Dr. Joseph Nicolosi has passed away

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In a press announcement today from Narth on the 9th of March 2017,  David Pruden has issued the following statement:

Dear Friends,

I have tragic news to share with you this morning. Our beloved friend Dr. Joseph Nicolosi passed away early this morning. He was hospitalized for the flu and dehydration only 48 hours ago and that apparently progressed into kidney failure and finally cardiac arrest.

The family is asking that we give them time to rest and adjust before more taxing telephone calls come into the family or his office in California. Messages of love and support via mail or email, of course, are always appropriate and appreciated. The Alliance will be gathering information about the funeral – which is not expected to take place very quickly due to the suddenness of his death – and we will see that everyone has those details as they become available.


Naturally, the Alliance will be doing all that we can to be supportive of the family in every way.


David Clarke Pruden, MS

Executive Director

Alliance for Therapeutic Choice


PS – Any Facebook comments you might see about an autopsy and a criminal investigation is totally misleading. To get an autopsy in CA (for the peace of mind of the family even in the case of a sudden and unexpected death), you have to say that the request is based of a concern that the death wasn’t a natural death. They did make that claim only to request the autopsy. The doctors had to report that there was nothing “unnatural”, so the autopsy was denied.