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Reversing Bionic Newspeech

Sex transition surgery

Newspeech has come to rule the world. Our radicalized emancipation colleagues are infusing their angle into the blood-vessels of the West. Adolescents enter the operation theater male, they leave supposedly “female”. Activists have crafted English words to meet their ends. Here is a random article from the spin-doctors of trans-sexism and the way we can, by example, successfully turn it the other way around with an improved world-view. Continue reading Reversing Bionic Newspeech

How an update of language can influence the Culture Wars

The cultural warriors paint images to reach out to the heart. They dwarf resistance with giant-size flags, soppy emotions, and, above all, the victim role. Their weapon of choice is newspeech. The latest branch sprouting from the radical tree has become the Castration Movement or “Transgender Revolution” as they call it, offering an identity with the use of a surgical knife and an operation theatre sewing kit. However, many people, like us, who for medical reasons oppose castrations and the whole hype, find ourselves even using that very same language for lack of better. In doing so, we have become part of the problem. We need to avoid their framing and to update our own language ourselves. Continue reading How an update of language can influence the Culture Wars