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Science finds no genetic origin of homosexual behavior

In 2019, science proved for once and for all that there is no genetic proof for the slogan ‘born that way”, that is to say, born with an exclusive potential for homosexual behavior and a total lack of heterosexual capacity. When studying sexuality, there are no genetic differences to be found between so-called “groups” who would have separate sexualities. Genetically identifiable groups do not exist.

To this end, the full genetic makeup of a half million random people in the US and the UK was chartered by a team of scientists. It was published in the magazine Science on the 4th of September 2019 by Benjamin Neale and 19 international colleagues.

There is certainly no single genetic determinant for same-sex behavior (sometimes referred to as the “gay gene” in the media). All measured common variants do not allow meaningful prediction of an individual’s sexual preference. The researchers emphasize the importance of resisting simplistic conclusions”. Continue reading Science finds no genetic origin of homosexual behavior

Homosexuality is not caused by genes: the facts

In his book “My Genes Made Me Do It” (2013) Dr. Neil E. Whitehead analyses the huge amount of scientific research that has proved that homosexuality is not a genetic trait but that it is due to environmental factors. The author works as a research scientist for the United Nations and for the government of New Zealand. Continue reading Homosexuality is not caused by genes: the facts

David Pickup speaks up against bans on therapeutic counselling of Questioning Youths

In the New Mexico legislative counsel in 2017, therapist David Pickup spoke up. The LGBT lobby in the USA, led by the extremely wealthy radical gay-feminist law firm NLCR from California, is trying to outlaw (SB121) all forms of professional counselling of youngsters who have questions about their homo-erotic desires. They only endorse counselling by homosexual activists who insist youngsters adopt the gay label from an early age as possible, preferably age 10. David confronted them with the facts. Continue reading David Pickup speaks up against bans on therapeutic counselling of Questioning Youths

Gay Identity as Fashionable

In his recent update on his book on “Attachment Loss”, the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi wrote about the recent scientific discoveries and research into the subject of homosexuality. Only weeks prior to his untimely death this month, he published a new edition of his wonderful guide for therapists: “Attachment Loss”. Let us take a look at some of his writings: Continue reading Gay Identity as Fashionable

The problem with ‘coming out gay’

On a Dutch television program, we see two young Dutch gay men in Disneyland, Paris, who had decided to adopt the gay label, as they lament the fact that they cannot conceive children and lead a normal straight life. The program is all about this misfortune of theirs. They are encouraged by friends to go for adoption. The remarks they made in the first two minutes of the program are worth looking into, because it explains the difference between the approach of Gay Affirmative Therapy and Reparative Therapy. Continue reading The problem with ‘coming out gay’

Huffington Post: “The epidemic of gay loneliness”

In the Huffington Post edition of March 2nd 2017, Michael Hobbes has written an extensive article about the abundant loneliness of the current gay lifestyle. He describes the psychiatric problems to be found in the gay community, and which do not diminish in spite of so-called social progress enforced by pressure groups. A must-read article for all who want to know whether the radical gay-lib movement is on the right path. Continue reading Huffington Post: “The epidemic of gay loneliness”

Final bell tolls for the “Born That Way” theory after new Gallup poll

A recent Gallup poll, published in January 2017, in which the number of people in 2016 identifying as LGBT was compared to previous years, has shown a remarkable and unaccountable RISE for the number of people who said in a telephone interview that they identify as LGBT. Stark differences in the increase were found depending on the generation, date of birth, racial or ethnic background, level of education and social class level. The number of people identifying as gay is not stable in any way, and is changing in a very short span of time, according to Gallup. The conclusion must be that a genetic theory of “being born that way” is not consistent with these Gallup poll outcomes. Continue reading Final bell tolls for the “Born That Way” theory after new Gallup poll

Alliance for Therapeutic Choice modernizes therapy terminology

According to a press statement, the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity‭ (‬ATCSI‭)‬ has decided to update the terminology of therapy in order that the new terminology be more in line with current scientific insights.‭ ‬Phrases from the previous century like the old-fashioned phrase‭ ‬“conversion therapy‭”‬ no longer reflect the goals and possibilities of modern licensed secular psychotherapy.‭ ‬The Alliance Board settled upon the name‭ ‬”Sexual Attraction Fluidity Exploration in Therapy‭” (‬the acronym of which is SAFE-T‭)‬,‭ ‬as stated in their latest press announcement. Continue reading Alliance for Therapeutic Choice modernizes therapy terminology

People are not born that way

In an well-documented essay, California psychologist Laura Haynes, PhD, demonstrates how the American Psychological Association finally agrees that the “born-that-way” ideology and the “you-cannot-change” ideology are NOT true. Here is the essay that she published on the 27th of September 2016. She debunks the myths that caused so many people in the past to avoid seeking psychotherapeutic help for their unwanted same-sex attractions, myths that have deterred them from exploring their full capacity of sexual fluidity. Continue reading People are not born that way

The false notion of ‘sexual orientation’

At the JONAH trial in 2014, radical gay activists and gay members of the American Psychological Association managed to close down an orthodox Jewish mutual support group (JONAH). The aim of the activists is to eradicate religious organizations who oppose radical gay-lib ideology. The extremists succeeded in doing so, and are anxious to close down more dissidence to their world-view, be it religious, secular or otherwise (People Can Change, Narth, etc.).

At the trial, the activists managed to hand in a lengthy report by APA activist Lee Beckstead. Continue reading The false notion of ‘sexual orientation’