A booklet about people who have changed

In the battle against proposed Californian law AB2943, a new website (Oncegay.com) has been formed to give people who have left homosexuality a voice. In a publication called “Changed” nearly 40 stories of individuals who have left homosexuality were compiled. Their stories of change were brought together to address California legislative bill AB294. It was given to each California senator on June 11th. On the 31st of August 2018, the bill AB2943 was repealed before being voted upon. Click here to view the booklet. Continue reading A booklet about people who have changed

Public protest STOPS Californian bill AB2943

On the website of “Mass Resistance”, a Massachussets based pro-family organization, we read,

On the last day of the session, California State Assembly member Evan Low, sponsor of bill AB 2943, capitulated to pressure and pulled the bill from the floor. Low is considered the most aggressive member of the California LGBT Legislative caucus. Absolutely everyone said that Bill AB 2943 bill was impossible to stop in the California Legislature. It was the crown jewel of the powerful LGBT lobby. Democrats supported it and Republicans were afraid to touch it. Tens of thousands of Christians contacted the legislators by phone and by email, creating an unexpected wave of resistance. Continue reading Public protest STOPS Californian bill AB2943