The absurdist fight against the transdelusion

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If you explain these days that ‘wrong bodies’ don’t exist, you have a problem. “A lie told often enough becomes truth”, according to Vladimir Lenin, the father of Soviet Communism, in 1904. “There is nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it”, according to James William, the father of American psychology, in 1890. As the new millennium is creeping forward, we see the idea of a “wrong body” morphing into a truth. People are starting to believe it. Be ready for an absurdist fight.

1. The fight over words

Standing on the shoulders of these giants, what can we say about the so-called ‘transgender revolution’? Well, for one, don’t repeat the phrase. From now on, speak your own truth and stick to it, over and over again. Say “transdelusion and not “transg…r”. The correct words are:

“This is a man with a transdelusion”, or “He is a transdelusioner”, or “This activist is promoting transdelusionism”. “We see a rise in delusion-affirming surgery”.

If activists then appropriate the right to say that you are ‘transphobic’ (meaning that you have an irrational mental disorder with nothing rational to go on), reclaim the truth and turn it around on them: “You, sir, are normophobic. Normophobia is an irrational resistance and fear of normality, not just of other people but of your own normality. And no, with a penis, you cannot very well be a woman. And no, little children are not born that way.

It feels as if the medical community has ended up in an absurdist play. In 1973, the medical community was bullied by radical gay activists who, in a terrorist fashion, demanded that same-sex attractions be removed from any form of medical care or therapeutic research. Out of sight, out of heart. Who cares anymore when Orwellian propaganda chants the non-existence of problems?

By heavy activist funding and by having very small factions stepping into the political arena, an appalling result has been reached: therapists and doctors are now at the mercy of politicians. We see professionalized activists using a hit-and-run approach toward language and definitions, a very stealth weapon to control the mind. The transdelusion lobby has even invented a new lie with which to infect the world: ‘transmysogynist’. Behold the newest stigma in the Orwellian newspeak dictionary as of 2021.

New stigmas or not, we adults must stick to our truth. We must uphold it. And no, we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. For if we adults are also losing our wits, how can the children of the future ever make sense of their bewilderment? And no, I do not suffer from a phobia. No, I am not mad. And no, I will not repeat the foul terminology of the delusion.

2. Why be concerned?

Why am I, as a psychiatrist, so concerned about this? As I have also listed elsewhere (, my objections are purely medical:

a). Transdelusionism is a software issue and a software issue only. There is no evidence that there is an immutable hardware core, lying hidden in the body somewhere. 85% of children get over it by age 16; therefore, it cannot possibly be a hardware matter. In up to 98% of adults, it subsides as long as it is not affirmed.

b). Antipsychotic (read anti-delusional) drugs cure delusions, but only if the hardware drug reacts to an underlying hardware condition. But antipsychotic drugs don’t help, and individuals nevertheless get over it at an incredible rate. Therefore, it cannot possibly be a hardware condition, otherwise, antipsychotic drugs would do the trick. Which they don’t. Psychotherapy does (software), as does the mellowing over time (hardware does not mellow; hardware is fixed as a brick). Therefore, it is software. Duh??

c). It is exotic, exciting, and therefore highly contagious, similar to other sectarian fads. Over the past year, the condition has risen by 5,000 fold in the US.

d). The average age of death of the delusionists is 35 years. They do not get old. And no, society does not kill them: it is an auto-aggressive disorder (death rate 35%) which fits in the same category as eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, death rate 20%) and certain personality traits (borderline condition 10% death rate, autistic spectrum, amongst others).

And no, society does not kill off the autistics, much as you would like to blame society. Neither does society exterminate anorectics. Neither does it knick off the phony men and women who hate their own bodies. Society is concerned, not murderous. The transdelusionist is murderous (towards himself).

e). The average number of auto-aggressive attacks on the own body (suicide attempts) is usually 100 or more.

f). The attacks have a compulsive and obsessive quality and the mental condition is worsened by the levels of inappropriate hormones that are administered. The hormones lead to depression, anxiety states, and feelings of paranoia, and are hard to treat with normal levels of anti-depressant medication.

g). Men who use high levels of female hormones get breast cancer as often as their mothers or sisters did; it runs in the family (male and female) and is usually misdiagnosed by the patient and his doctor who are amazed how beautifully the breast growth is getting on.

A Dutch study published in the British Medical Journal on the 27th of March 2017, concluded that

“This (breast cancer in men with high levels of female hormones. -ed) was 46-fold higher than in cisgender men (normal men without inappropriate female hormones.-ed) “.

In other words, high levels female hormones in men cause breast cancer at a rate which no activist even mentions to the public. The modern cancel-culture not only deletes dissident views but also truths that every questioning youngster has an inalienable right to know.

h). Hormones also lead to the destruction of blood vessel tissue (cardio-vascular disease) with serious complications in up to 40% of the cases of longstanding extremely high hormone levels (heart attacks, stroke, thrombosis, lung embolism). High blood pressure (hypertension) is always the rule.

Another Dutch study reveals:

“Among transgender women, mortality (death -ed.) at an early age was 51% higher than in the general Dutch population, with the overwhelming majority of the difference due to cardiovascular disease, drug overdose, and suicide. A 64% increased risk (95% CI 43 to 87) in cardiovascular mortality was seen”.

To mention but a few medical (and secular) arguments.

Yes, I am worried. And no, I have no mental phobic disorder. I care. Leaving the deluded to their fate in order to save your professional butt, is the ultimate discrimination.

3. Why don’t gays see all this?

– First, they believe that if their own sexual deeds look weird in the eyes of others, who am I to consider an even stranger behavior than my own to be weird? Therefore, tolerance for me as a gay, with my unusual image of sex and love, equals tolerance for you with your unusual image of a ‘wrong’ body. The transdelusion feels like a repitition of a gay man’s own personal history (which it is not). One man even said to me that it is a “wholesome eye-opener”. A new sense of wellness is born.

– Second, the radical-trans lobby has hijacked the gay movement as of 2010 and has appropriated the ultimate gay secret gimmick: the term ‘phobia’. This phrase has worked like a charm since 1969 when George Weinberg made it up out of thin air to slander and bully every dissident view. And now, it has backfired on them. Now, gays are at the receiving end. Now, they feel the hammer blows of public shaming. It has become a mainstream ideology. And it hurts. But all of it is phony.

Remember that radical-Islam, most notably the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, has done the same and with great success: it has borrowed the term ‘phobia’ from the US radical-gay movement and has discovered that the term ‘islamophobia’ works exceptionally well to crush dissident thought, especially with the help of the leftwing-leaning social circles of California and New York. It has done so at the expense of moderate-Islam which seeks peace and coexistence, not war and domination.

The neutral scientific term ‘phobia’, stemming from psychology, has morphed into a razor-sharp political instrument.

4. What do others have to say?

British Columnist Patrick West writes in 2020 on the website “Spiked-online”:

Transgenderism: the great delusion of our time

“The recent remark by Dawn Butler, shadow secretary of state for women and equalities, that ‘a child is born without sex’ is certainly one of the most bizarre things said by a politician in my lifetime. The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, asserted that ‘Trans women are women. Trans men are men.’ Another transparent falsehood. A trans woman is a trans-woman, not a woman.

‘Trans’ is a powerful myth, which explains how it demands some curious mental gymnastics and strange doctrines. First was the notion that by having cosmetic surgery you can change your sex. (You can’t because you can’t change your chromosomes or biology. I never have and never will menstruate or give birth.)

Then came the idea that you can change your sex through performative utterance, by merely declaring you have done so. And now comes the literally – literally – unreal dogma that babies have no sex.

True trans believers have become intolerable: their flight from reality and denial of not just science, but also what is staring them in the face. You don’t even need a doctor to tell what sex a baby is.

The trans movement began as an extension of the gay-rights movement. But since gays are nearly totally accepted now, the trans movement has hijacked and usurped the gay movement.

It has since morphed into something more uncanny: a modern-day cult. It’s an ersatz new religion, hence the doctrine among its believers that ‘transphobia’ is a most grievous transgression. Look, too, at the way people demand that strangers use pronouns of their choosing.

And observe the degree to which people have internalised ‘transphobia’ as a modern-day blasphemy against this religion, a heresy against the Church Of Trans, with so many people terrified to speak openly and honestly about it.

It is a case of hysteria, a modern-day delusion, a phenomenon that one day will – or should – be studied alongside witch-hunts and alien abductions”, according to Patrick West.

— —

To be continued.

Job Berendsen, MD