The Gay Related Complex, part 2: The social context

The false notion of “Born This Way”, invented in 1988 for legal reasons.

In our previous article in this series, we demonstrated that homosexuality does not exist as a separate entity. But before we expand on this, we need to understand why insights as these have become so highly contested in American society. Why do gay-lib activists insist that you were born this way and how has this unsubstantiated stance become mainstream? How can a century of psycho-analytic research have been silenced? To understand that, we need to explore the political context. Here is what happened and why. The content is shocking. Continue reading The Gay Related Complex, part 2: The social context

The Gay Related Complex, part 1

In 2012 the Dutch minister of Health, Edith Schippers, ended the financing of psychotherapeutic counseling for persons seeking help for unwanted same-sex attractions. She had been been approached by a Dutch gay-lib organization. “Homosexuality is not a mental disorder, therefore it does not warrant treatment. It is totally normal”, Schippers declared in parliament. This stance, however, raises some serious questions. Does homosexuality really give just as few problems as heterosexuality does? Is it merely a coincidentally occurring phenomenon? Are there no inherent worries and profound concerns about the emotional, psychological, social and perhaps for some, even spiritual health of the individual? And is the term “mental disorder” the be-all-and-end-all of psychotherapeutic help? In this article, we investigate psychotherapy, and address the political implications of our findings. Continue reading The Gay Related Complex, part 1