Science finds no genetic origin of homosexual behavior

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In 2019, science proved for once and for all that there is no genetic proof for the slogan ‘born that way”, that is to say, born with an exclusive potential for homosexual behavior and a total lack of heterosexual capacity. When studying sexuality, there are no genetic differences to be found between so-called “groups” who would have separate sexualities. Genetically identifiable groups do not exist.

To this end, the full genetic makeup of a half million random people in the US and the UK was chartered by a team of scientists. It was published in the magazine Science on the 4th of September 2019 by Benjamin Neale and 19 international colleagues.

There is certainly no single genetic determinant for same-sex behavior (sometimes referred to as the “gay gene” in the media). All measured common variants do not allow meaningful prediction of an individual’s sexual preference. The researchers emphasize the importance of resisting simplistic conclusions”. Continue reading Science finds no genetic origin of homosexual behavior