The Bastion Of Gay-lib Supremacy And Ways To Scale The Walls

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In this article, we will analyze how the radical factions within the Gay Liberation Front have evolved over the last five decades and have managed to monopolize public opinion and are seeking to marginalize all dissidence, even within the emancipation movement. Then we will suggest how persons with moderate views can regain the initiative for compassionate client care.

1. The Bastion

Over the last five decades, radical gay-lib leaders have managed to construct a complete bastion of living space. The H.I.V. epidemic of the late twentieth century spread a dark shadow over homosexual behavior. The criticism was daunting and one had to get away from the opinions that were all too true.

After an almost endless era of hedonism of homosexual male behavior in California and New York, in which rock-star Mick Jagger sang ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’, the downside of promiscuous sexual contacts had become clear for all to see: lethal viruses can spread yet once again like they had done before.

Think of the Spanish flu of 1918 which killed 40 million Europeans, the Black Plague of 1348 which killed 60% of the European population, and the Plague of Justinian in 541 AD which killed 50 million people, a quarter of the world population at the time. The shame was deep, the fear of retaliation was great.

2. The Battle Plan

In a frenzy of paranoia, two advertising specialists (Kirk and Madsen, 1989) devised a scheme to shelter the homosexual neighborhoods in California and New York from criticism: in doing so, the radical gay-lib movement was born.

In his book ‘What Is The Gay Agenda’, Timothy Zebell writes (2014):

“In February 1988, a ‘war conference’ of 175 leading gay activists, representing organizations from across the land, convened in Warrenton, Virginia, to establish a four-point agenda for the gay movement.”

In his blog, Victor Jameson describes how the ‘Born That Way’ ideology was made up out of thin air.

“In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector.”

The PR-experts chose for the defense-forward move, that is to say, attack instead of defending yourself. Play the victim role instead of accepting any accountability as a perpetrator, say that people with heterosexual feelings are the problem in society instead of the other way around, and collect and pay unheard-of sums of money to certain political candidates in their election campaigns to secure their support. Make the candidates dependent on your support and rally as many homosexuals as possible to respond to the bidding of the gay-lib leaders in supporting or denouncing political candidates. The strategy worked like a charm. It was brilliant.

A complete fortress has been built, with its inhabitants believing themselves to be mutants, “born this way”, with supposed distinguishable hormone and brain cell patterns, and with immutable traits when it comes to love and life, none of which has been scientifically proven in the remotest way.

When an individual challenges gay-lib with their labeling him gay or straight, when he challenges the concept of separate immutable sexualities or “sexual orientations”, then he/she is also labeled as having a separate sexuality, a “bisexuality”. We regard this as repressive tolerance, meaning you can never really contradict the belief-system of separate sexualities.

It is a theology creating cocoons comparable to the life of a silkworm. Youngsters are taught to accept drifting away from parents and peers, to accept the supposed inevitable, and to be proud, that is to say, to rejoice in your being different, all in a tiny little world of your own.

Us-them thinking has become the standard frame of mind, and rallies are organized through the streets with an own flag of independence in the colors of the rainbow to emphasize psychological and physical distance. “I am perfect, you are bad”, has become the slogan of interaction with the surrounding individuals.

On the flag posts of townhalls and embassies, the rainbow flag is hoisted to intimidate Christians, Orthodox Jews, moderates and apostates, ringing out the non-verbal message that you and your opinions are not welcome in this territory. The rainbow flag with its looming promise of persecution is as offensive and threatening as the hoisting of the ISIS-flag, and that is exactly the intention.

In 2014 radical gay-lib leader Kate Kendall launched her “Born Perfect” campaign to emphasize gay-lib supremacy, seeking to squash all dissident thinking in the USA and the Western world by the end of 2019, the date of her retirement.

The people who understood best how much sheer nonsense was being launched were non-compliant psychologists and therapists, and their execution at the guillotine has hence become the number one priority.

3. A Parallel Universe

The self-inflicted separate gay world is morphing into a parallel universe, an independent and hostile unregulated society of endless hedonistic freedom for all, a world with its own human rights, its own science, its own psychology, its own medical institutes producing its own medical prose and its own peer-reviewers. They have even formed the Association for Gay Dentistry.

We can imagine which cavities gay dentists fill at night, but what has dental care during the day got to do with having homosexual feelings? Surely we can call this modern day apartheid? This parallel universe has fabricated its own form of common sense. They no longer are in touch with normality, and neither do they want to be.

Gay radical activists have managed to create “allies” as if a war is raging, most importantly the civil rights movement of Afro-Americans. They have sneaked into the back of Rosa Park’s bus, feigning to have immutable traits and enjoying the ride home on the back of the other guys’ emancipation struggle.  The problem is though, that same-sex feelings are not an immutable trait. And to this day, gay-lib leaders consider it an unforgivable sin if critical thinkers say so out loud.

Radical gay-lib and radical Islam have exactly the same traits: denouncement of dissidents, unbelievers, Christians, Orthodox Jews, moderates and above all: the apostates, those who have left the religion. The latter are labeled ‘ex-gays’, and are policed as though they would be the Enemy Incarnate.

Activists have even created a website, “, News and Analysis of ex-gay culture and politics“, consisting of unsubstantiated horror stories, with four full-time editors to keep it up to date and to slander. Unless, of course, the ex-gays would choose to file for slander. But then again, you would need cash. And we don’t have any. And they know it. Radical gay-lib has almost a billion at its disposal.

It is a brilliant strategy, and the cherry on top of the activists’ cake is the seeking of state power and ultimately state control.

Like a Tower of Babylon rising into the skies, the sides of the building have been plastered with indestructible rhetoric, unfathomable logic and a merry-go-round of accusations and projections, all based on victim thinking and the power of tribalism.

NCLR CEO Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall spreads the slander of, what she calls, ‘the horror, the torture and the barbarism of reintegrative therapy’, and she observes how youngsters rally to the cry. On the Internet, her followers have even called for the death of men and women who engage in what she calls ‘conversion therapy’ in the endless comments they can place on websites after hearing Kate. No one appears to call for scientifically substantiated evidence, or for articles other than published on her NCLR website.

4. Fascism in Victoria, Australia

In Victoria, Australia, gay minister for Equality Martin Foley was quoted in February 2019 as saying: We’re banning these conversion therapy practices forever and for good.”

Strangely enough, though, there had never been a complaint in Victoria, according to the Health Complaints Office when the campaign was launched in 2017. They were ordered by activists to find them. The HCC writes:

In 2017 people were dragged to the government offices to cough up their “historical cases” from way back in the twentieth century, with not a single health worker being tracked down to give him/her the opportunity for comment or the right to perform cross-examination, neither were accusations of harm permitted to be assessed and substantiated by independent psychologists before being sent to the legislators. Any old story would do with the ultimate goal to paint the much-needed gory picture of, as the Premier puts in on his website “untold trauma to too many Victorians”. His team started digging for mud to throw. It took more than two years to find a few stories.

Foley cried: “We need stronger laws”, although there was no prior evaluation of current laws in Victoria to back up the need for “stronger laws”. In a rush of emotionality, the Victorian Labor Party has made up its mind, and the Victorian Premier has announced that in 2020 the Government will give a formal apology on Gay Pride Day for a century of behavior, distancing themselves from therapists who will henceforth be yoked as scapegoats for Aussie toughness.

He aims to ride around in his elections bus through the streets of Melbourne while behind him the annual Gay Parade unfolds, and the masses rejoice. On that day, he also wishes to announce whom his staff has finally discovered to be behind the anti-gay prejudice over the years: the Conversion Therapists. He will be announcing their being silenced for once and for all.

With this move, more than a century of psycho-analytic, psycho-dynamic and family-relational research will be erased from the Western narrative. It is not about any criminal activity of a therapist, it is about the criminal content of a thought. Thinking needs to be policed, thinking needs to be regulated so that the ‘born-that-way’ ideology will finally get a monopoly in world-view and therapeutic practice. What cannot be reached by persuasion and unbiased science, is achieved by sheer brutal government force.

5. Regaining control

It is easy enough to cry “we need stronger laws”. Perhaps people who are critical of the homosexist movement should start doing the same thing.

After all, there is a multitude of issues to be denounced once you put your mind to it, issues of undeniable harm hidden behind the pillars and plastered walls of the gay-lib fortress.

Perhaps hurling a few cries for ‘stronger laws’ will help to breach the bastion walls, attracting attention to the suffering to which society has turned a blind eye. Let us try a few battle cries, just for the heck of it.

6. We need stronger laws

1. We need stronger laws against young attractive men who offer their “sexual services” and who extort elderly men who fearfully dare not fulfill their sexual wishes other than by means of a secret rent-a-boy. Under the radar, the most gruesome extortion is committed, all of which is celebrated by radical gay-lib as freedom and liberation. We need stronger legislation to find, expose and punish young men abusing gay sexual freedom. We need to smell the filth and finally clean up the swamp. We need new laws to protect elderly and vulnerable men. They are full of shame, and we need to protect them.

2. We need stronger laws against gay bar owners who know how much unsafe-sex is committed by their clientèle under their very noses. Science has shown that in 5 of every 6 gay encounters in 2019 in the West condoms are not used as they should be. In numerous bars, dungeons, cellars and “parties”, orgies of unsafe sex are tolerated, facilitated and turned into a business model. We need new laws to allow police officers to investigate, patrol and intervene in these orgies of lust, drugs, and unsafe sex. The right to privacy needs to be restricted in view of the colossal collateral damage that gay freedom inflicts on our children and loved ones. The bar owner is to lose his license for life. We need stronger laws.

3. We need stronger laws to end the abuse and attack of radical feminists on maleness, who in their publications, lectures, and counseling, offend the genuine feelings of maleness emerging in the young, and who are alienating these young men from their genuine male self. We need new laws. We need a new amendment of the Constitution, guaranteeing that feelings of true masculinity are protected under law. No one should have the right to offend our male child for being the only way to be: male. We need a new Amendment.

4. We need stronger laws against psychiatrists who ”treat” gender confusion by means of castration and cancer-inducing hormones, and who deliberately avoid or refuse to explain to the general public that gender confusion fades away in 85% to 97% of the cases as long as the gender confusion is not affirmed or facilitated before reaching the age of 25. These professionals need to go to jail for lying, omitting the truth and facilitating the unnecessary and harmful practice of physical mutilation, recently marketed as “medically necessary”. We need new laws to intervene in this hoax and save our children and grandchildren from being turned into a eunuch. We need stronger laws.

5. We need stronger laws against institutes who counsel persons who have survived the genital mutilation called “transition” and want to “re-transition”. These counselors have obviously done a bad job. Recent science has proved that in 20% of the cases of castration, the survivor wishes to “transition back” to the former body, which, so he was informed, was a psychological prison. The body has become a mess, the embarrassment has become sheer agony, and the effects of the injected hormones have harmed tissues and destroyed the brain beyond repair. The agony, shame, and despair which has thus been induced, lead to suicide attempts and to actual suicides. It is an unforgivable instance of medical malpractice, and the perpetrators need to lose their medical license and to face criminal charges, in the same way that talk therapists (so-called “conversion therapists”) in Malta are forced (thanks to radical gay-lib) as of 2016 to face criminal charges for merely talking to a client about his/her sexuality. We need stronger laws.

6. We need stronger laws to protect the concept of heterosexuality as a naturally evolving feeling and desire. In kindergarten and primary schools, teachers and so-called health educators impose on vulnerable children the notion that liking the opposite sex is a bad and wicked concept with which the children are “brainwashed”. It is called LGBT-friendliness, a political concept that undermines the healthy development of a sense of being male or being female. Cross-dressing is promoted, gender-conformity is reduced to a mere option. The confusion is great, and the suffering goes unnoticed where LGBT-friendly staff is to be the guardians of the healthy mental development of our offspring. We need stronger laws.

7. We need stronger laws to force gay men specifically when demonstrating habitual recurrence of sexually transmittable diseases, to undergo psychotherapy for their sexual addiction, and for their highly careless and irresponsible conduct towards the health of sexual partners. These men are a menace to public health, and society must dare to protect itself in the same way that legislators feel society needs to be protected against the talk therapy of ‘conversion therapists’. In Malta, after all, talk therapists are incarcerated; even the therapist who merely refers a client to them also faces criminal charges as of 2016.

A court order for two months in an institute to put psychological examination and improvement programs into effect, may turn out to be beneficial for the wellbeing of the habitual perpetrator and his victims. The length of this forced stay of the patient in a psychiatric unit is much shorter than the 12 months preventive incarceration that therapists in Malta are sentenced to as a necessary measure for something that has never been substantiated. So, how can human rights be an issue here? We need stronger laws.

8. We need stronger laws to hospitalize ten-year-olds who suffer from gender non-conformity in order to protect them against themselves. This is a merciful policy in view of the horror of castration and cancer which awaits them in the hands of gay-lib indoctrinated physicians and psychologists. Children have an unalienable right to their own genitals, and they have the right to be protected by responsible adults when their minds have gone astray. Knowing that 85% to 98% of all gender confused children and youngsters ultimately get over their confused state of mind, then a choice to appease the confusion is a crime against humanity and an assault on the integrity of the human body. We need stronger laws.

9. We need stronger laws to protect men from the frenzy of the Me-Too movement, there where radical feminists in 2019 are calling for the building of “correctional camps” to treat a newly discovered disorder called “Toxic Masculinity”, a mental disorder needing surveillance and monitoring. It is only a matter of time before this notion is sneaked into the American Psychiatric Association, and added to the Diagnostic Manual. Homosexuality has been removed from the manual, masculinity will be put in. We need stronger laws.

7. Conclusion

We can go on and on with such a list, and perhaps we should start doing so. After all, since when do gay activists have a monopoly on the use of the phrase “we, the people” when they cry “we need stronger laws”. The fortress of radical gay-lib with all its fake victims is forged by political power, and the time has come to speak out loud in favor of the real victims that are listed above.

And, if we think together, perhaps we can come up with even more real victims of the current homosexist world-view, instead of suffering as in Malta the horror of preventive incarceration for victims that never existed in Malta in the first place.

Above all, we need to place our concerns on the political agenda. For only then do our children and grandchildren stand a fair chance to enjoy their own genitals and their inherent sense of normality. Separate and immutable sexualities do not exist, they are social constructs, and we need to speak out to have this insight chiseled in stone for evermore.

Suffering in the bastion is great where denial prevails as it does in any self-righteous and paranoid sect, but the fortress has been sealed off. Time is running out.

Job Berendsen, MD