Via Malta, the EU has been conquered overnight

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malta-map2According to a government statement, Malta has become the first European country to ban what they call “gay conversion therapy”, imposing fines of not less than €2000 pounds and up to €10,000 ($10,750) and a jail term of at least a month and up to one year for health workers who offend the new law. On December 5th 2016 the parliament approved a law that effectively outlaws any attempts to “change, repress and, or eliminate a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity and, or gender expression”. The law further stipulates that “no sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression constitutes a disorder, disease or shortcoming of any sort.” It also lowers to 16 the age at which minors can request a gender change without their parents’ approval.

In the EU, the smallest member state Malta (400.000 inhabitants), which is barely conspicuous on any map, has a full veto right on all issues in the EU which are not in accordance with Maltese law. This initiative comes from outside the EU, from American gay psychologists united in ILGA. The 28 member states of the EU have been conquered overnight.

In a government press announcement, the Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties proudly writes:

“Malta has been at the forefront of progressive social reforms in Europe since the Labour government was elected in 2013.”


Our comments

1. Malta stance

malta-mapThe government statement above, stating that the tiny island and former British colony of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea near the boot of Italy is at an imaginary forefront “in Europe”, clearly means that the Maltese socialists wish to reform Europe, not Malta because Malta has no conversion therapy. Their actions are clearly not for a local market because there is no local market of conversion therapy.

Eastern European countries have totally different stances on such extremist agendas. The Maltese socialists wish to enforce social reforms in Europe. That is the essence of the Minister’s rhetoric and their veto right is seen as the way to go to activate Europe-wide changes in law. Radical gay-lib prose is now written down in law – Maltese law – and it gives this Minister the right to use the veto in the EU Council of Ministers, of which she is a member.

The result will be that other EU-countries may not be able to pass laws which, contrary to Malta’s new legislation, protect EU-citizens who feel uncomfortable with their same-sex attractions from being required and forced to “accept” themselves as “gays” and adopt an exclusively gay lifestyle, and who, if they don’t accept this label, may be subjected to gay-lib harassment and intrusion in their rights by bullying and slandering extremists.

2. EU law

In a preliminary committee meeting with the Minister for Civil Liberties, the president of the Maltese Psychiatric Association managed to haggle an exception, meant for those instances in which a professional has not irrevocably established the sexual orientation and gender identity of an individual yet (article 2a, 2b, and 2c). But after the orientation and gender identity has been professionally established, the penal code sets in. No change allowed after that age.



(Editor’s note: Not that change is not possible, it is just banned by law. Therefore the idea of sexual fluidity has been declared an illegal thought and psychiatrists are ordered to remove it from their scope of research and therapeutic help. We note that sexual fluidity has been scientifically proven to exist for all males and females, but the Minister for Civil Liberties now declares this a criminal concept. Furthermore, the debate on the concept of a sexual orientation, which is a highly controversial abstraction, and which has been declared by many not to be a real entity but a false notion with a damaging labelling and stigmatizing effect, is now declared a taboo debate to indulge in. This is unheard of in the field of psychiatry.)

In the EU, the 28 member states are compelled not to discriminate against homosexuality, in order to be allowed to join. But what the socialists in Malta are now doing, is redefining that EU-phrase into an interpretation that has never been heard of, or used before. It’s a great victory for the radical extremists at the expense of the moderates.

Fancy saying that transgenders have no disorder, yet 60% attempt to commit suicide before their 35th year of age. And of the transgenders who go into “corrective” surgery, 20% want new surgery to “correct” back to their old gender again. Still no psychological problems? Still “born that way”? Why want to go back if you were born that way? Still trapped in a “wrong body”? Male, female, will you make up your mind? Still no disorder? Still no deep, deep confusion? Is bad old society to blame for this too?

The term disorder is for them a narcissistic blow to a deeply doubting and confused ego, an offense to a troubled mind. Theirs is the mind-frame of a heavily codependent individual, who is by definition extremely dependent on external affirmation and recognition. One wrong word and it drives them nuts. Still no disorder there?

Up to 98% of gender-confused youngsters get over it by age 21, as long as you don’t affirm it at an early age, according to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual on psychiatry, and the extremists insist that this manual should disappear from the scene.

Therapy is not about “curing” or “eliminating” feelings. Modern therapy is about exploring your full sexual potential, thereby widening your scope of feelings and becoming aware of your array of self-image misinterpretations and self-talk hang-ups. You learn about identification, about the role of ‘good old Squaw Camp’ and riding the ponies. What is so criminal about that?

You learn about who the Mr. Nice Guy inside you is. Do you want to remain a good little boy and a Mr. Nice Guy forever? In this process you are suppressing your true male self, because as the NCLR activists insist, you are already “born perfect” with nothing left to learn. Would that be forever? Sometimes you even become aware of heterosexual feelings. Oh, what if that were to happen? What a tragedy for the ‘born that way’ believers!

Not only are people in the EU who wish to explore their full sexual potential at risk with this new law, so is scientific research and the field of psychiatry itself, because Malta is the first country in the West where a government decides to dictate to psychiatrists by law what constitutes a medical, psychiatric or psychological disorder. Scientific research and the questioning of paradigms have now officially become a political affair, a crime even, in which “the enemy” has of course not been previously consulted. What a clever move! Malta is defining science in Europe. We have been taken by surprise.

In May 2016, the researchers Mayer and McHugh reviewed hundreds of articles to find out whether there is scientific evidence that SSA’s and gender confusion are indeed normal, genetically predetermined psychological conditions, as Malta insists. Their research showed that there is not a shred of scientific evidence for this stance. And now radical gay-lib is in a great hurry to petrify their world-view into law before mainstream opinion catches up and does not buy into their rhetoric any more.

Sixty years ago, homosexuals feared being imprisoned by heterosexuals for not complying to social expectations about sex. Today, this socialist government now calls for tolerance and diversity, and pats itself on the back for being beacon to the world, while at the same time, locking up any heterosexual who does not comply to current political expectations and demands about sex.

“You like his looks, do you? Well, that makes you a faggot, and don’t argue about it. And you will stay a faggot whether you like it or not, for the rest of your life. OR, we will lock you up! It is the law. Don’t even think of anything else. It is called ‘tolerance’, the Maltese way. Get used to it!”

3. A disturbing new legal development

brave-new-worldWe are witnessing the emergence of a new legal instrument in Europe: the defining of thought crimes and opinion crimes. If you uphold the opinion that, because of your gender confusion, same-sex attractions or identification issues there is something making you doubtful about your feelings and role in life, and which you think may be worth taking a good look at with the professional help of a therapist, then you are forthwith a criminal. It would really be better if you just shut up about it – if you know what’s good for you! And that is exactly the aim of the new legislation: to shut you up! To force any doubts about the gay lifestyle, or any questions of sexual fluidity, under the carpet, where these ideas cannot be seen, heard or used in any legitimate, legal way.

What this has to do with any kind of “equal rights, self-determination and personal freedom”, as the Maltese Minister has written, is really beyond the understanding of many thinking people.  This is a George Orwellian scenario with “thought crimes”. (See his book “Brave New World”). I guess some people are just more equal than others. (Taken from another of his books: “Animal Farm”).

4. How did they do it?

Simple, play the victim card. Although there is no conversion therapy in Malta, that card always works; no further questions asked. American radical gay-lib announced a year ago that they were seeking to go global. The difference between the moderate and the radical gay movement is that the moderates seek dialogue by asking others compelling questions like,  “Will I see you at the gathering at the local church next Saturday?”. The radicals on the other hand seek coercion, with no questions asked. Their slogan is “I will see you in court”.

To this end, the NCLR and others have been into fund-raising for “international awareness programs”, as they call them. In Malta, where “harm” from conversion therapy cannot be demonstrated because the therapy does not exist there, American gay activist psychologists, united in ILGA, nevertheless managed to convince their English speaking Maltese counterparts, the gay activists within the Malta Chamber of Psychologists, of the necessity to liberate the world from “oppression”.

These Maltese gay activists were the ones who drafted the new legislation, taking it even further than the legislation in the USA where thought crimes have not been defined (yet). The activists also found it necessary to hail the new legislation as a gift from heaven, whereas they were the ones who came up with this un-Maltese nonsense in the first place.

In their press statement, they reiterate the scaremongering practice of calling psychotherapy “harmful to our community”, “inhumane”, and which shows “lack of tolerance for diversity”. They declare that the bill is

“also supported by progressive trends to depathologise such individuals from mental health statistical manual classifications.”

They furthermore state that:

“As a body we promote respect and equality for all persons, and are determined to continue working towards ensuring our clients can enjoy as safe a therapeutic experience as they deserve,” the statement added.

So we see that when a government defines what is a mental disorder, then that is to be considered “a progressive trend”, and when we see them heralding respect and equality for all persons, then that does not include people who do not wish to adopt a gay label. These persons are considered less equal than others. Why? Because they may be on their way to heterosexual feelings, and this must be suppressed at all times. Who is the one suppressing sexual feelings, I ask?

5. Harm?

Conversion therapy or “reparative therapy” is not harmful in any way, as we have demonstrated in previous articles. These practices could be harmful if SSA’s were indeed a genetic immutable condition. But as researchers Mayer and McHugh demonstrated in April, there is nothing genetic or immutable about them. There is no substantiated proof of undue or unreasonable harm in licensed psychotherapy addressing issues of sexual fluidity. And this issue would not be more aggravating than any other legitimate topic of discussion in the doctor’s or psychotherapist’s office. Therefore the “harm” issue is really a hoax, but sadly widely marketed and very effective.

As the Australian Identical Twins Studies showed in the year 2000, with YOUR genes and biological markers, you can experience SSA’s, but you can also experience OSA’s, just like your identical twin brother or sister. In 90% of all cases of identical twins, if one twin identifies as gay, the other identical twin will identify as heterosexual. We must therefore conclude that underneath a layer of SSA’s, there is always present a full-blown layer of OSA’s, lying dormant – feelings which have been repressed, warded off or not sufficiently internalized. The Twins studies cannot lead to any other scientific conclusion.

That is why the gay-lib psychologists now sneakily resort to the hard hand of the law. What they cannot win by scientific reasoning and research they now advocate by use of myths, lies, political spin, disinformation and emotional manipulation, covered with a candy layer of fancy inappropriate notions of justice for all.

6. The DSM

Gay-lib frequently cites the fact that in the American Diagnostic Statistical Manual homosexuality was removed by a 58-42% vote due to external activist social pressure in 1973, as though this, therefore, is a holy Bible for all to bow down to. The Maltese Minister apparently swears by it. How valid is the current DSM according to many sceptical psychiatrists? In Wikipedia, we read:

“While the DSM has been praised for standardizing psychiatric diagnostic categories and criteria, it has also generated controversy and criticism. Critics, including the National Institute of Mental Health, argue that the DSM represents an unscientific and subjective system.[1] There are ongoing issues concerning the validity and reliability of the diagnostic categories; the reliance on superficial symptoms; the use of artificial dividing lines between categories and from “normality” and possible cultural bias.

So we see that within the psychiatric community, the DSM is a controversial document. And controversy should remain, lest the advance of mental health comes to a standstill. Prison sentences for dissidents of the DSM ideology are no way to ensure scientific progress, or to ensure “progressive trends at the forefront in Europe”. Stifling debate is staunchly conservative, if not to say, reactionary and fascistic. After all, the left-wing communist party in the USSR used to tell the shrinks what was appropriate and what not, in accordance with the Party Ideologist. The Malta government is now following in those very same footsteps.

One can ask if it is reasonable that lay people cherry-pick in internal professional documents, while demonstrating their ignorance of the limitations of the context, and then use those documents for external political stigmatization of conflicting views. It is sad enough that psychiatric terminology has a stigmatizing effect in the lay press or for the lay mind, and it is undesirable that a government turns that into standard practice in whatever direction.

7. Conclusion

This law can be seen as a direct and apparently foreign attack on opposite-sex attractions in the EU by radical American gay-lib going global (ILGA). It is a well-planned and heavily financed initiative; we barely realize what has hit us.

This can be considered heterophobia and it deprives questioning youths in the EU who juggle with their opposite and same-sex attractions (and who gay-lib falsely claim to represent in their abbreviation LGBTQ) of the opportunity to investigate their private psychological hangups, and perhaps come out as straight.

It is therefore also viewable as a form of bi-phobia, denying those with SSA’s the right to juggle with their sexual identities with a therapist who gives them feedback, if they choose to take that option. Now in Malta, only a homosexual therapist will do for each and every questioning youth. And only that therapist’s advice and answers to questions on sexual problems, hang-ups, identification issues and outcome will be allowed to be the solution. These answers reflect his own personal predicament and lack of insight in, and appreciation of sexual fluidity.

There will be but one way to go: exclusively gay. I call it homo-sexism and it is harmful. It means taking the anti-discrimination policy in the EU one step too far. They have introduced ‘thought crime’ and ‘opinion crime’, while in Malta or in the EU no verifiable harm to individuals has been substantiated. There is nothing wrong or harmful about longing for the opposite sex, if that urge emerges in you, with or without a therapist. Malta is creating a Brave New World indeed.

Shrinks are getting themselves locked up for not abiding to a new political spin. It is like locking someone up for murder, but at the same time there is no corpse,  nor has anyone been reported missing. Shrinks are just not following the spin of radical gay-lib politics. Therefore in the EU, Malta is introducing a new phenomenon: detainees who haven’t harmed anyone.

We may safely label them political prisoners, the only description that is appropriate when you do not agree with new politics in your country. They haven’t harm a flea, but they will be spending time in prison anyway.

Job Berendsen, MD, Amsterdam.