Examining the hate speech of transsexism, Part 1

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It all started in 2017 with National Geographic Magazine writing on its cover Gender revolution: The best thing about being a girl is, I don’t have to pretend to be a boy”. An adorable child was portrayed on the photo; the message was aimed at the heart of the readers. It is reminiscent of the Bernini statue of the “Ecstasy of Saint Theresa” in Rome (1652) where an arrow from a prepubescent angel aims to pierce the heart of the almost orgasmic adult female saint. By 2018, the transgender issue was on television at least once a day. In 2022, it is on television at least once per hour. What is this invasion? It is the result of an ideology: transsexism. What are we to make of it? Let us follow through on a rational critical view, one step at a time.

The Extasy of St. Theresa, Rome

Transsexism is a hatred toward your own genes, the need to call this hatred normal, and the need to impose this mind-frame onto others. It is a protest against possessing sex-chromosomes, hatred toward the way they work, and a compulsion to seek affirmation of the fact that this self-hatred is totally justified.

It is harmful because it finds its roots in aggression toward the own body. In psychiatry, gender confusion belongs in the category of the auto-aggressive complexes, renowned for their high level of morbidity and mortality (suffering and deaths). 35% of the affected individuals die directly or indirectly from the condition, the highest score in whole psychiatry.

Having many mental problems is the rule; finding a fully adjusted adult living with peace of mind does occur, but it is a rare exception. In all the history of psychiatry, this syndrome has caused the greatest of concern in the medical community.

Here, the body is perceived as the root of all evil. If this confusion is left unchecked, the aggression can then spill over toward others and become a social issue, in the way that volcanic lava can flow out of the crater onto the neighboring villages.

Since the start of the so-called ‘gender revolution’ at the Johns Hopkins University Clinic in 1956, healthy bodies are becoming the victim of medical experiments. The founder, Dr. Paul McHugh (professor in psychiatry), regards it as the biggest mistake in his life. He looks back in anger. The experiments aimed to erase the appearance of some striking aspects of gender in the hope that these procedures will subsequently lead to the erasure of the pain of gender confusion itself. However, McHugh saw a cascade coming to life. One gender-erasing procedure lead within months to a subjective need for more physical and social procedures. Satisfaction was almost never reached.

Prof. Dr. Paul McHugh, psychiatrist

McHugh found that the victim is likely to feel trapped in a treadmill of more complaints about his body, his appearance, his voice, etc. etc. Activists call this “health care”. But this is not health care in the normal sense of the word; in fact, it has nothing to do with it.

Harry Benjamin, trans activist

An activist group of die-hards, united in the Harry Benjamin Foundation, set out to defy McHughs’ conclusions and to keep beating on the drum of the ‘revolution’. Quack doctors stepped in and, to this day, advertise their trade as gender-affirming” procedures. In reality, they actually perform delusion-affirming procedures. It has morphed into a multi-million industry, with a great personal financial interest in appeasing the needs of confused adolescents and adults alike.

Pharmaceutical companies have stepped in to sponsor these gender-erasing facilities, in the hope that the current off-label use (= improper use) of their hormones and drugs will ultimately lead to the opening of a new market for their products. According to whistle-blowers, millions of dollars have been granted and even more have been promised to these doctors “at the forefront of the movement” in the future.

On Breitbart, we read:

“Puberty blocker manufacturers are behind much of the push to normalize child sex-change attempts, funding doctors at pediatric transgender clinics, activist groups, and medical organizations that promote the practice.

“Support trans kids, queer love is queer power”

One of the many ways that puberty blocker manufacturers seem to be working to normalize child transgenderism is through the financial compensation of doctors who aid the sex change attempts of children 

Breitbart News has revealed that multiple directors of transgender clinics have received compensation from companies that produce puberty blockers. Even more revealing, however, is that these doctors are frequently paid for “consulting” services that are specifically tied to the puberty blocking drugs. 

ProPublica found that doctors prescribe a drug more often when they have received payments from pharmaceutical companies, especially payments pertaining to that specific drug. Should this trend hold true, this would mean these doctors are more likely to prescribe these puberty blocking drugs to children who want to change their sex.

Many of the doctors have received payment from Endo Pharmaceuticals, specifically for their work as consultants regarding the drug Supprelin LA. Supprelin LA is frequently used off-label as a puberty blocker for children who are attempting to change their sex.

Of the top ten recipients of money from Endo Pharmaceuticals in payments related to Supprelin LA in the year 2018, at least three of the doctors work in clinics that aid child sex-change attempts”.

As a serious side-effect, these quacks have been found to aggravate the mental tension inside the mind of the confused patient. At the end of the day, off-label surgery and inappropriate hormones affirm and amplify the self-hatred and serve to denounce the innate genetic normalcy which lies dormant in each and every individual in spite of his transient mental condition.

Mental problems and suicidality are wrongfully labeled as concomitant, that is to say: existing coincidentally. The cause of this aggravation of mental symptoms is then projected outward by patient and by quack alike to the outside world. We observe the pair holding each other’s hand in an imaginary fight against society.

They boldly stand firm in the last stance of, say, indigenous people facing extinction, the last of the Mohicans (1757). This romantic portrayal of stirring heroism fills hours of prime-time television (Netflix, etc.) to the likes of the 19th-century storytellers Mark Twain and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Transsexism leads to prejudice and discrimination against average citizens, people who base their everyday knowledge on the science of genetics, and against people who have gone into and then left the trans-delusional world of self-hatred and self-denial. They are stigmatized and persecuted with new labels as “cissexist” and “retransition-fascists”, respectively. They are spat upon. A new label, “cissexism”, is promoted to stigmatize any contradiction of the new doctrines.

Any action, speech, law, practice, or media representation that hides or erases the fact that gender confusion subsides in almost 98% of the cases as long as the delusion is not affirmed, is fundamentally transsexist.

To be continued

Job Berendsen, MD.