Exploring your full sexual potential, part 38: ‘The ancient myths of changelings”

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Beliefs in “changelings” are as old as the hills. In every culture and civilization, rumors were whispered of a secret true self, gradually issuing forth into the lives of a small group of exceptional people: the emerging of “changelings”. Rational science would seem to have tackled these flings of imagination. But they are back. Two decades of  radical-gay activism are shaping the moral landscape. Everyone is to feel new sentiments that “changelings’ do indeed dwell among us. How does this well orchestrated and frantic campaign intrude on your efforts to come to grips with your feelings?

1. Brainwashing

One human trait which we are currently led to believe can “change” is gender. Radical activists want you to embrace a multitude of trains of thought that they have created. The website apath.org invites you to take your pick. They even define 81 different genders as of January 2022. And those guys are not done yet.

It is as if HM Queen Elizabeth II is smashing a champagne bottle each Friday at the shipbuilding docks in Liverpool to celebrate the launch of yet another new gender.

These guys build new ships and sink old ones to the bottom of the sea. Like ancient druids passing on new wisdom, they purge all that previously was. We shiver in horror as radical activists crush the availability of books on sexology that they don’t like. It has been named the Cancel Culture and it is the talk of the day.

Fanatism rages at American campuses; influencers gather followers in social media; online bookstores are under siege of law firms.

It is as if the British hero Lord Nelson is sinking the Spanish Armada, and as if he still has every right to do so in this day and age.

Victims are authors such as Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg from the Netherlands or Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr. from the USA. These writers have dared to defy the ideology of being ‘born that way’ and to defy an even newer truth that children can and should find and celebrate their ultimate destiny: their “changeling” identity, their membership of the opposite sex.

We know for a fact that up to 98% of all individuals get over their gender identity conflict as long as they are not affirmed in their confusion. It has proven to be a software issue with no compelling hardware components. It is a human right to gain insight.

2. Changelings in Stonehenge

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

At schools, in the media, through legislative councils, everywhere, the druids seek to further their cause. The annual Gay Pride Month has become the new Stonehenge, ceremonies carried out in the open, in the heat of the Summer Equinox, a moment that has captured the imagination of mankind for millennia. With temperatures rising, sweat glands pouring, with flags dominating the public space, all doubts are submerged in pools of novelty. Loudspeakers blast away as gay icon Cher sings “the beat goes on”.  ♫ Lahdi-dahdi-di, ♫ lahdi-dahdi-da ♫.

We have seen this delusional thinking before. There are fine examples of this gossip in the Middle Ages. It is called the myth of “changelings”. And it is back. But it is growing out of control. Anyone who struggles with same-sex attractions should know how those tales worked way back then and how these very same delusions affect your thinking in the present day of hypes and social media. The far-left is taking it one step too far in the eyes of many.

3. The history of changelings

A changeling is a human-like creature found in folklore and folk religion throughout Europe. He is also historically referred to as an auf or oaf. A changeling was believed to be a fairy that had been left in place of a human, stolen by the fairies.

A changeling is typically identifiable via several traits. In Irish legend, a fairy child may appear sickly and will not grow in size like a normal child, and may have notable physical characteristics such as a beard or long teeth. They may also display intelligence far beyond their apparent years, as well as possess uncanny insight.

A common way that a changeling could identify itself is through displaying unusual behavior when it thinks it is alone, such as jumping about, dancing, or playing an instrument.

Satan replaces baby child with a changeling

A human child might be taken due to many factors: to act as a servant, the love of a human child, or malice. Most often, it was thought that fairies exchanged the children. In rare cases, the very elderly of the fairy people would be exchanged in the place of a human baby, so that the old fairy could live in comfort, being coddled by its human parents. Simple charms such as an inverted coat or open iron scissors left where the child sleeps, were thought to ward them off; other measures included a constant watch over the child.

In medieval Scandinavia, it was believed that trolls considered it more respectable to be raised by humans than by their own kind, and would consequently seize the opportunity to give their own children a human upbringing.

Other folklore says that human milk is necessary for fairy children to survive. In these cases, either the newborn human child would be switched with a fairy baby to be suckled by the human mother or the human mother would be taken back to the fairy world to breastfeed the fairy babies. It is also thought that human midwives were necessary to bring fairy babies into the world.

Some stories tell of changelings who forget they are not human and proceed to live a human life. Changelings who do not forget, however, in some stories return to their fairy family, possibly leaving the human family without warning. The human child that was taken may often stay with the fairy family forever. Feeling connected to the fate of a changeling, some families merely turn their changeling loose to the wilderness.

4. Radical-lesbian rumors

In the present day, an extreme-left group of radical-feminist lesbians, working for an all-female law firm called the National Center of Lesbian Rights, San Francisco, started spreading rumors and novel stories in 2014.

NCLR CEO Kate Kendall

While she was heading for retirement and contemplating a self-erected monument to the world, CEO Kate Kendall launched the most vicious attack ever seen on any therapist who defies radical-gay ideology (the BornPerfect® campaign, Kate Kendall, San Francisco) calling it “conversion therapy”. And she is succeeding in a way that no activist has ever succeeded in silencing freedom of speech before. Please remember that her phrase is not a medical or otherwise professional term.

Therapists are accused of trying to change a “changed” person back again, converting them to their original state, so we are led to believe. Changelings are under siege, the new mantra. In a frenzy of paranoia, the NCLR has even dared to deploy unheard-of slander. Will they succeed? And, has it affected you?

Douglas Haldeman

The term “conversion therapy” was coined in1991 by Douglas C. Haldeman, an American psychologist who is a long-term gay activist with the sole aim of discrediting and banning all therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction. An exclusive gay identity as part of a genetic coincidence or variation (a changeling of sorts) is to be instituted as the solemn truth in his view, freeing people of the need to investigate their feelings. But in the decades that followed, science has not found any physical proof of that variation. He has been proven wrong in the year 2000 and again in 2019.

Luckily, the feminists at the NCLR, who are all lawyers, have come to their senses, according to the update on their activist website. They now write:

Most conversion therapy is just regular “talk therapy”.

We are slowly making progress.

5. Power games at the UN

But not so at the United Nations. The radical-gay lawyer lobby has been lying in ambush there for more than 15 years in the form of non-governmental “advisory groups”. As of 2021, this perseverance is paying off.

Victor Madrigal-Borloz

A comrade-in-arms, lawyer Victor Madrigal-Borloz from Costa Rica, was launched by the NCLR in 2015 to infiltrate the United Nations. He is orchestrating a full-scale medieval witch hunt with an unimaginable array of lies, smears, and fake news. He has no background in medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, or mental health care but is a lawyer connected to the Harvard School of Law, where he works as an activist.

2019 saw him decorated with the title of “Independent Expert” on the subject that the NCLR campaign had launched in 2014: “conversion therapy”. He is about to publish his narrative for the Council on Human Rights in 2022. Right from the start, it was his intention (Call for papers, 2018) to send regular talk therapy to the guillotine. His “Call” smelt trouble. And, yes, there it is in its full glory. He speaks of “LGBT people” as opposed to other people, which shows that the belief in ‘changelings’ lies at the heart of his War on Dissidence.

Who is he? We know him since 2015 when he cooperated with NCLR lawyer, Samantha Ames, and activist Samuel Brinton, in Geneva. He invited them to speak at a UN Committee meeting in which he presided. The radical-gay activist that he is, he felt that he needed to expand the Treaty Against Torture by including the newly fabricated term “conversion therapy”.

24 hours later, the two Sam’s were on their plane again, flying back to San Francisco. The term “conversion therapy” was added overnight to the UN list of Torture. No other speakers were allowed at the hearing.

Madrigal-Borloz poses as the Grand Wizard of Unknown Truths, anointed to slander therapy worldwide. Swirling the cloak of “Independent Expert”, we observe the druid speaking in strange legalistic tongues about, quote “victims” while audiences shiver with goose-bumps. This is prejudice from the word “go”.

Nowhere does he demonstrate that, for the UN, he also looked for, and tried to collect, positive experiences of individuals with therapists, and nowhere in his document are clients portrayed as independent individuals seeking their own truths at their own speed and in their own way. The notion of a ban on therapy is extremely condescending towards clients. They are painted as weak individuals, unable to make up their own minds and, hence, in need of a radical activist who will make up their mind for them. The ban is intended for clients of all ages.

He slanders and stigmatizes these professionals as

“people who attempt to pathologize and erase the identity of individuals, negate their existence as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or gender-diverse, and provoke self-loathing with profound consequences on their physical and psychological integrity and well-being”

Nowhere in this document are professionals portrayed as following evidence-based scientifically valid insights on the gay-related complex, a software issue. No mention is made of their working in a strongly regulated field with informed consent, professional standards, legal protection of clients and professionals alike, annual reports, supervision and team intervision, or any other tool of the trade.

A flag, 1.5 mile long, meant to intimidate dissidence, London 2019

The lawyer obviously has no idea what the professional field looks like. Perhaps we may even say that he has done a superb job to hide it from public view in an effort to influence lawmakers to use state-approved violence against dissidence. He is, after all, losing the battle against science. And that is when power games are called into play.

He has not consulted professional organizations, has not reviewed the scientific literature, has not interviewed therapists or given them the right for cross examination at his hearings, has not revealed his sources for robust fact-checking, has not published his so-called findings beforehand, nor has he invited criticism as is usual in professional world. His “findings” were not up to debate.

Finding common ground with the professional community is not something that this lawyer does for a living. The world just needs to take this activist’s word for it.

6. The world of complainers

The search for complainers after therapy has been closed

When it comes to complaining years after a period of therapy, we must stress that 10% of all adults and 20% of all juveniles are known in all surveys to say that they feel worse after ANY form of therapy, no matter what the subject matter is or whatever methods were employed, not just in the realm of sexology. This is standard knowledge in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

A complainer who is explicitly invited to come around and do some good old complaining will just not do as an excuse for imprisoning professionals and ruining them financially, after which they are banned for life. The Dutch law of 2019, for example, acknowledges a 5-year deadline for complaints. None of Madrigal’s cases meet this legal requirement.

It is, may we say, easy money for this therapybasher at the UN: just find a complainer or two, and you are in business with their dramatic hysterics and all. You can find dissatisfaction in every waiting room, including the clinic of the gay-affirmative therapist. But an objective account of this chap and his waiting room is nowhere to be found in Madrigal’s document.

Not a single client who has felt damaged by a Gay Affirmative Therapist has been interviewed, let alone sought after, to come around to tell his tale to the United Nations. Complainers about Gay Affirmative Therapy apparently do not exist.

Nor can we examine the harm that these clients experienced, if we are enticed to see this so-called “independent” examination to be the sole framework of reference for law and incarceration. Not a syllable is dedicated to their woe and lifelong harm caused by Gay Affirmative Therapy and the intimidating dominance of the rainbow-colored flag. The last measurements were 2.5 miles. Try being deviant to THAT.

There have been no interviews with anyone who has benefited greatly from psychotherapy. And yet, they are the overwhelming majority. These people apparently don’t exist, neither are their interests safeguarded by the UN. Who is at risk here?

Most importantly, a critical report sent to Madrigal in 2019 by the Science and Research Committee  of the British IFTCC has been shredded and disposed of. Not a single professional argument of theirs, with which Madrigal was challenged, was addressed in his paper.

Madrigal’s prejudiced setup constitutes hate speech against scientific rigorous research, making the UN Council on Human Rights a hate group.

7. The changeling mythology

Back to the myth of changelings. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as suddenly coming out “gay” or coming out “transgender”. It is not something that you ARE, but something that you temporarily FEEL. That temporary nature can last a long time, perhaps even a lifetime, but that does not alter the argument. “Gay” or “transgender” does not exist as a physical entity, as an immutable and ingrained part of the person, gradually issuing forth into the lives of a small group of exceptional people. Science now knows for sure.

In 2019, a huge genetic research effort on a half-million persons revealed no specific set or subset of genes or epigenes, nor a consistently present configuration of genetic material which inevitably leads to being a gay or a transgendered human. Their existence is a myth.

There are many believers of this myth, but the size of the crowd does not alter the plain truth, namely that we are all the same in our possession of the full spectrum of sexual potential. We are all equally endowed.

This does not mean that the person, therefore, consumes each and all parts at any given moment, but he/she does not lack any part of the full spectrum potential either. The boundaries between sexual preferences are fluent, and they are fluid. They can, and usually are, on the move, sooner or later.

Sexual preference and thoughts about identity are a software issue, and a software issue only. There is no hardware involved. You do not possess a specific seed, or biological germ, or gay gene, or anything physical reality which inevitably causes you to have feelings. You have feelings, most certainly; you exhibit behavior, most certainly; but that does not point to a specific separate underlying sexuality. That is the most significant insight of the 21st century.

You possess the full spectrum of possibilities at all times. You have not changed into a mutant. There is nothing immutable. You are not a “changeling” even though, at times, it may feel that way.

This means that the notion of “sexual orientations” is outdated. Many see them as a fixed human trait, as part of “who you are” or “really are”. The notion should be replaced by the word “preference”, and these preferences can come and go, as millions of people continuously demonstrate. No harm done. And no, these millions are not yet another form of “changelings”.

8. Conclusion

The fight against myths is the biggest challenge that we moderates are facing. Myths are so primitive, so tribal, and so enticing that they drown out logical thinking. And huge rainbow-colored flags, which are nothing more than immense projection screens meaning whatever you want them to mean, aren’t very helpful either. They are everywhere, occupying the whole public space.

We have a problem as a society. But you also have a problem in your mind. In this article, we have debunked the myths of our time. Now you know how it works. The next step is to feel it.

To be continued.

Job Berendsen, MD.