The International Declaration on Therapeutic Choice, part 5 of 5: Homosexism

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Homosexism is the highly contested and discredited attempt to discourage the heterosexual aspect of bisexuality and to suppress all notions of fluidity in the sexual and identity realm. The ultimate goal is to enforce an old unscientific idea, stemming from a Hungarian doctor in 1856, that same-sex attractions and gender identity feelings are most probably a separate sexuality, compellingly caused by hardware. As of 2019, we know that it is not true. Social and, for two decades, state force is then called upon to permanently enshrine this idea in the Western narrative top-down, at the expense of all proven notions to the contrary. Homosexists are known to prowl around every legislative chamber with lies, deceit, and electoral endorsements or bribes.

1. The homosexist binaries

A homosexist book

Homosexism says that an individual has either a homosexuality as part of “who he is”,  an inborn trait, or a heterosexuality, an equally inborn trait. The kaleidoscope of evidence that contradicts this crude binary is then resolved by defining even more separate sexualities and by painting a picture of a natural diversity of hardware-driven sexualities. That is how Homosexism simplifies the debate and tries to deal with the obvious.

Hence the expression “diversity” and “equality” between all these pieces of hardware as typically homosexist slogans for the masses who are then encouraged to take to the streets.

By supporting the call for “equality”, legislators are unknowingly affirming the existence of different innate sexualities (which do not exist) and hence different people (which is false because everyone has the same full sexual potential). The word “people” is used over and over again in homosexist prose, making a debate virtually impossible. Because if you attack the thought, you would be attacking people. This twist is a highly efficient safeguard against thoughtful scientific discourse.

Dr. Harry Benjamin

As of 2014, the gay radical activist crowd has been run over by the Harry Benjamin Foundation, an extremely small but equally radical fringe of self-castrated activists promoting the discredited gender-surgery ideology as “being who you inevitably are”. Their struggle has led to Transsexism.

It has incorporated in a sly and stealth fashion the notion of “gender identity” into the word “sexual orientation”. Since that time, both words have been fused into a single expression by HRC activist Sarah McBride (Biden administration) into a single multi-word expression “sexual orientation and gender identity” as though that insight has been there all along. We observe how mainstream media are blindly following this Putin Putsch (the stealth redefining of reality).

It is hard to see how loving your own sex to pieces and hating your own sex to pieces are one and the same.

When discussing emancipation, Homosexism includes Transsexism unless stated otherwise.

If I say that the concept of possessing a “wrong body” has a high delusional quality, then Homosexism and Transsexism label this as an attack on people, which it isn’t. After which homosexists and transsexists decide to attack you, your research, or your institute. So, it is actually Homosexism and Transsexism doing all the attacks on people but in their rhetoric, the roles are reversed.

In the National Library of Medicine, we read:

“This article, Homosexuality and scientific evidence” suggests that instead of supporting their claim with scientific evidence, those major medical associations merely arbitrarily label homosexuality as normal”.

2. Homosexism does not reflect on itself

Homosexism does not raise or tolerate doubts, nor does it indulge in introspection. “Improve the world, start with the other guy”, the appealing slogan reads. Well, that is a lot of other guys. To counteract this, Homosexism appropriates as many causes as possible, strength in numbers. No end-terms of the “improvement” have been agreed upon because it is a non-democratic and anarchist movement.

There are no synods or conventions in which the movement is collectively regulated as in for example religious movements. A “community” in the form of an identifiable and accountable entity does not exist. It is mob rule.

Hence, just like the Red Spot in Jupiter, the storms will rage for decades to come. The sky is the limit.

In any movement, lack of self-reflection always leads to radicalization when personal emotions are the basic driving force. The underlying sentiments and pain, as therapists demonstrate daily, prove for them to be too hard to handle. Draconic measures onto others, therefore, lie waiting in ambush. Or rather, they are sure to come.

Moderate activists feel that when Homosexism is outgrowing the boundaries of a healthy debate in the public sphere and when it uses its freedoms to gain political power so as to crush and annihilate that very debate, it has morphed from Homosexism to Homofascism. Moderates feel that fascist ringleaders of any sort should be rounded up and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, in the same way that the fascists try to impose 10 years sentences on persons they call “conversion therapists”, as in Melbourne AU. The debate has become ugly.

3. What is Transsexism?

Transsexism is the ideology in which normal people are directly or indirectly forced to affirm other people’s delusions, contrary to their own genetically-induced reality. It is against all the principles of psychiatry. Transsexism is a violation of human rights:

– It deprives people who are not deluded, of their right to choose for their own normality and sanity, and for the healthy future of their children.

It imposes the software-induced confusion of Gender Identity Conflict (GIC) onto others whether they like it or not, even if those others have science on their side. They are increasingly forced to use the deluded vocabulary of the sectarian ringleaders as their own, including theduty” to use “right” pronouns, even when addressing the normal self.

It stigmatizes normality as a variation of the human race by labeling individuals “cisgender” instead of “normal” and denies the existence of a dormant normality in each affected individual.

It also imprisons persons as it were, who suffer from the confusion in their agonizing hatred towards the self by offering no healthy way out toward their equally present normal identification. Transsexism is known for the active persecution of dissidence.

Transsexism leads to a moral concentration camp where morbidity and mortality are played down, either by delusion, narrowing of consciousness, or by choice. Transgender “health care” kills by not addressing the ongoing psychiatric disorder itself and by offering harmful drugs and procedures.

– Transsexism is a violation of patient rights by failing to comply to the principles of informed consent, when disinformation and cheering squads (“support”) are offered as “gender-affirming” care. They mean “delusion-affirming care.

Just like in Anorexia Nervosa, a similar disorder with a distorted perception and lack of appreciation of the own body, violence is directed at the self. Very many do not survive or thrive in the conditioin. It is one of the highest causes of death in psychiatry. The average age of death is 50% lower than normal.

The number of untimely deaths is presumably much higher since Gender Identity Disorder or Conflict is no longer listed as a medical diagnosis due to radical activism. So, no link is established in the register of death certificates.

Victims like adult patients, minors, and their families are not informed of the lethality of the condition but “supported”, meaning cheered on.

4. Scrambling eggs

Political campaigns have been proven by homosexists Kirk and Madsen to be most effective when the scientific debate is not conducted in the arena of science or philosophy because that is a place where contradiction can occur.

Just like making scrambled eggs, the scientific debate is cleverly whisked into a cocktail of social issues, making it disappear from sight. Confusion reigns. A fight is relentlessly conjured and staged for compelling social issues that appeal to feelings of wrongdoing and victimhood. In this way, the scientific debate is won without a single verbal shot being fired.

With words, you get a debate that you may very well lose. So, no words are deployed but nonverbal displays (flags, colors) and irrational signals of class struggle between “groups” and “allies”, a safer strategy because you do not have to explain yourself, especially if you view yourself as perfect (Kate Kendall, ‘Born Perfect® Campaign’, 2014). An underdog role has been demonstrated to work like a charm (Kirk and Madsen, ‘The Overhauling Of Straight America’, 1989), making the plight invincible for non-LGBT scientists.

Especially in the USA, you see homosexists politicizing every form of debate. They even politicize sports and public policies as weapons for a heroic advance of society. The scientific debate has now vanished as does the milk that goes into making scrambled eggs. This is Homosexism, a force to be reckoned with.

5. Same-sex attractions are software

Since 2019, in an immense genetic study on half a million subjects, same-sex attractions and doubts about subjective feelings (identity) have been demonstrated to be software issues and software issues only. There is no gay or transgender gene  involved, nor a reliable pattern of genes. The “gay gene” that activist researcher Dean Hamer claimed, in 1994, to have isolated, was found in no individual in this huge study.

Way back then, colleagues of Hamer were appalled when, in 1996, they discovered that he had invented the data and manipulated the outcomes, a hoax. In the meantime, his book “The Science Of Desire: The Gay Gene And The Biology Of Behavior” made him a gay icon and a millionaire. He has been expelled from science. The LGBT activism-infested bookseller Amazon takes a lot of books from the shelf, but not this one, still writing in this day and age:

“The scientist behind the ground-breaking study that made a firm genetic link to behavior”.

He did no such thing. The whole book is disinformation and a wild fling of imagination. Other booksellers like Simon & Schuster rewrite his resume to conceal his expulsion from the scientific community.

On Onmilogos,com we read in 2007,

“As the public relations campaign began to unfold, media headlines led many to believe that same-sex attractions are innate and unchangeable. Pro-sodomy activists capitalized on multiple pseudo-scientific studies to mislead the public. The following analyses will expose these illegitimate studies and the men who conducted them, beginning with the three most cited”. (Continue reading here: “Born gay hoaxes exposed”).

6. The hoax of the hardware myth

The likes of Hamer and the gay press triggered much suspicion on all LGBT “scientists”. Each time that non-LGBT researchers demonstrate results that don’t please homosexists, their findings are dismissed and stigmatized as pseudoscience. Non-LGBT researchers are framed as activists with a secret social agenda.

But the opposite has turned out to be true. In 2016, inquisitive researchers of Johns Hopkins University revealed that all research to date that “proves” the hardware paradigm (1.600 publications) does not meet scientific standards of validity, meaning bias reigns galore. Not a single hardware scientific proof can be relied upon.

“Reviewing the most up-to-date independent research, both McHugh and his colleage concluded that there are many myths about homosexual behavior. Most notably, McHugh found the “born that way” theory is not supported by any of the studies”.

As chief pyschiatrist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, McHugh was responsible for putting an end to sex change surgery there, noting that he’d “witnessed a great deal of damage from sex reassignment.”

When the huge genetic study went underway in 2018, homosexists insisted that they were to be consulted before publication and that an LGBT psychologist was to become a part of the research team. This move is unheard of in the realm of independent science. In the report, we read:

“To help communicate our study to the broader public, we organized workshops in which representatives of the public, activists, and researchers discussed the rationale, results, and implications of our study.”

Since when are activists involved in the results of a genetic study? Are they pushing for a “hardware” framing of the issue? And who may call him/herself the representative of the public who needs to be consulted on behalf of that very “public”? Ultimately, they even tried to prevent the publication. They are still canceling the study from view to this day: you won’t easily find it. Homosexism, the fight to monopolize the narrative.

The study also said:

“Nevertheless, many uncertainties remain to be explored, including how sociocultural influences on sexual preference might interact with genetic influences”.

Note how this team does not say how psychological and psychiatric influences on sexual preference might be at stake. No, only external influences are to be studied. This is systemic Cancel Culture of, what they call, “the other side”. Influences within the person and his/her history are not even taken into consideration. If you don’t seek, you won’t find.

Google, for example, has morphed into a homosexist stronghold with homosexist rainbow flags and all, where algorithms lead you to hardware prose only.

The results of the 2019 genetic study turned out to be a great blow to radical activism where people had gambled their soul and fortune on being “born that way”.

They are furious and are seeking revenge: the ban on professional counseling was born.

Drama at the Gay Parade, two psychologists

7. The revenge of the pink

At the level of society, homosexist activism has gone into overdrive through a systemic Cancel Culture of dissidence affecting all media and exchanges of information, through the hijacking of politics, state-endorsed coercion, punitive measures, and antagonistic witch-hunts in social and medical institutions.

A homosexist organization writes on February 1st 2022,

“GPAHE reports lead to LGBTQ victories as the deplatforming of material on therapy is successfully underway in Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, Meta, Twitter, Paypal, Barclays Bank, and the Apple App Store.

Good news: tech companies have already taken action against the participants who are frequenting the online sites of Brothers’ Road, Joel 2:25 International, X-OUT-LOUD, Living Stone Ministries, Help4Families, Desert Stream Ministries, Restored Hope Network, Core Issues Trust, and Pure Passion TV apps. We have also met with Google Search and Microsoft’s Bing search engines. Tech companies no longer have an excuse to make this available. We won’t stop until they do.”

Google employees with homosexist and transsexist symbols

Would that excuse be freedom of speech, expression, and (online) gathering? Their slogan reads: it is our way or no way. They call themselves “Global Project Against Hate and Extremism”. Where is self-reflection when you need it? Mirror, anyone? Fancy defecting from the sect! ISIS, Iran, and China equally have a way of dealing with, what they call: apostates, a person who forsakes his religion, cause, party, etc. They will be silenced.

Homosexists advocate for “freedom for all” at rallies and on TV. Little do onlookers realize the deceitfulness of these banners and picketing boards. If you want to know what they are up to, Google won’t help you. These signs imply that other people are limiting freedom although homosexuality is not banned anywhere in the US, a Putin Putsch (reversal of the narrative). The message is passed on unsaid, hence it cannot be debated.

At the level of the individual, an ill-defined and pseudo-scientific Gay Affirmative Therapy has been introduced to annihilate the existence of psychoanalysis, child psychiatry, and all forms of psychodynamic psychology.

8. The pseudoscience of Gay Affirmative Therapy

The Gay Affirmative Therapy practices (GAT) are attempts to change or suppress a person’s bisexual orientation, stimulate heterophobia, and influence doubts about gender identity so that the victim of these doubts develops, or “comes out”, in an inevitable “right” direction.

In Wikipedia, we read,

“Gay affirmative psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy for non-heterosexual people, specifically gay and lesbian clients, which focuses on client comfort in working towards acceptance regarding sexual orientation, and does not attempt to change them to heterosexual or to eliminate or diminish same-sex desires and behaviors.”

Notice how individuals are labeled “non-heterosexual” in advance, denying the concept of having a full sexual potential with fluidity: this is the essence of Homosexism. There is no way out.  They see homosexual feelings as an expression of being a different monkey race.

They are not therapists, they are zoo-keepers, keeping everyone nicely locked up in his or her own cage and patrolling the perimeter of the zoo and wild-life park for intruders.

These practices have grown into an industry to create labels and stigmas, ultimately leading to a parallel society from which vulnerable individuals who have been recruited cannot escape. It is a sect: you are not coming out, you are going in, you are leaving the known world, you are “supported” into saying goodbye.

The ultimate goal is to create a homosexual lifelong identity with group-thinking and “belongingness”, to solidify heterophobia, and to help confused children and vulnerable youngsters deny the delusional quality of possessing a “wrong” body.

When new-fangled self-declared “gender experts”, quacks, administer or even hint at puberty-blocking hormones, they are unknowingly declaring the natural body to be wrong indeed, and doubts and confusion to be right. Normal physicians declare the normal body to be normal, quacks declare it to be a paramount medical challenge.

They do so with the full weight of the profession. What child can argue with that? These quacks evoke extreme mental and physical harm, estrangement, and suicide idealization.

Their influence or “support” (read: brainwashing and cheering squads) is never taken into account when they evaluate and publish the long-term results of their patients. And when Transsexism becomes state ideology as now in The Netherlands and Belgium, neither does it have to be.

In Belgium, a man with a transdelusion (De Sutter, Green Left Party) has been appointed deputy prime minister, stealthily sneaking radical LGBT ideology rule into this deeply divided country (divided for many other issues). ILGA called it a “milestone for our cause”, referring to the activist quality of this nomination.

Rainbow flag dominating Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

In Summer in Amsterdam, ideological flags of extremism flood the public space, even the waiting rooms of many hospitals and nursing homes, not to mention museums or the National Rijksmuseum.

Quacks evoke the glorification of the auto-aggressive nature of the clients who are trapped in a delusional state of endless projections.

“I’m okay, it’s just my wretched body. I’m okay, it’s just wretched society out there somewhere”.

9. Moderate activism

Moderate activism sees same-sex attractions and gender conflict as a software issue and hands out a temporary sticker, one you can peel off when, after one or two years of achieving self-esteem, you feel the urge to move on, to see what life has more in store for you. Radical activism (Homosexism) gives you a tattoo deep in your skin. You can always check in but you can never check out. This, then, is the essence of Homosexism in a nutshell: they insist on using unwashable ink.

Homosexist and transsexist GAT has no explanation for the way that 5 out of every 6 children/youths with gender conflict get over their deluded thoughts by age 16 as long as the delusion is not affirmed. How on earth could the ink wash off? They are at a loss for words.

In no way can their loss of words be promoted as an appropriate form of care and a necessary measure of protection for the client. They fail to address the auto-aggressive impulses stemming from the deluded mind itself. The dude hates himself, it is not society that hates him. Society cares, is saddened, and grieves. In their obvious state of denial, in their sect, GAT is responsible for the 35%-death rate that society is witnessing in the trans-delusional group, the highest percentage of all conditions seen in psychiatry.

Suicide ideation is the main phenomenon seen in the “Questioning” group of clients. Thousands die annually in trying to evade a lifelong homosexist stigma which alienates men from opposite-sex comfort, belonging, and sense of self. The label feels awkward, it hurts, and is unlivable. The despair created by a stigma that throws you into a separate monkey cage is great.

In the National Library of Medicine, we read:

“Homosexually oriented males accounted for 62.5% of suicide attempters, although they form less than 3% of the population. These findings indicate that men with homosexual feelings are 14 times more at risk for a serious suicide attempt. The predominant reason for the suicidality of these young males may be linked to the process of “coming out”, that is to say having to adopt a life-long label”.

Many would rather die than call themselves “gay” for life, not beause there is a negative ring to it but because there is no way back,  so research has proven. Homosexism, the labeling industry, kills. GAT activists nevertheless present their “coming out” process as their major contribution to society.

These quacks seek to change laws in the West so that they cannot be held accountable. Hence their construction of an Association of LGBTQ Psychiatristsin 2015, a quick and dirty job to make it look fancy and scientific, to mainstream their sect.

They politicize medical issues and medicalize political issues, the scrambled eggs approach in which rationality and irrationality, fact and opinion, are intertwined so as you cannot tell the difference any more. Almost all issues of exclusively the Democratic Party are given a nice psychiatric rub to medicalize political choices, robbing other people of the right to disagree on whatever grounds or opinions they may uphold (position statements).

This castration of political opponents in any debate ultimately leads to deeply felt grudges against this crowd, which is then music to the ears of these activists, justifying their victim bias.

They are trapped in a treadmill that they do not acknowledge since it is always others that need to be improved. The contribution of this association to society is systemic polarization: don’t tackle me, look at others, go for it!

These political activists are not fighting a taboo, they are creating it by telling non-believers of their paradigm to shut up or we will be coming for you.

10. Physician-client relationship

In a recent campaign against Texas anti-abortion laws, the homosexist Association writes:

“The law represents an egregious intrusion into the physician-patient relationship and the autonomy of individuals to govern their own body medically.”

Having pronounced this sermon, is this statement not equally applicable to the anti-therapy laws that they themselves are campaigning for, the right to govern your own mind? Homosexism is therefore a narrowing of consciousness, a locked-in syndrome.

11. Homosexism is hate speech

Laws against what is falsely labeled “conversion therapy” constitute hate speech, deliberately meant to crush the freedoms of a formerly free society and to rob professional organizations of their self-corrective mechanisms. Correcting is done for you and without you.

Scientific freedom comes to a halt, thousands of pages of evidence-based scientific literature are ruthlessly stigmatized as ‘snake oil’ (the nerve!) or other nasty stigmas, “diversity” is purged of dissidence, and the Cancel Culture erases all traces of the hate-driven overhauling of the Western narrative. Schoolbooks are rewritten, adolescents receive boxing gloves and conservative citizens are assigned the ultimate punching bag. The slogan is “glad to be gay”, bang-bang, gotcha.

Homosexism means war. And then the newest version of the rainbow flag suddenly has the word “peace” all over it (have you seen it?), the ultimate Putin Putsch (creating confusion by a barely noticeable twist of the truth). This makes it look as if other persons are seeking war. Clever.

The activists in so-called LGBT organizations, professional or otherwise, are hate groups who dream of (state)-violence, and who project their malice onto the outside world, leaving their own state of mind cleansed of aggressive and auto-aggressive impulses. Wallowing in self-pity has become the norm instead of the problem.

12. 1973 and the onset of perma-frost

Organized riots at the 1973 insurrective APA Convention

Most of the so-called LGBT associations found a “raison d’être” (reason to be) in the 1973 successful smashing of the American Psychiatric Association convention with organized insurrective riots; they have consolidated this alleged consensus, canceling all mention of what really went on (42% voted against, and with an activist riot outside comparable to Capitol Hill in 2021, meant to put the pressure on, physically blocking the entrance for three days). Victorious, they are now living in a state of perma-frost.

They have dug themselves in in igloos and refuse to catch up with scientific progress and shifts in paradigms in the outside world. They have lost contact with reality, ultimately leading to the belief that, yes, wrong bodies are everywhere to behold. No psychiatrist in his/her right state of mind may pronounce to a client or legislative assembly that your natural body is merely an option. Mentally, they have lost it, I daresay: these Eskimos and their harpoons have become dangerous. They are even contemplating putting parents out of their parental control if they do not speak Inuit, their tongue.

For example, parents who do not want their children to be castrated as “transgenders”, are accused of child abuse and obstructing “health care”; the National Center of Lesbian Rights is considering how to remove these children from their “abusive” homes through legislation. Judges are increasingly sentencing defendants to mandatory LGBT awareness training for “misdemeanors”. Institutions are being stigmatized with LGBT-friendliness ratings to evoke negative consequences for their functioning, funding, or existence. Steps are being undertaken to create LGBT questionnaires for Human Resource management of employees for promotions and hiring & firing. And there is much more to come.

13. Homosexism is the control of the narrative

“In the beginning was the Word” (John 1:1). Well, Homosexism has certainly taken that one to heart. The radical-activist campaign against so-called “conversion therapy” is in essence a homosexist ban on discussing the true nature of bisexuality. Sexual intimacy with the opposite sex scares the hell out of them. And no therapist can guide or help a Questioning youth (the Q in LGBTQ) if he/she does not accept, embrace, and celebrate in an equal fashion sexual intimacy and emotional dependency on the opposite sex. Hating and disapproving of opposite-sex attractions and relegating them to “the other side” by creating a taboo on the topic makes you by definition unfit to counsel children and youths.

Drama at the Gay Parade

Lawmakers are being set up by the activists, as in Tasmania, to even persecute non-professionals and criminalize their merely “assessing” the array of mental problems to be found in this client group. And that array is huge by all medical standards. The new law also prescribes in the small print that homosexist groups forthwith receive $2.5 million a year for “advocacy”. For such a small island, that is a great sum. Tax payers are now chipping in to have their own freedom of religion curtailed.

US radicalized groups receive hundreds of millions of dollars from an arrange of foundations annually to bring their stance into legislation worldwide.

Heterophobia makes you hostile-aggressive; the victims of this phobia feel a need to defy and tell other people off. Heterophobia is hate. And this hatred is then projected onto the outside world: “I’m okay, it’s just society out there somewhere”.

In the IFTCC Declaration, we read:

“Governments have a duty to protect the rights of sexual minorities to choose opposite-sex relationships as well as same-sex relationships – and not to be pathologized in doing so. Researchers, therapists, and clients should be able, in principle, to identify factors that are leading to these changes all around us and use this knowledge to help people who are desiring change”.

14. Conclusion

With a global ban, it’s the activists doing the choosing for you. They flush personal freedom down the drain and allow their paranoia to reign supreme, unchallenged and unbridled like a regular unguided missile. They seek to impose a new Western narrative with not a shred of undisputed scientific evidence to go on. Through a phony victim stance, they maliciously rape, assault, and slander diversity of thought and feed it to the dogs. From now on, there will be no freedom of speech without permission from the ‘woke’.

Outside, new generations are rallied to wave their new rainbow flag high in the wind, reading: “peace”. There is now so much peace that, if you listen carefully, you can hear mainstream professional associations gently snoring. It is client negligence at its finest.

Drama at the Gay Parade

The interested parts of the world already know by now that the progressive professional organizations are all politically in bed together. People who care about this subject have decided on which side they are. The best approach is to go on the offense. We relentlessly demonstrate our research and cause them to have to repeat our talking points to argue with them.

We must lead the narrative once again. We must drag the word “Bisexuality” and “Questioning” to our side of the arena. Did you know that they are now even appropriating the word “Asexual” (the A in LGBTQIA+++)?

How do these guys look when proudly marching around at a Gay Parade with no sexual drive at all? Looking forward to it. Fancy having no drama! At the Gay Parade?

Job Berendsen, MD, former gay activist.