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Samuel Brinton’s latest move: transgender!

Sam Brinton changes his storyline yet once again: now he is transgender, prancing around at the Oscars! As to be expected, Samuel Brinton has come up with new rhetoric to gain attention. This activist, who claims he was tortured at the hands of his father, make that a religious counselor, make that a therapist, make that a licensed therapist, for being gay, make that bisexual, has now come out as transgender at the Oscars of 2018. Continue reading Samuel Brinton’s latest move: transgender!

‘Three California Bills Needing Attention’

On the Healthcare website CMDA, Andre Van Mol, MD, published an article, drawing attention to new LGBT-extremist legislative attempts to silence all opposing views on the subject of Same-Sex Attractions, and therefore to eradicate freedom of speech and science by legal force in current USA. In his publication, he quotes from a staggering array of solid scientific articles worth reading: Continue reading ‘Three California Bills Needing Attention’

To the defense of Samuel Brinton’s parents

In the previous blog, we analyzed Samuel Brinton’s article in the New York Times about alleged “torture” by a non-professional counselor. It is part of his campaign to silence professional psychotherapy and remove therapists from the public arena. He is one of the few men in the USA who makes it his job to denounce and persecute his parents in every state and by means of the Internet. It has even become his main source of income, rather than making money as a nuclear physics scientist. Something has to be said to defend the parents. This article can only be understood after reading the previous article “Samuel Brinton strikes again”. Continue reading To the defense of Samuel Brinton’s parents

Samuel Brinton strikes again

Samuel Brinton, the poster-boy extremist, working for the anti-therapy campaign of the National Center of Lesbian Rights (NCLR), has managed to have an article published in New York Times on January 22, 2018. This article was crafted to resemble a regular article. But it is part of their campaign and reiterates the tiresome slander of the defamation rhetoric crafted to influence public opinion. The aim is to marginalize and ultimately remove all professionals who counsel people with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA’s) from the public arena. Why now, you may ask? And why in the New York Times? What kind of man is he, and do his newly acquired heterosexual feelings mean the end of the “born that way” hoax? Continue reading Samuel Brinton strikes again

Tribute to Dr. Joe Nicolosi Sr. from his wife, Linda

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr. died suddenly this year. He was the founder of reparative therapy, and was one of the greatest contributers to the science of sexuology in the past three decades. With a keen insight and a great knowledge of the emperical literature on the subject, he wrote books about the phenomenon of same-sex attractions which make him stand out in the crowd. Continue reading Tribute to Dr. Joe Nicolosi Sr. from his wife, Linda

Narth files complaint against radical extremists at the Federal Trade Commission

FTC statues “Man Controlling Trade”

Today the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice (Narth) has filed a national complaint at the FTC against three extremist organizations who continuously spread lies, desinformation and slander against psychotherapy for Same Sex Attractions. Continue reading Narth files complaint against radical extremists at the Federal Trade Commission

Tributes to the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi

On his website, Narth-defector Dr. Throckmorton posted gay activists who commented on Dr. Joseph Nicolosi’s death with the words: “Oh, get over it, Mary!” But there are also other people out there whose voices need to be heard, in spite of loud aggressive joy over Dr. Nicolosi’s death, a joy which is being ventilated all over gay affirmative media by heterophobic activists, trampling on his grave. Let us have a look at what people who actually knew Joe had to say about his death. Continue reading Tributes to the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi

Crowd-funding initiative for personal story by David DeJiacomo

In light of the persecution of ex-gays by radical gay-lib, it is increasingly important that the stories of real people are heard. A fund-raising initiative has been started to help David DeJiacomo from Denver to raise $8,000 to hire a professional editor to ready his story for publication and sale to a commercial publisher. Continue reading Crowd-funding initiative for personal story by David DeJiacomo

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi has passed away

In a press announcement today from Narth on the 9th of March 2017,  David Pruden has issued the following statement:

Dear Friends,

I have tragic news to share with you this morning. Our beloved friend Dr. Joseph Nicolosi passed away early this morning. He was hospitalized for the flu and dehydration only 48 hours ago and that apparently progressed into kidney failure and finally cardiac arrest. Continue reading Dr. Joseph Nicolosi has passed away