David van Gend: “Banning therapy, banning liberty”

Dr. David van Gend

David van Gend is a Queensland doctor and president of the Australian Marriage Forum. At the Church and State Summit in Brisbane in February 2019, he gave a talk about the current situation in the Australian state of Victoria. The new Labour Party premier Daniel Andrews is currently doing his share of work for the therapy-ban, which the National Center of Lesbian Rights in San Francisco called for in 2014. “If there are no spontaneous complaints, then find them”, such is the campaign slogan.

A biased study group found just 15 disgruntled Australians with bad outdated stories to tell about so-called “religious conversion therapy”. They never interviewed persons who were not disgruntled,  and who had perhaps happily left the LGBT-world behind them. This was not a study seeking academic balance; it was a hit job on pastors, doctors and counsellors who dare to defy LGBT orthodoxy.

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A unifying theory of the term ‘homophobia’, part 3: the political perspective

Homophobia is part of the ideology of homosexism, and its use implies that homosexuality actually exists as a separate physical entity and that hence people can be labeled ‘homosexual’. By using the word ‘homophobia’, the speaker is forced to conform to that mind-frame, whether he agrees or not. The term has great negative political implications for society. The flag size grows bigger by the year, as does repression of other views on sexuality. Continue reading A unifying theory of the term ‘homophobia’, part 3: the political perspective