Examing the hate speech of transsexism, part 3: Defining new “era’s”

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In the Netherlands, a group called the Transgender Network has outraged many. Parliament is deeply divided. The group issued a 5-point proclamation in September 2022 to encourage legislators to adopt a new law, making it possible for all children of all ages to merely write a letter to the authorities and ask to change their official sex registration if they are so inclined. And to be affirmed in their wisdom. Not old enough to steer a car to the right but old enough to make destiny swing in the opposite direction. Many citizens feel overwhelmed by the preposterous claims.

Let us start by analyzing the first two statements with which this small fringe of activists seeks to entice the crowds. The other three will be dealt with later. In their statements, they try to make “transitioning” sound healthy, safe, and sound. Is all criticism unfair?

Statement #1:

“The era that transgender people were thought to suffer from a disorder lies behind us”.

1.a “An era”

The Time Spirits

“Era”, these extremists say, making it sound as if critical thinking just withers away over time. There is no such thing as the “Time Spirit” or an imaginary god of “Progress” rushing forward. Have I got news for you! That “era” that supposedly lies behind us, is back again, or rather: it has never vanished unless you are ignorant of the scientific debate that has always been going on, or are in a state of denial. This time around, critical thinkers have science unequivocally on their side and can safely puncture a hole in the bubble of this sad media frenzy or “revolution” as some journalists put it.

In this third decade of the new millennium, we witness scientific dawn. Emancipation issues thrust their shadow forward, leaving the radicals to lag behind.

Three years ago, massive research into the genetics of half a million persons who label themselves LGBTQIA+++ demonstrated that transgenderism and same-sex attractions are a software issue and a software issue only. We now live in a time frame where we are allowed to contradict the flawed train of thought in the activist statement mentioned above, knowing that all we say is backed up by a huge array of recent relevant facts.

We can safely retort:

“The era that gender-confused people could insist that they were “born that way” lies behind us”.

We must rewrite the dominant narrative. It is an ideological mistake to write that a person can actually be a “transgender”. It is far more correct to write that an individual is temporarily a “victim of gender confusion”. As long as the confusion is not affirmed, 98% of the victims get over it and proceed to lead a healthy life, according to the Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual, 5th edition, the diagnostic guideline from the American Psychiatric Association. Only 2% appear to persist.

The condition is not something you necessarily have forever and ever; no, the agonizing state of mind is temporary as long as the individual keeps all options open.

1.b “Disorder”

The word “disorder” that activists quote, is outdated.

These days, psychiatrists prefer to see this state of mind (and also other auto-aggressive impulses) as a complex of emotions in the present and events in the past, leading to the creation of this outlandish condition in the mind as a coping mechanism to deal with reality, for lack of better. But things can indeed get better, as long as the mental problems are not located (projected) into the body or society, that is to say: projected into other people. You can only get over your problems, emotions, confusion, and hang-ups once you start to own them and acknowledge them as your very own challenge.

1.c “Suffer”

As far as “suffering” is concerned in the above sentence of the activists, do people suffer? Yes, their comment is spot-on. They go to great extremes to conceal the level of auto-aggression (aggression toward the self). It leads to self-killing in 35% of the cases (the highest of all conditions in psychiatry). When “treatment” starts in terms of “transitioning”, it leads to gross bodily harm (40%) in the sense of cancers, strokes, heart attacks, and thromboses stemming from the presence of inappropriate hormones injected into the bloodstream. In all other realms of medicine, this doctor’s behavior is almost criminal; why not here?

The internist gets a lot of work on his plate. But so does the psychiatrist.

The condition itself and the inappropriate hormones lead to therapy-resistant depressions which are a direct consequence of hormonal imbalances. Normal doses of anti-depressant drugs will not do, and when elevated levels of drugs are used, successful suicides are a predictable consequence because these drugs give so much energy that it becomes easier to get it “over and done with” (suicide) than to face a year’s hard work of painful psychotherapy at a minimum.

Another blow, namely the fact that your capabilities to reproduce are fading into the sunset, usually hits the victim like a hurricane at a certain point.

Of course, he/she cannot express this on social media where most victims spend their time and find their “support”. After all, you only get Internet ‘Likes’ with a likable smile on your face, not with a frown. Except if you can blame someone else, which can make you a Youtube starlet once again, finding recognition in the Cloud with its selfies and thumbs-up gestures. You belong. And that blaming is directed at others, the out-crowd, to which you have chosen not to belong.

1.d Late-onset remorse

Psychiatrists observe that late-onset remorse eclipses the early-onset honeymoon with its surgical and hormonal interventions.

Giant-size surreal eyelashes

After age 30, many gender-confused victims who boast about their new breasts and sport their convincing hairdos and gigantic surreal eyelashes, witness a sad array of funerals in their self-inflicted “community”. They see and are horrified about how life expectancy is almost slashed in half.

The daily life of “transition” becomes an obsession that knows no end. Clothes, make-up, jewelry, voice training, more surgery, more self-doubt, more selfies, and more visits to the GP to check if all is well. Not to mention the isolation of drifting away from your full genetic potential to be as normal as everyone else. You are normal but you have your doubts and, sadly, have taken a wrong turn in life.

At age 16, you thought that a change of gender would kiss it better. Did you know that at age 18, almost all recruits in the army think they can take on the whole world and will not get killed or maimed in battle? Their horizon is infinite. They think they are invincible, or rather, they don’t give it a thought. That is the very reason that new soldiers are always recruited or conscripted at age 17 or 18, and not at age 40. The same applies to the “transgender revolution”. Perhaps it is wise to put an age restriction on genital mutilation, castration, and toxic levels of inappropriate hormones. What say you? Age 40? I’m serious.

Statement #2:

“The gender identity of transgender and non-binary youths is just as consistent as the identity of cisgender youths.”

2.1 Slow down

What a one-liner! Slow down, pal. Let’s chop this down and take it one step at a time.

The truth is that “cisgender” youths do not exist as such. You are either in a transient state of gender confusion and gender-confused, or you have swung back into being, or always were, non-confused. But you can swing into confusion, nevertheless. To and fro. There is nothing consistent about it.

How does it feel? Confusion hurts, non-confusion doesn’t. Confusion is a big deal, non-confusion isn’t. Gender confusion and keeping up appearances for those who have decided that the changes to the body are long overdue is a full-time occupation. Experiencing no confusion isn’t.

Those are not two different people. You are one and the same. Gender confusion is not your destiny; I grant you that it can very well be an all-consuming predicament but it is not your fate. 98% get over it as long as it is not hyped. And activists will hide that fact as part of their delusional masquerade. Only by use of state-approved violence, the law, can they impose their view onto others, can they get non-confused individuals to shut up and become cheering squads. And get non-believers to face prison sentences for non-compliance.

There is nothing nice, tolerant, and diverse about this movement: the Henry Benjamin Foundation takeover of the age-old Gay Liberation Front, baby boomers running out of gas after gay marriage is now so normal and boring. “Gay” divorce rates have even knocked “Straight” divorce rates from the charts. And “Straights” were bad!

The trannies are heavenly sent. As soon as their mantras are embedded in law, chiseled in stone, then the ideology will become fixed, as solid as a rock. Stones don’t move. Hence, radical activism kills the see-saw of debate, or “dialectics” as philosophers put it, the dialogue. Things will stay fixed for decades to come. And standing still is always a form of retardation, of setbacks in the advance of social movements.

2.2 The identity of “cisgenders”

It is unfair to stigmatize non-confused people as being a certain kind of person. Gender confusion in the individual comes and goes. Therefore, the identity of non-confused youths is not consistent: it can change and it does change, back and forth. Therefore, the identity of “cisgenders” is not consistent. Every gender-confused person was non-confused once. The myth that a state of non-confusion never existed in the mind of the confused is the rewriting of personal history. It is a social construct, a baloney story that you can get away with in the media.

If a “transgender” activist tells you the story on TV or in the legislative chambers that it felt that way since age 5, ask him/her about the Tooth Fairy. He, no doubt, believed that too at age 5. As most five-year-olds do. But we must not allow that to be the foundation for legislation to silence other, more adult, views once this neurotic (=based on childhood traumas) victim rises to power.

Is he a danger? Yes, sir, he is as dangerous as the Pope is Catholic. The childhood traumas of a neurotic activist are overtaking the whole individual at adult age. His unprocessed and unchallenged thought content seeks to reign supreme to get to your kid and “help” him defy the essence, the workings, and the understanding of the miracle of genes. The activist seeks to reproduce his predicament in as many youngsters as he and his bubble can get their hands on.

And, as a means of leverage, they always use the greatest tool of them all: the victim role.

Normality is seen as a lurking menace to children, a doom, an ill-fated mistake made by Mother Nature herself. Transitioning is your heritage. Normality is defined as the biggest genetic disorder that can overcome an innocent child. Worse than Down’s syndrome, worse than Huntington’s genetic dementia, worse than Fragile X syndrome. Castration facilities need to be called to the rescue, it is “all hands on deck”.

We live in the era where scientific evidence has it all sorted out. Gender confusion is not a fixed state, it comes and goes. In doing so, it cannot be a hardware issue because hardware issues are persistent. If 98% of the cases demonstrate swings in the degree of confusion, then the condition can only be explained by software theory. No hardware theory, however imaginative, fits the facts. In other words, gender identity is not consistent.

2.3 The ruthlessness of legislation, a pirates’ tale

If activists want new gender identities to be written into passports and other official documents because it would be a consistent change of identity, then this stance is not backed up by science. There is nothing consistent about it.

All psychiatrists worldwide agree on this issue, including the American Psychiatric Association. The scientific field sees activists stealthily infiltrating organizations per Rudi Dutschke’s ‘Long March Through The Institutions’, a radical-leftwing tactic from Germany of the seventies, long gone.

Like pirates, they sneak up in an almost invisible dinghy and hoist themselves onto a ship in the dead of night. No wind or moon, not a ripple on the surface of the sea. On tiptoes, they pitter-patter to the bridge and perform a total take-over, cutting a talkative throat here and there, while the crew below-deck is fast asleep. The next morning, a guy who looks like the captain makes his grand entrance, wearing a dress, ta-da, and orders new messages to be sent to the press.

On land, however, the keen telegraph operator sounds the alarm bell and rushes to his superiors: “Sirs, we have signals from that vessel at sea. Look carefully: telegrams. Sirs, I believe it is fake news”.

The Titanic is once again heading for disaster with few to tell the tale.

Bottom line: there is nothing consistent about the “Transgender Revolution”. In the fogs of disinformation, in the darkness of deliberate fake news, the vessel of Progress is heading for an iceberg. The first mate who hid in a closet during the nightly Battle of the Era’s makes his way to the bridge and grasps the microphone: ‘Attention all passengers! Abandon ship! Women and children first!’

To be continued,

Job Berendsen, MD.