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The following list of websites is meant for informative  purposes. Their website content does not automatically represent our stance on any named issue. 

Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays. PFOX exists to educate, support, and advocate for individuals and parents on the issue of same-sex attraction, and increase others’ understanding and acceptance of the ex-gay community. Founded in May 1998, PFOX teaches parents that it’s okay to love their children without placing any conditions on that love.

John Jay

This website offers a comprehensive overview of the scientific data and articles on the subject of same-sex attractions and gender confusion. In 12 chapters, it shows how the politically heavily biased American Psychological Association publishes deceptive science on homosexuality. In hundreds of articles and sources the website demonstrates that sexuality is fluid and that it can change.

Rob Olson’s Social Issues: Homosexuality

Pediatrician Rob Olson MD has an extensive website with scientifically documented resources on a multitude of subjects, including homosexuality and transgenderism.

Same-sex Attractions

This website is maintained by Darrell Martin. He writes: “Within this blog, my mission is to write and share articles that best represent my perspective regarding unwanted same-sex (sexual) attraction and homosexuality.” It is written from a Christian perspective, and it contains dozens of articles and resources, not found elsewhere.

The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity. Principled advocates for persons experiencing unwanted homosexual attractions. A huge website with a great number of resources on SAFE-T (Sexual Attractions Fluidity Exploration in Therapy).

The mission of Voice of the Voiceless is to defend the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, and their families. We also support the faith-based community and work actively in the United States to defend the constitutional rights of all Americans to share their views of homosexuality in the public forum.

Leaving Homosexuality (Focus on the Family)

On the website “Focus on the Family”, author Jeff Johnson has written a series on “Leaving Homosexuality”. He writes,

“The following articles demonstrate Focus on the Family’s support for those who choose this path and help explain some of the struggles that those with unwanted same-sex attractions encounter. For those making this journey, and for their families, friends and churches, these articles also give wisdom and point to other helpful resources – articles, books, support groups and counseling referrals.”

“As a Christian community, we proactively engage and affirm men and women throughout the world who experience same-sex attraction, providing ongoing prayerful support that encourages relational healing, sexual sobriety, and spiritual growth.”

“Journey Into Manhood” is a 48-hour immersion in self-discovery, catharsis and emotional healing. We create a highly supportive yet challenging environment designed specially for men who are serious about resolving unwanted homosexual attractions. It is an experiential weekend – meaning you won’t just sit and listen, you’ll experience, actively participate, connect and explore.
Journey Into Manhood is offered at camps and retreat centers about eight times a year throughout the U.S., Europe, and Israel.

We are an international, interfaith fellowship primarily of men from homosexual or bisexual backgrounds who — for our own, deeply personal reasons — typically do not accept or identify with the label “gay” and prefer instead to work to minimize or eliminate our sexualization of other men. That doesn’t mean we are in denial or are suppressing our supposedly “true selves.” Quite the opposite. We pursue courageous personal-growth work and a personal spiritual and emotional journey in a supportive community of like-minded brothers.

Path is a non-profit coalition of organizations that believe in traditional family values, based upon time-honored Biblical principles. Our main goal is to promote healthy sexuality.

For many years, Dr. Nicolosi Sr. assisted men and women –mostly, persons who are still at a crossroads about their sexual identity– to reduce their same-sex attractions and explore their heterosexual potential. His website contains a vast amount of scientific information; his institute offers psychological services to men and women whose same-sex attraction doesn’t define them.

Narth is a training institute with a clinical division, medical division, and research division. It regularly organizes conferences with outstanding speakers, informative workshops, great plenary speakers, event banquets, clinical training, and networking opportunities.

Looking for a therapist referral? At the NARTH Institute we try to make our best effort to screen each therapist to be sure they are licensed, ethical professionals, who adhere to Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity practice guidelines and carry the necessary professional liability insurance. We also carefully review applications to insure current Alliance membership and support for the mission of the Alliance.

The scientific understanding of Same-sex Attractions

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