomo

In light of the persecution of ex-gays by radical gay-lib, it is increasingly important that the stories of real people are heard. A fund-raising initiative has been started to help David DeJiacomo from Denver to raise $8,000 to hire a professional editor to ready his story for publication and sale to a commercial publisher. Continue reading Crowd-funding initiative for personal story by David DeJiacomo

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi has passed away

In a press announcement today from Narth on the 9th of March 2017,  David Pruden has issued the following statement:

Dear Friends,

I have tragic news to share with you this morning. Our beloved friend Dr. Joseph Nicolosi passed away early this morning. He was hospitalized for the flu and dehydration only 48 hours ago and that apparently progressed into kidney failure and finally cardiac arrest. Continue reading Dr. Joseph Nicolosi has passed away

Huffington Post: “The epidemic of gay loneliness”

In the Huffington Post edition of March 2nd 2017, Michael Hobbes has written an extensive article about the abundant loneliness of the current gay lifestyle. He describes the psychiatric problems to be found in the gay community, and which do not diminish in spite of so-called social progress enforced by pressure groups. A must-read article for all who want to know whether the radical gay-lib movement is on the right path. Continue reading Huffington Post: “The epidemic of gay loneliness”