A unifying theory of the term ‘homophobia’, part 4: Gay-lib is running out of gas

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With the nearing of yet again another activist ‘International Day Against Homophobia’ on May 17, the word ‘homophobia’ is central stage. But what to come up with this time?  Usually, radical gay-lib highlights foreign legislation’s where homosexual acts between consenting adults are considered illegal. Gay-lib elicits rage by inciting the crowds with fantasies of people being tossed from walls by goggle-eyed imams, and as a result an irrational power emerges. As always, these strong feelings are then diverted to their own country for domestic use,  even though homosexual behavior is not illegal in the West. With adrenaline now flowing through blood vessels, any objections to radical gay-lib campaigns in their own country can be hunted down and punished.

1. A Political Force

This International Day gives birth to a political force which would otherwise not be possible. Attacks on the basic Western freedoms of speech, expression, thought, gathering, and religion, are then on their way. No sanctions or travel-bans etc. are put in place for Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan as a result of this Day. The outrage is crafted for domestic use in the free West.

Only in recent years have ‘transphobia’ (2009) and ‘bi-phobia’ (2015) been added to the equation. These new ‘phobias’ have been invented out of thin air to increase the legitimacy and urgency of the assumed problem. The world must seem to get worse by the day, and to this end, shallow projection screens with new ‘discoveries’ are essential for an on-going display of victimhood.

2. General Acceptance

Fact-checking reveals however, that there is so much acceptance of homosexual behavior that even Secretary of State, Pompeo, issued a Press Statement in May 2018 saying,

On the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, the United States stands with people around the world in affirming the dignity and equality of all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or sex characteristics. Human rights are universal, and LGBTI people are entitled to the same respect, freedoms, and protections as everyone else.”

This statement demonstrates clearly how slanderous radical gay-lib operates in spreading its propaganda that the current US federal administration would be homophobic.

The current rate of acceptance leaves long-standing law firms like the radical-gay National Centre of Lesbian Rights (NCLR), the so-called Human Rights Campaign (HRC, the radical-gay lobby network) and the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC. Alabama), running out of gas for their employees.

3. Need for work

The CEO’s are responsible for work for thousands of full-time lawyers, writers, policy consultants, fund-raisers, and lobbyists, all of whom have a contract for an indefinite duration. These workers were told that there is an assumed ‘liberation’ to be battled for. The industry needs an enemy to keep the Sherman tanks rolling.

What do you tell Nancy Pelosi, the 80-year-old Democratic Party fund-raiser and as of 2019 Madame Speaker in the House of Representatives, when you meet her yet once again as you have done for the last 40 years? The same old story? Are you saying you have made no progress, or can you come up with something new once again?

After all, every cleaning lady is glad that the house will be a mess again next week. Imagine your employer’s house staying clean forever all by itself! Activist institutes need fresh issues. And these need to be compelling, or at least, they need to look that way.

4. Biphobia

In 2015, the phenomenon ‘biphobia’ was crafted. The question is though, are there people objecting to gays and lesbians having a crush on the opposite sex? After all, that is ultimately what the term ‘bisexuality’ implies. To date, there is no scientific document providing evidence that juggling the existence of homosexual and heterosexual feelings at the same time, has given rise to a newly found antagonism in current society.

To the contrary, in wide circles of Western society, the century-old findings by Sigmund Freud are household knowledge, namely that every person is born with an innate bisexual potential. It is the homosexist movement which denies this fact, and which designates people as being either full-blown heterosexual from birth or full-blown homosexual. The term ‘bi-phobia’ is, therefore, a projection. It is the radical movement which is bi-phobic if you want to use that term at all. They are the ones inflicting hatred to other paradigms, and refusing to think it through.

The alleged phenomenon is merely an activist marketing strategy in order to keep on beating the drums.

5. ‘Transphobia’

The same applies to ‘transphobia’, hyped as of 2009. It does not exist as such. In 2008, the lobby of a small group of radical transsexuals pleaded and was granted access to the ranks of the LG activists and their multi-million dollar industry. It gave a new impulse to the LG tactics and it succeeded in making them look bigger with more legitimacy, a win-win situation.

‘Transphobia’ implies that gender confusion is no confusion at all, and to the contrary, that adherence to normality is a ‘mental disorder’. The term ‘trans-phobia’ sounds scientific, but is it really? We need to look at the history of this hype, lest we forget.

6. History of the transsexual political movement

In 1966, psychiatrist Paul McHugh started creating surgeries at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for gender-confused individuals, patients who were at war with their body. After pioneering for ten years, he revealed that a small shift in symptoms to other psychiatric categories had occurred, but that a decrease in the total amount of excruciating suffering was grossly lacking. In 1979, he therefore ended this medical experiment.

As we read in the Washington Post, the main trigger was a study by Jon Meyer, who ran the hospital’s Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit. In the study, Meyer concluded that although “sex-change” surgery was “subjectively satisfying” for the small sample surveyed, the operations they underwent conferred “no objective advantage in terms of social rehabilitation.”

“With these facts in hand,” McHugh later wrote, “I concluded that Hopkins was fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness”.

The horrific suicide rate of 35% prevailed, not to mention the dozens, if not hundreds, of obsessive suicide attempts found in each and every patient. “Transgender surgery isn’t the solution. A drastic physical change doesn’t address underlying psycho-social troubles.”

7. The WPATH

A small group of transsexuals felt betrayed. Their surgery had been difficult to obtain and to pay for; therefore, it had to be defended. They united, calling themselves the Harry Benjamin International Association. To gain more recognition and to outshine the prestige of the world-famous John Hopkins Hospital, they renamed themselves: the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Fact-checking reveals that everyone can join, professional and non-professional alike, no matter what your trade is. Only professionals can vote on professional issues, but there are no guidelines as to what profession that would be. A dentist is as good as a physiotherapist, according to the guidelines.

85 to 98% of afflicted persons ultimately drop out of gender confusion and stop claiming to be of the opposite sex. This happens as long as the condition is not affirmed. Within WPATH however, dropouts are prevented from sharing their story or contributing to research. By silencing defectors in this way, WPATH has succeeded in becoming a sect of true-believers of being the opposite sex.

Little did McHugh and his colleagues suspect how far these stubborn patients would come. For years, they were underestimated. McHugh and his colleagues at the John Hopkins Hospital thought that common sense and medical judgment would prevail.

8. Radicalization of WPATH

At the beginning of the 21st century, however, a win-win collusion of WPATH with the imploding gay-lib lobby took place, a lobby going down in disgrace due to the persistence of unsafe-sex under homosexuals (currently 5 out of every 6 practicing gays refuse to use condoms). The gay movement was revitalized with new momentum. And as we reach the roaring twenties of our era, WPATH is on its way to conquer the West.

In Malta as of 2016, dissident professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, etc.) are being locked up in preventive incarceration even for being “associated” with dissidence to gay-lib ideology without ever having seen a patient since 2016, let alone that any client has ever complained about a non-gay affirmative approach. This totalitarian radical movement is spilling further over the EU, with resolutions against discussing the possibility of liking the opposite sex being passed in the EU-Parliament in 2018, with yet again no verifiable spontaneous complaints of clients in any EU state.

EU-parliamentarians have no idea what they are actually signing for with this so-called “Equality Bill”, nor was it explained to them in detail. They thought the bill was all about the legal right to show homosexual behavior (which is no legal problem anywhere in the EU for decades). Little do they realize it is about an American endeavor to silence dissidence as far away as the EU (and then to implement this ‘progress’ back in the States).

When we see how well the US-based International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) ‘helped’ a foreign country as they did on visiting and conquering EU’s midget member, the island of Malta in 2016, it is as if a tiny guy in his early twenties called Alexander The Great from Macedonia is once again on the move in the Mediterranean. It was an American radical gay-lib stepping stone to the EU itself. And all of this has been done under the radar.

In 2016, McHugh tried to prove his point by publishing an analysis of all available data, the most exhaustive scientific analysis to date, but the genie was out of the bottle. To defame him, he was even accused of being right-wing, which he is not.

9. Normophobia

People who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder denounce normality. In their temporary delusional state, they genuinely feel that you can be the opposite sex whenever you feel like it. And that you can return back to your old sex at any time too. In terms of phobias, we see a normophobia, an aversion against normality. But for reasons of self-esteem, this phobia is denied and then gotten rid of by projecting it onto other people. These others become laden with a phobia, a transphobia, and the own mind is forever cleansed of confusion.

It is time for society to protect itself against accusations of ‘transphobia’, and to label gender confusion for what it really is: a temporary confused state that disappears in 85 to 98% of the cases, as long as it is not affirmed or celebrated.

We feel that patients with GID need to be protected against themselves with their aggression against their natural body (35% death rate), in the same way that it is sound medical practice to stop patients with Anorexia Nervosa from starving themselves to death (20% death rate). Helping a client with GID become the opposite sex is as medically unethical as helping an anorectic patient lose weight, even though this is the anorectic patient’s deepest desire at this time in his/her life.

If we need “Days Against Phobias” at all, it is for a “Day Against Heterophobia And Normophobia”. Homosexism, the idea that people are either born gay, straight or a multitude of other stigmas, is the true enemy of current society.

10. Conclusion

1.  ‘Homophobia’ exists only in repressive societies where homosexual activities are criminalized together with other aspects of private and public behavior. In the free West, however, homosexual behavior is not illegal and is up for free debate between free people as with all aspects of human life. This freedom needs to be defended.

The gay-lib term ‘homophobia’ is born out of paranoia and has become a political tool to reinforce that very same paranoia domestically. It has nothing to do with the actual deeds or thoughts of the domestically accused, as we have demonstrated above with for example State Secretary Pompeo in 2018. In domestic use, it is a stigmatizing attack on freedom of speech and thought.

2. – ‘Transphobia’ and ‘biphobia’ are newly fangled inventions of homosexism to create desperately needed new issues for radical activist machinery running out of gas, but they do not exist as such. New issues projected into the minds of the ‘straight enemy’ are needed by those who have come to be radicalized, to cover up for what is really going on in the gay and lesbian scene. The accusations of ‘phobias’ are a way to fix other people and to shut them up.

3. – Radicalized activists are creating a parallel society with its own estranged mind-frame; primitive us/them thinking is yet again at its core. Freedom is under siege, as it has always been in the historical struggle of man.

In the next part, we will investigate why persecuting others feels to be so groovy for radicalized activists.

To be continued.