Trans-activists protest against labeling fossiles merely ‘male’ or ‘female’

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Radical-trans activists are pushing to bar anthropologists from identifying human remains as “male” or “female”, arguing that scientists cannot know how ancient individuals identified themselves. Therefore, the science of archeology is transphobic and needs to be reformed so that the remains of prehistoric transgenders will not be misgendered when they are displayed in a museum. Does this distorted approach to reality have any boundaries? A frenzy is spilling over social media since 2010 but medicine has its standards, and objective psychiatry has dealt with frenzies before.

1. Frenzies galore

Take, for example, the recovered-memory debate of the 1990’s. Hundreds of people were recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse, conjured up in new-fangled therapies (Recovered Memory Therapy, RMT) where it was believed that repressed or dissociated memories had to be recovered in order for the person to ‘heal’. Countless defendents were dragged to the stand. The notion has since ruined the lives of thousands of alleged abusers, none of whom turned out to be guilty. The RMT crowd is silent, these days. But frenzies are back in business and a huge challenge now lies ahead of us. How mentally healthy are we to proclaim these advocates when they argue for the trans-rights of bones, uncovered in the desert?

2. Trans activists worry about bones

In a tweet on the 4th of July 2022, Canadian Master’s degree candidate Emma Palladino took to Twitter earlier this month to point out that archaeologists who find transgender bones one day “will assign them the same gender as they had at birth.” On Twitter, the activists insist that the concept in archeology of only being male or female is not natural but “imposed by Christian colonizers”, making archeology merely a social construct.

Most current database systems do not permit comparison of missing to unidentified across different binary sex categories. We engage directly with the wider forensic science community to explore ways to dismantle damaging and ineffective practices in the investigative process. We also reach out to law enforcement departments which may have cases involving a gender-variant decedent and offer our services as forensic genetic genealogists.”

Archeology is “damaging and ineffective”, so they tweet, and these quacks consider themselves to be “forensic genetic experts”. We are looking in the face of the “born that way” hoax at it finest.

From the viewpoint of objective psychiatry, we see pseudo-scientists stepping over all the red lines in the book of mental health. We urgently need to build up a case against these self-appointed experts” and not to merely grin and shrug our shoulders. Never may they make their way into politics or the United Nations. Science compels us to put their behavior on the weighing scales like we do with boxers before they start their match. The Democratic Party in the US, in particular, has politicized science and these activists call themselves radical. But we cannot afford yet another scientific train of thought to be flushed down the drain of their polarizing activism.

3. The traffic lights of psychiatry

In psychiatry, there are traffic lights to control professional moves when doing research and therapy. A green light says the client definitely has a problem but he can do well with guidance and clarity; an orange light says says ‘slow down, you are going too fast, try to come to a halt’; a red light means ‘no go’.

– In the realm of gender confusion, a green light (guidance) is held up to a client who tries to make sense of a lack of identity, lack of self-appreciation, and wishful thinking. Sometimes, cross-dressing even is found to be very not-done and therefore sexually arousing. Nothing to worry about. He’ll do fine in the end.

– An orange light (Slow down!) is flashed in the face of a client who hates his own body, who sees body and mind as two separate entities, and who feels that spare parts and special lubricants (hormones) are needed to replace and finetune dysfunctional parts of limbs and organs that he just “happens” to find himself possessing. Assigned at birth” is the most common phrase used in this self-harming behavior. He won’t do fine: watch it, buddy! Psychiatrists refer to this as disorders of thought and feeling (disassociations)”. The association or connection of “body and mind” is lost. He may get over it but only under certain conditions.

In up to 98% of the cases, the victim will automatically learn to seek other coping mechanisms than hostility towards his own body and, as a form of projection, towards others (“society”). He will/must learn to integrate mind and body once more, a long-forgotten innate connection that apparently has oozed out of sight.

– The red no-go light means “Oh no you don’t!” This counts for all client instances of self-harm, self-mutilation, self-starvation, self-stabbing, and self-killing (suicide); that is to say when the mental anguish is suddenly directed as a coping mechanism at the physical self to gain relief. It is the deeply troubled mind acting in a frenzy like a drowning swimming victim, suddenly sucked away by the undercurrent at a shallow beach. His arms frantically jerk up and down. He may very well not resurface alive. It is the deadliest condition in all psychiatry.

A red light is also pointed at all professionals who cross the Great Dividing Line by going along with juvenile mutterings and to help” turn mental problems into physical problems, that is: who help deflect mental problems onto the physical self. Mental problems are what they are but they need to remain mental at all times, not physical. There is nothing wrong with the human body, it is a given; gender identity conflict is merely an (excruciating) waterfall of feelings, nothing to be jealous about, stuff for a bestseller novel to the likes of Lewis Caroll or for a reality show on Netflix, but almost always a transient mental affair. This has been recognized for decades. Don’t make it worse. The only thing objectively “trans” about trans is the fact that it is transient.

4. Who has the right to speak out?

The favorite speakers on the media, the die-hards who do not wish to get over it and who have a spectacular tale to tell, are not the true representatives of the confusional state. Only those who have been there and have come back again, have the right to speak out in the social debate. Only they know the full scope of the issue. Only they can share, guide, and warn.

Proud and out” transgenders who make their way to the podium and camera lens are only half the story. And that will not do.

Biden’s appearance at the “International Transgender Visibility Day” in 2022 and his generous promise of $3 billion for gender-erasing facilities, is a way for him to rally support for a partisan mid-term election ticket. But those who had gotten over it (70-98% of the victims) were not invited to be equally “visible”. They have been pushed and marginalized into invisibility.

Biden’s staff is lobbying for legislation which it falsely calls “The Equality Act”. There is nothing really “equal” about equality acts. We pose the question: are self-stabbers and self-mutilators really equal to those who put a question mark behind their struggle? By sowing victim-hood and reaping brute political force in the process, the trans” die-hards bloom and go in for the kill while the trans” recoverers wither away and rot from view. A historic mistake, as seen so often in the radical-left movement where social errors have systematically been denied (Ceausescu, Honecker, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Mao, Dutschke, North Korea). And in the radical-right movement too, for that matter.

5. The red lights in psychiatry

The red lights of psychiatry are valid at all times when vulnerable persons are entrusted to you. But what when radical activists pour in, compelled by their non-democratically debated agenda, and take over the institutions that constitute the framework, the fabric, of our society which is built on trust and mutual cooperation? What when they succeed in infiltrating the very organizations who profess to be non-political but merely instrumental for the common good? Castration of juveniles will follow. Dissidents go to jail. Parents are put out of their parental custody over their children. And extremist law-firms write policies and gather funding for more measures, for the total control of the narrative. And as of 2022, in a frenzy as if the end of the world is nigh (“Radical Trans Rights Now”), they scrape momentum for the highest trophy of them all, the UN.

Western civilization stands at a momentous turning point, with few people realizing the impact.

The LGBT Association of Veterinarians (“Gay Vets”) is now cheering for their castration procedures to be done on children, calling human castration medically necessary and “trans rights”.

As of 2022, extremists are at large. It is like the Great Pyramid at Mexico City where ruthless chieftain priests before 1492 let the gore of blood spill over the stairways to heaven, to the Sun God.

The radicalized and extremist ‘Association of LGBT Psychiatrists’ that was once merely an odd self-stigmatizing fringe opposing the moderate-gay movement, is coming to power not by arguing but by silencing.

In psychiatry, they have introduced weapons of mass-destruction: the ‘Cancel Culture’. Thousands of mainstream psychiatrists and psychologists are bullied into silence, unheard and unseen. As if buried in a graveyard, they silently fade away. The winners of the US Culture Wars adore not the Sun but the Rainbow.

Under a multi-colored sky, children head for the removal of gender by knife and by needle. How on earth can a 10-year-old give informed consent if he was already forced to undergo “Happy Trans Day” at his school at age 6, just because he was a sissy? With everybody clapping?

Cunningly, the trolls are running over the American Psychiatric Association. The new President of the APA is an openly radical gay extremist, backed up by his constituency, the fringe. The “Long March through the Institutions”, as German revolutionary Rudi Dutschke (1940-1979) would say, is paying off. They are at the helm.

We moderates feel that it takes relentless self-criticism to ensure that we are not becoming pirates and cut-throats while we entice youngsters to proudly”conquer the waves.

Mutiny on the Bounty

Are we becoming like Captain Bligh, a harsh Englishman on his vessel, the Bounty, conquering the seas? After all, power satisfies a great hunger, especially if you feel, as many activists do, that (distorted) memories of your past make you infinitely entitled toward others.

Watch it, buddy”, we say to ourselves. What am I doing, what do feel? Am I right and is the other guy wrong at all times, as the Gay Agenda of 1989 insists, the founding parchment in the treasure chest of gay radicalization, written by advertisement professionals Kirk and Madsen (rule #3: “Make the other guy look bad at all times”)?

Charles Melear writes in 2015 about this activist prose:

“The startling shift in American attitudes toward gays and same-sex marriage is not the result of chance or random events. More than a quarter century ago, two gay strategists laid out a plan (download The Gay Agenda) to ruthlessly transform the nation—with astounding success.”

6. The re-branding of normality

Let us look at how some individuals, in an excited tone of voice, re-brand normality and why we can do no other than challenge it vehemently. They promote “trans” as the new happiness. We observe, from our vantage point, that we are dealing with death, anguish, and suffering, the highest level of morbidity and mortality in all of psychiatry. We have the statistics on our side.

What are the criteria that need to be met to achieve a common ground in our field, the profession of guidance and healing?

For one: removing testicles cannot be called “healing”, as these quacks insist. Those balls are doing fine, they dangle all by themselves. Respecting the integrity of the human body is a basic human right. Without it, any Human Rights Charter is a farce. I send my tom-cat to the vet for “help”, but my boy?

For two: removing growth (puberty-blocking) cannot be called “child support”, as these quacks insist. Every child has the inalienable right to grow up as dictated by his genes, the fabric of the self at the deepest level. Medically, a human (all life, for that matter) is first and foremost the working of the genes, as can be seen when the one-celled human ovum after conception starts dividing from one cell into two, and so forth. The genetically induced growing-up process is inalienable.

As stated before: without it, any Human Rights Charter is a farce. Without it, the recognition of human rights becomes merely a matter of opinion. And sadly, such is the conviction of our radicalized colleagues: it just depends on how you look at it’.

For three: cross-dressing in public cannot be called social adjustment for adolescents, fitting-in with the neighbors, as these quacks insist.

Did I just hear you think that it is then up to the neighbor to do the fitting in? If so, then that train of thought will lead to sectarianism, or as the English say: “to each his own”, a fragmented society, or as radical-gay activists proudly put it: a society consisting of well-defined communities”.

7. Conclusion

A red line is crossed when mental issues are actively turned into physical ones and when the integrity of the human body is no longer sacred in medicine. Activists are hijacking the American Psychiatric Association, stretching its impact on the Western narrative to a tipping point. And if psychiatry is now forced by hijackers to proclaim that human bones alive are not what they may seem, then there is no reason for archeology to take a different stance. Bones of a seemingly “female” can be just as “transitioned” into becoming male in the dead as they are “transitioned” in the living.

Psychiatry has dealt with frenzies before, but the radical-activists’ ‘Long March through the Institutions’ is organized to be just as ferocious as an army of killer-ants devastating the Amazon jungle. The world has a problem.

To be continued.

Job Berendsen, MD.