Gay extremists manipulate Amazon and Wordery into deleting all therapy books

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Amazon and Wordery have been led by the American Psychological Association (APA) to remove all books related in any way to therapy for exploring sexual identity problems. The APA managed to manipulate two total amateurs in this field to take the blame, while the professionals from their backseat supply the strategy and ammunition. They now look on and avoid the heat. It worked like a charm. No client is to read anything about his/her sexuality unless it is approved by the radical left-wing APA.

Some people have second thoughts about ending basic democratic rights. Well, the APA doesn’t. We see a pattern in this silencing of dissident scientific material. Since 2010, all articles by Nicolosi and others have been removed from Wikipedia by APA members who log in and who substitute them by hate-speech against the authors.

Complaining to Wikipedia is useless as the moderators themselves turn out to be gay activists. They have splashed the rainbow flag all over the Wiki logo, which should raise eyebrows about their bias.

The Google-boys who also paint the activist rainbow colors over their company logo, have changed the algorithms to prevent viewers from finding any other narrative that the radical-LGBT hate-speech. The search results always lead to the hate mantra’s, which are fabricated by the APA activists of Division 44. The campaign is called BornPerfect. It was initiated in 2014 by the National Center of Lesbian Rights and it is financed by Google, according to the NCLR 2014 annual report.

Tweets and Facebook comments have been flagged as offensive, and accounts have been subsequently removed, lest you find them by means of other search engines. YouTube video’s are also flagged and then removed. Website providers who host websites are under attack for being “offensive”. On the website in September 2018, we read,

“MassResistance website taken down by web hosting company after “complaints” by homosexual activist – a convicted sex offender. Two other pro-family sites also taken down and others threatened.”

And now this!

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You can sign the online petition launched on July 9th saying:

Between March and June 2019, a small band of merely two gay-lib activists (Rojo Alan and Damian Barr) with the help of the APA succeeded in manipulating Amazon bookstore and Wordery in order to delete all Nicolosi’s books. These works have been on sale for more than thirty years, but now that the author is dead and can’t defend himself (2017), they go in for the kill. All his books are deleted as of 4th June 2019. The motivation that the activists sent to the companies turns out to be based on lies.

In this article, we will look at the huge array of books being banned, as the deletions spread to other authors like an oil spill. We will show what Nicolosi actually wrote, and we will take a look at the tactics of the activists, the lies, the fake comments on Amazon, and the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the public space and libraries. They do not talk and convince, they slander and delete. In the UK, professionals lose their license, in Malta the activists lock them up. Only then can new generations of children be ‘educated‘ that you were ‘born that way’.

Only then can new generations of small childred be drilled to accept “who they really are” as they head for the LGBT-indoctrinated physicians to be chemically and physically castrated. They call it the “transgender revolution”, a new way to deal with normality: remove tonsils at age 6, remove testicles at age 12, all of which would be medically necessary because you were “born that way”.

The ‘transgender’ diagnosis is imposed by LGBT-friendly physicians after six months of playing with dolls. From then on, the rest will be history.

“Please, son, let go of that doll if you know what is good for you. Trust Dad”. But how can a child know what is good for him? Ask the LGBT activist?


1. The banned books as of July 10th 2019

Here are the books known to have been banned by Amazon, which former gays and lesbians are demanding be restored:

  • Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy, by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi;

  • Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction, by Anne Paulk;

  • The Battle for Normality: A Guide for (Self-)Therapy for Homosexuality, by Dr. Gerard J. M. Van Den Aardweg;

  • Healing Homosexuality: Case Stories of Reparative Therapy, by Lucy Freeman and Dr. Joseph Nicolosi;

  • Growth into Manhood: Resuming the Journey, by Alan Medinger;

  • A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality, by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and Linda Nicolosi;

  • Reparative therapy of male homosexuality: A new clinical approach, by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi;

  • Desires in Conflict: Hope for Men Who Struggle with Sexual Identity, by Joe Dallas;

On his Facebook account, Jeremy Schwab writes about the YouTube channel that he maintains with the testimonies of men who can get over their homosexual inclinations. Apparently, the only way that activists can maintain that one cannot change is to delete all evidence to the contrary so as no-one can ever find out:

2. What did Nicolosi write?

Due to the incessant hate speech against psychotherapy, many people are hesitant to read the original works of Nicolosi. Radical gay-lib pushes a narrative that they would be quackery. The findings of Joseph Nicolosi Sr. PhD and his wife Linda are surprisingly evidence-based. Nicolosi started as of 1975 to write down the accounts of hundreds of men with same-sex attractions (SSA) and opposite-sex attractions (OSA). With the help of his wife, he analyzed them in order to discover patterns. Numerous similarities were found in the SSA group, as opposed to the OSA group. Next thing, these findings were compared to the psycho-therapeutic literature. Hundreds of articles that were found elsewhere confirmed their findings.

His book ‘Reparative Therapy Of Homosexuality’ was published in 1991 with a dazzling array of scientific footnotes (see at the bottom of this article). He went on to write several books more as he dug deeper into the issues behind the homosexual experience, quoting dozens of homosexuals extensively. And now this would all be quackery? If you quote a gay guy who is in therapy, that would be quackery? Hundreds of men who express homosexual feelings constitute quackery?

3. Forbidden subject matter

They were to become the books that, for one and a half centuries, gay activists hoped would never be written. Activists resorted to sounding the alarm bell. The war was on. After thirty years of defamation, slander and harassment which just refused to do the trick, the bonfires have now been lit and evidence-based science is successfully going up in smoke. Students, youths and inquisitive journalists are not supposed to see both sides of academic argument ever again.

4. Why do activists resent fundamental research into the homosexual state of mind?

To understand the fanaticism of a fringe of loud-mouthed radicalized activists, we need to delve very shortly into the history of the term “gay”.

Dr. Karl Maria Benkert

In 1856, an Austrian doctor named Benkert proposed a new term, ‘homosexuality’. This had never been done before. Prior to that time, humanity merely spoke of ‘sexuality’ as an all-encompassing human drive. Benkert suggested that perhaps one day the newly emerging social sciences would maybe prove that this separate sexuality exists. Men who demonstrated homosexual encounters (led by Ulrich) were excited because they could then use this new ‘scientific’ insight in court when charged with the then illegal acts of sodomy. ‘I was born that way’, was their interpretation of Benkert’s new notion.

In many courts, the new term proved to work like magic, and miraculously many men, with the help of their lawyers, managed to be acquitted. But a fear struck Ulrich’s heart: what if science does not deliver the much-needed proof? What if there is no separate ‘homosexuality’? What if Benkert got it wrong?

And so, the medical and social sciences had to be silenced and research brought to a halt. Many believed that the ‘born that way’ ideology was true despite a lack of scientific proof, and activists were determined to keep it that way. They internalized it. The fight against the medical establishment was born and in the twentieth century it became ferocious.

Freud who said in the year 1905 that all humans are gifted with an all-encompassing sexuality was defamed; McKinsey who said in 1947 that separate labels like homosexual and heterosexual do in no way describe the multitude of fluid feelings and human experiences, was ostracized.

1973 disruption of the psychiatric convention in Washington

The American Psychiatric Association received a ‘stonewalling’, (i.e. multiple terrorist flash-mob attacks) on their national conventions in the ‘70’s to terrorize them into adopting gay views on sexuality. Activists stood shoulder by shoulder to prevent any psychiatrist from attending his/her convention or entering the building. It scared the wits out of many psychiatrists, who had no idea what hit them.

42% of the psychiatrists were brave enough in 1973 to vote against removing homosexuality from the list of mental disorders, but this fact is conveniently omitted by all activists these days as they now claim that a unanimous decision had been reached. However, no scientific document was provided in 1973; only sheer mob pressure and physical threats saw the lights of day. The other 58% agreed, but only on the premise that scientific proof would be delivered within five years. Activists went on to frustrate every form of systematic client interviews. The research never happened.

That is to say, until the Nicolosi’s came around.

Fifty years after the first ‘Stonewall Inn’ ambush on four unsuspecting policemen in New York in 1969 where a 200 man strong flash-mob appeared to come out of nowhere (allegedly they were just drinking their beer. Armed with baseball bats? Sending all four to hospital?), activism is going in for the kill in order to “smash oppression”: we witness book burnings as in Nazi Germany, but now digitally performed; in the German language, the Nazi’s called it Die Endlösung”, the final solution. These activists are not on their way to “make love, not war”, they are on their way to do some serious “smashing”.

5. Why is the work of Nicolosi and others relevant?

It has to do with the unavoidable content of the homosexual experience itself, the elephant in the room. An important finding was confirmation of what countless psychoanalysts had observed before him. We usually observe, so he writes, a lonely boy who is intimate with his mother, and a father who is distant and hard to identify with, granted that he is there at all.

All these factors contribute to using the sexualization of same-sex attractions as a compensation mechanism for feeling lousy about the own maleness, or failing to have had a decent male identification figure in the first place. Quite often, the upbringing sadly leads to frustration, and if repeated often enough, leads to hatred of men, male peers and maleness altogether.

But this hatred or aversion is double-hearted. Secretly, there is a strong yearning for the contrary, as there is in every boy. The situation is worsened if abuse, either sexual or physical from male or female, has become part of the personal history, which is usually shame filled. This is Nicolosi, compressed into a very tiny nutshell indeed, but it is enough to understand what is going on, for the moment.

These insights are very painful for the grownup homosexual male to acknowledge, leading to hatred towards the male therapist who is seen as part of the abusive or emotionally absent male bunch that the child could not sufficiently relate to.

Damian Barr

6. Who is Damian Barr?

In the Herald Scotland, 11th August 2013, we read,

Barr’s parents split up when he was very young, and he lived mainly with his mother and her boyfriend, who bullied him relentlessly. After that relationship ended and his mother suffered a serious illness, Barr’s life went from bad to worse; home was where different men stayed in various states of inebriation and where he suffered abuse in several forms. As he says now, he was never sure when his bedroom door was going to be kicked in, when there would be enough electricity in the meter. Home was a place to escape from, and he did that as soon as he could.

In this newspaper, we see all of Nicolosi’s work duplicated in Barr’s personal history. When Barr however as an adult, hates Nicolosi (if he has read him thoroughly at all, which I doubt) then we see anger of seeing even the smallest fragment of his past spelled out to him. He is furious.

The emperor can no longer wear his invisible cloaks in the streets with psycho-analytic literature being on sale. He is choking with rage.

7. Gay narrowing of consciousness

We call this a narrowing of consciousness. And by persecuting and deleting all other insights, he is actively on his way to keep his closed narrow mind the way it is.

In Malta, the members of his gang have managed as of 2016 to get all therapists who do not bow down to the erroneous ‘born that way’ ideology into prison. As a therapist, you get locked up for at least four weeks and up to one year, not for any alleged damage you supposedly would have done (the Maltese law does not mention ‘damage’ or ‘harm’ in the legal text itself) but for disapproving of the ‘born that way’ approach in your work. It is your paradigm which is criminalized, the way of thinking.

In doing so, activists have gotten the left-wing legislators of this tiny island state to create a thought-crime as of 2016. This is modern day fascism, to the same extent that president Erdogan of Turkey locks any influential professional up who is “associated” with his enemy Fethullah Gülen, irrespective of the fact whether these alleged enemies would be doctors, generals, judges, or journalists.

8. How Barr managed to manipulate

In the gay activist magazine The Advocate, we read Barr claiming that,

Amazon has a responsibility to their customers to not profit from or promote self-harm and hate crimes,” Barr told BuzzFeed News. “If you read the comments below you can clearly see the book had caused harm to parents as well as children.”

But if you read the comments, there are no comments coming from parents or children reviewing this particular book. Neither are there any accounts coming from parents or children describing any “harm” suffered. Barr’s claim is a hoax. Amazon is being lied to.

There are comments coming from gay activists who appear to have been instructed to write negative comments on the book in a very short space of time, even though 99.9% have not bought the book themselves. The book has been on sale since 1991, but all these negative comments which anyone can post, prove to have been submitted in the six weeks prior to Barr’s complaint.

We have fact-checked this. On the website NBC News, we read about Alan, a member of Barr’s activist team,

Alan also revealed that he reached out to numerous strangers via Reddit, Facebook and other social media, urging them to leave negative reviews of Nicolosi’s books on Amazon.”

On PinkNews, we read,

Alan used social-media sites to ask people to leave bad reviews of the books, and also began researching the ways in which they violated Amazon’s rules of publishing.”

When it comes to readers of the book subsequently indulging in self-harm, there is not a shred of verifiable evidence to be found anywhere that readers of the book have committed self-harm after reading the book.

When it comes to readers of the book getting to understand their youth, there is no evidence that these persons have then ventured out and committed hate crimes. That is, after all, quite an accusation to make, and we can flag it as slander and hate-speech directed at non-believers of the ‘born that way’ hoax.

Imagine our saying that the Negroes in our street saw a video of Barack Obama and then went out into the streets to commit their usual crimes. It is outrageous to say such a thing, but apparently, Mr. Barr can get away with it.

9. Amazon’s rainbow flag commitment

In 2010, Amazon received a wave of criticism for publishing a pedophile book which was widely endorsed by the gay community. On CNBC News, we read,

In 2010, Amazon refused to take down a book defending pedophilia (“The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-lover’s Code of Conduct”) on first amendment grounds. “Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable,” an Amazon representative told CNBC at the time.

“Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts; however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.”

Where have those Amazon principles gone to?

On, we read about this 2010 issue:

“Christopher Finan, president of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, said Amazon has the right under the First Amendment to sell any book that is not child pornography or legally obscene.”

Where is Mr. Finan when you need him?

11. The alleged harms of therapists

In his book ‘Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality’, Nicolosi writes,

Recently, much progress has been made in acknowledging the gay man in society. Now, the same understanding must be extended to the homosexual who does not wish to embrace this political label. He has made a valid philosophical and existential choice. He is not a guilt-ridden, intimidated, fearful person. He is someone who, from the fullness of his own identity, seeks not to embrace, but to transcend the homosexual predicament.”

Barr, on the other hand, has but one objective in mind, to slash such an individual down. Mr. Barr is the one who will decide on another person’s identity, Mr. Barr is the one who will make valid choices based on his very own presumptions, Mr. Barr is the one who decides what will be, or will not be, acknowledged in society. Mr. Barr is the one who will decide what you read or will not read. Mr. Barr is the one who will decide what is good for you.

This stance is in violation of all ethical principles of psycho-therapeutic self-determination, be it in the UK or the USA. Barr does not acknowledge patients’ rights. It is a deeply felt hate-speech toward the prospect of bisexuality, that is to say, recognizing the innate, be it perhaps still dormant, potential of opposite-sex attractions in spite of the existence of same-sex attractions. It is hate.

12. Conclusion: our opinion

Radical gay activist magazine The Advocate writes,

Barr stressed that removing Nicolosi’s book is not a freedom of speech issue. Rather, it is a means of protecting people from “outdated, scientifically and psychologically disproven and discredited theories of human sexuality that aren’t just tired, they are harmful.

Amazon is not being neutral by selling these. Amazon is making a statement about their values by choosing to sell these books,” said Barr, adding, “If I owned an independent bookshop, would I put this in the shop window? What does it say about the values of the person who chooses to sell that?”

– Well, for one, it means that such a bookshop owner values intellectual freedom and the right to diversity. Obviously, this gay activist knows nothing on the subject of diversity, no matter how many rainbow flags he makes selfies with. We must not allow these fanatics to monopolize this philosophy at the expense of ‘others’. The concept of ‘diversity’ by its very nature excludes the concept of ‘others’. There are no ‘others’ when it comes to diversity.

– Further more, that bookshop owner does not see it as his task in life to protect people from books – that would be the Nazi’s of the ‘30’s we are talking about, or Ceausescu in Communist Romania in the ‘70’s where ‘degenerate’ books were put on display, or ISIS as of 2010 where they chop and silence a head or two.

– Furthermore, that bookshop owner would know that there is not a scientifically valid document to be found in any University library proving the alleged harm issue. He would know that such literature is only to be found in the gay activist magazine ‘The Advocate’ and nowhere else.

– And the owner would not indulge in book burnings.

That is what it says about his values.

Job Berendsen, MD.

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Click here for a list of all the footnotes compiled from the banned books. This list contains hundreds of articles, all of which the (gay extremists at) the American Psychological Association do not want clients, students, or journalists to find out about. They want all this scientific information to be deleted from the narrative of the Western civilization and to be forgotten forever.