Gender Identity Confusion, part 4: “Transgender activism delivers a hoax”

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In this article, we analyze propaganda coming from activist transgender websites. We will show how, for example, Julia Serano is adding new paradigms to the Western narrative in an effort to mainstream the most extreme views that activists can generate. The world is being turned upside down in order to re-define a personal sense of normality.

Julia Serano

On her trans-activist website, Julia Serano describes her political views. She was a normal male person until he decided to undergo surgery in his late 30’s, so we are informed. Ever since then, he renounces his former maleness. It is your job to do the same, so he feels. His message appears to be: ‘what is good for me, is good for you’. On his website, he promotes the idea of an innate transgenderism as an explanation for his current state of mind. Let us have a look.

1. The radical world-view

In this article, we will refer to him as ‘her’ if that is his wish until he decides to desist in the future, as actually do most transgenders (85 to 98%). Then we must, of course, change our pronoun yet once again to avoid dire consequences.

Her prose is radical transgender activism. We will underscore her (in our view) most offensive arguments and expand on them to demonstrate what appears to be a full-blown thinking disorder. She writes on her website,

“I can’t help but notice that these op-eds and think-pieces [in favor of gender-reparative therapy] are invariably written by cisgender authors who (as outsiders to all this) look upon this situation and reflexively come to the conclusion: “Oh no, some cisgender people are choosing or being misled into a transgender lifestyle!” But I would as ask: Why is this even a problem? I mean, so long as these supposed “cisgender-people-turned-transgender” are happy with their life choices and their post-transition lives, why should anyone even care? Frankly, I believe that this concern stems directly from the transphobic assumption that cisgender bodies are valid and valuable, whereas trans people’s are invalid and defective.”

In this disturbing and offensive piece of prose, we see arguments coming along which from our psychiatric viewpoint need to be confronted with healthy normality. She is ramming a narrative down your throat; here is an alternative view.

2. Cisgender people

This term, which was introduced into the Western narrative only ten, fifteen years ago, stems from the now out-dated ideology of ‘homosexism’. It was originally suggested by the Austrian Dr. Karl-Maria Benkert in 1856 (see our article: ‘The False Notion Of Sexual Orientation’). He wrote an article implying for the first time that the human species could actually very well consist of different immutable subtypes, namely the homosexual humanoid and the heterosexual humanoid. Mind you, it was only a suggestion.

However, there has never been any scientific proof of this assumption in spite of all those years. It has always remained a whim. But homosexual activists like Ulrich took it from there, and it became a 19th and 20th century movement: you are either (‘truly’) one of ‘those’ or you are one of ‘those’. Take your pick and for ever more hold your peace, such is the binary fixed narrative on human life.

3. New labels

In 1965, those who complained about the rigid polarity of the two labels were dealt with by assigning them an immutable sexuality of their own, whether they approved or not. In this way, activists created the social construct of the ‘bisexual’ humanoid and added it to the list. Criticism was cleverly neutralized. As of the year 2000, they went even further and isolated a ‘transgender’ humanoid race, people who would, as is becoming the usual rhetoric, allegedly be “born that way”.

Two scientific sounding terms, ‘trans’ and ‘cis’, were borrowed from the science of molecular chemistry where a mechanical twist in the structure of certain molecules was discovered to exist. This twist accounts for a lot of molecular properties. By introducing this concept into the realm of the social sciences, the stigmatization of humanoids into distinct categories could be given a justifiable label, nice and scientific, just like in any other science. Folks have a twist, no doubt about it, so is the propaganda. It is to be seen everywhere in nature, then why not in the social sciences? Above all, it made the political ideology of ‘homosexism’ sound like a neutral and appropriate scientifically substantiated effort.

So, if homosexuals and transgenders could be seen as people suffering from a biological twist, a disorder, then so can other people be seen as suffering from their individual twist, namely heterosexuality and cisgenderism. It all boils down to twists; all molecules have a twist to the right or to the left.

In doing so, however, pathology is normalized and normality is pathologized. The concept of normality is put out of business, and the human race is united no more.

4. The emergence of us-them thinking

Us-them thinking becomes the rule while it is given a scientific and unbiased sounding foundation, namely the ‘cis-trans metaphor’.

It may be true for certain molecules floating in a test tube, but there is no scientific evidence allowing a scientist to apply the ‘cis-trans methaphor’ to aspects of the behavior of individuals who, by the way, consist of 30 trillion cells.

Which cells would we be talking about? In which brain parts? In which cell plasma or nuclei, the inner layer or the outer layer? Where exactly? Julia Serano has no clue, nor does anyone else. It is a hoax. The only twist that we can ascertain is in the mind.

5. The emergence of trans-activism

Since the divisive view on the human race, from there on, would be a scientifically recognized fact, then there are no further moral barriers to take activism from there. There would be different groups in society, and sociologists can move in to investigate how small tribes are treated, if not to say harassed by the big bad bullies. A civil rights issue is invented on the spot, and personal pathology is magically transformed into a social struggle. But this struggle is merely a construct, a mind game.

The consequences of this twisted worldview, however, form the greatest threat to the Western culture since Adolf Hitler’s insistence on the existence of naturally occurring and genetically opposed Aryan and Semitic races.

Our stance is,

‘There are no cisgender or transgender people. There is only a multitude of feelings about the self which can be wonderful or troublesome to the individual at any point in life. Bottom line: we are all alike, everyone is truly unique, but as a species we are one.’

6. “Outsiders to all this”

In her website, however, we see Serano pronouncing/creating a division in mankind and excluding almost all other persons: the in-crowd and the out-crowd. She is the one doing the pushing and the excluding. This is called sectarianism.

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary a sect is defined as,

a dissenting or schismatic body especially one regarded as extreme or heretical, or a group adhering to a distinctive doctrine or to a leader”.

The Collins dictionary defines a sect as:

A sect is a group of people that has separated from a larger group and has a particular set of religious or political beliefs”.

In the Cambridge dictionary, ‘sectarian’ is defined as,

caused by or feeling very strong support for the religious or political group that you are a member of, in a way that can cause problems with other groups.”

All these definitions apply to the writings of trans-activist Serano. We hear extreme ideas, we see behavior which is dissenting and schismatic, and we witness the stigmatization of others in a way that definitely causes problems. Transgender activism therefore shows all the characteristics of a sectarian movement as defined by the English language according to dictionaries.

7. “Misled into a transgender lifestyle!” But I would as ask: Why is this even a problem?

In this terminology, Serano viciously makes a caricature of psychology. “Why is it even a problem”, so she asks. I will tell you why!

The untimely death rate of persons suffering from Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is 33%, the highest of all groups in any psychiatrist’s practice. Adolescents and young adults with GID commit on average more than 100 suicide attempts when dealing with their confusion. The suicide attempts continue into old age, where a suicide attempt of the elderly ends in untimely death after 4 attempts on average. Most individuals with GID luckily get over the confusion if they are not affirmed in it. The number of recoveries vary from 85% to 98% depending on the criteria of the researcher.

Serano and her fellow revolutionaries ignore these facts, they do not reiterate them and they erase them from the debate by asking “Why is it even a problem?” GID is one of the greatest problems in psychiatry in terms of ‘morbidity’ (suffering) and ‘mortality’ (death), a tale that is swept under the carpet. Radical activists monopolize the debate and public opinion by glorifying the physical aspects they want or demand modern medicine to work on, but it is the mental problems that need to be tackled most.

8. Sense of self

In a New York Times editorial series in 2018 called “Transgender Today”, activist Brynn Tannehill writes,

None of these trappings defines our gender. So who or what does? We do. Or at least, it is defined for us by factors internal to our own biology and sense of self. This deeply held, gendered internal alignment is equally true for both transgender and cisgender (non-transgender) people. Transgender people know who we are. We’re not pretending to be men or women; we are exactly who we say we are.”

So, this person recognizes “the biologically founded internal alignment” to your sex that each person has, but the writer gets away with it by stating that transgender people are just a different people, even biologically so. And then, everything makes sense.

They are a different race altogether, so he implies. And the writer actually insists that all this is true: the belief is deeply held.

But what this person cannot explain is, how come 85% to 98% of people with gender identity confusion get over it as long as it is not affirmed? Has their biology changed? Have certain genes withered away while other ones started growing, and if so, which ones? There is not a shred of scientific evidence for all this. It is therefore clear that the writer is deluded, that is to say: that he/she lives in another reality with an own unique sense of reality-checking.

9. Reality-checking

Free floating

In this activist way, reality becomes a free-floating issue, a buoy in an ocean of feelings with wind, waves, and tides ultimately steering the person to who-knows-where. After all, almost everybody becomes normal again, and many have regrets about the hormones and surgery which helped them to maintain and keep up the delusion.

In the meantime, radical activists incite followers to aggressively bully anyone who dares to relate to his own reality, instead of relating to the reality that the confused person is expressing at this time in his/her life.

Check out this video of a man, who claims to have become a woman, and who molests customers and employees in the fashion of an American professional wrestler. Lady like? He is extremely scary and intimidating.

But see for yourself, and the way he threatens to come back with “the entire LGBT community” to tear the shop apart. “You are going to lose money over this”:

When interviewed later by KOB-TV, he states:

“I look back at it and if I could, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I would do it 100,000 times again. I would kick over that display 100,000 times again. Because my actions were justified. I mean, it was blatant and malicious hate. It was blatant and malicious misgendering.”

GID is an auto-aggressive disorder, and a person can clear his head by attributing his aggression to the people around, thereby creating a delusional paranoid world in which everyone is hostile to him and his his body. It is called projection. He fails to see that is HE who is hostile to his body. It is HE who is wrestling with reality, not the customers at the store. He bullies them, as he may very well have been bullied as a child, a repetitive drive. Who knows.

We must not allow ourselves, however, to be bullied by new-fangled terms as ‘transphobia’ and ‘cisgender people’, no matter how intimidating “the entire LGBT community” can apparently bully other views of civilians, shop-owners or otherwise.

Remember the Kristallnachton the 10th of November 1938 in pre-war Nazi Germany, a night when Nazi activists came around at night to smash all the windows (“Kristall”) of Jewish shop-owners to teach them all a lesson to remember?

10. Lives invalid and defective?

Serano continues her tirade on her website,

Frankly, I believe that this concern stems directly from the transphobic assumption that cisgender bodies are valid and valuable, whereas trans people’s are invalid and defective.”

What we see here is called a projection. Serano believes that other people assume her body would be invalid and defective, but in her delusion it does not occur to him that it is HE who finds his own male body to be invalid and defective. It is HE who wants to go into surgery, it is HE who wants hormones to change his body, it is HE who is declaring the one and only body that a person can possess, to be invalid. It is HE and no-one else. But Serano refuses to see that.

Therefore, we can conclude that his sense of reality-checking is impaired, and that he is using the good old mental mechanism of projection to clear his head and to ascertain to other people unwanted mental truths that keep on nagging in his mind.

Serano finds his body defective, and doctors who help him cure that sense of defectiveness are on the wrong path if they feel that the sense of defectiveness is located in that apparently wrong body that needs fixing after 35 long years. But it is Serano’s mind that is the problem.

Doctors who fail to see that, are actually extending his agony, not relieving it. The natural maleness of a man’s body will just keep on nagging due to the inevitable influence of the male genes, and these genes influence the psyche as much as the body. You can talk your genes away some of the time, but you cannot talk them away all of the time, because they are YOU, nagging away in each and every cell that has not yet been removed or chemically silenced.

And that is a lot of cells.

11. Slicing

Slicing a penis away with a scalpel as if we are dealing with a mere eyelid correction to get rid of superfluous tissue, is a crime against humanity. We are talking about castration, not correction.

And if castrating a confused patient is no problem because it is a mere eye lid correction, then how about giving habitual pedophiles a mere eyelid correction in their private parts? We can be sure that a few mentally unstable pedophiles will even welcome the gesture, in the hope to fit better into their social surroundings and to prevent relapses of their compulsive drive. So, why not let’s do it? Surely we can promote it as an option? I smell money here, and we physicians can save our ass with a waiver for informed consent. Let’s roll.

And in doing so, surely we can sew a pedophile flag, baby blue (what else?), pass it out to ‘allies’, then wave it in the streets and organize a grand Pride March through the city in October when little birds are done with mating, to show Eunuch Pride? Come on, let’s do this!

12. Conclusion

Society does not do that with pedophiles. And rightfully so. Then why should we do it with the mentally confused, even if they at some point, as do some pedophiles, welcome the gesture?

Castration is a crime against the humanity of each and every individual, and confused persons have the human right to be protected against themselves when they are suffering from irresistable delusions.

In this article, we demonstrated simply but compellingly, the irrational and contradictory free-floating mental associations of a hurting and needy person. Castration must be declared illegal.

Wear your bloody dress, but a shrink a day keeps the chop away.

To be continued.

Job Berendsen, MD.