To the defense of Samuel Brinton’s parents

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In the previous blog, we analyzed Samuel Brinton’s article in the New York Times about alleged “torture” by a non-professional counselor. It is part of his campaign to silence professional psychotherapy and remove therapists from the public arena. He is one of the few men in the USA who makes it his job to denounce and persecute his parents in every state and by means of the Internet. It has even become his main source of income, rather than making money as a nuclear physics scientist. Something has to be said to defend the parents. This article can only be understood after reading the previous article “Samuel Brinton strikes again”.

Some remarks need to be made to the defense of the parents.

According to his 2011 interview, they informed Sam that he would surely die of AIDS because all gay men die of AIDS. Is expressing that fear such a preposterous thing for them to say? We know at this moment that of all young Afro-Americans who enter the gay scene 80% will contract the AIDS virus before their 50th year of age (CDC report 2017). If this doesn’t frighten parents to their core, then we need to doubt their feelings of responsibility. Expressing this fear has nothing to do with inflicting harm, and it is wrong to read ‘harm’ into their interventions years later. The same applies to parents who go out of their wits when they see how their teenage son/daughter has been on hard drugs without their knowing, has even become a drugs dealer, or has been prostituting him/herself on the Internet.

In that day and age (the year 2000), combination drug therapy against the H.I.V. virus had only been introduced four years earlier. It was still in a very experimental phase, so contracting the virus was a sure death.

Please read: A SURE DEATH.

Is it possible that youngsters when they grow up finally come to understand and appreciate the fact that this prospect scares the wits out of parents, due to parental powerlessness, concern and love?

How stable was Sam at that time in all this? How difficult was he as a child? Was he for example narcissistic and thick-headed? To this day, our experience with him is that you cannot reason with him, because he observes reality and his own role in it totally differently from the average human being.

Samuel Brinton on stage

Center stage drama queen; the more he provocates, the more he appears to love it. He says on his own website that he would LOVE to come around and tell his dramatic tales as long as you pay up (he is expensive!) And he writes the word ‘love’ with capital letters on his site. Click on the tab Bookings“.

This is not consistent with a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), where the individual is ashamed of being so out of control and avoids going into the subject (0.3% of the population). It is primarily a form of avoidance behavior, a maladaption, it is transient, and usually subsides within five years. The Mayoclinic writes:

“PTSD is Avoidance

Symptoms of avoidance may include:

Trying to avoid thinking or talking about the traumatic event

Avoiding places, activities or people that remind you of the traumatic event”

Dutch army veterans

In the Netherlands, a new drug, MDMA (“Molly”), is being tested by the Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group on PSTD patients (Dutch army veterans) to help them overcome their hesitance and resistance towards discussing the subject matter (phase 3 trial). It will become part of standard therapy within a year or two, because avoiding speaking about the past events is the major psychiatric problem in this patient group.

PTSD is almost a silent disorder, for which more awareness is necessary. In an infographic titled “The Silent Enemy: How PTSD Damages Our Soldiers”, we read:

“93% of veterans are ashamed or embarrassed about their mental health problems. They show avoidance, withdrawing inside and avoiding the world.”

Finances can be a major embarrassing problem for them. Debt and mental health issues can spiral into a dangerous cycle. But there is nothing silent and avoidant about pathological liars. Pathological Lying (0.1% of the population) is a chronic condition, extending over a long period of years, often a lifetime. A person with PTSD wants to get over it, and reach a stage where he can comfortably say “let bygones be bygones”. A sufferer of Pathological Lying, to the contrary, is addicted to the attention it renders him and will stick to it, showing no avoidance. Gaining attention is extremely gratifying; he speaks freely and gladly. He certainly needs no drug to do so. A pathological liar often comes to believe and reiterate his own fabrications (false memory syndrome).

Could it be that the parents did everything they could to argue with him, to help him, to prevent him from going down that confused and homosexual road instead of a heterosexual one? After all, he is doing so now anyway, labeling himself these days as bisexual instead of 100% gay as in 2010. Was that idea or wish so weird?

And could it be that Sam interpreted everything so extremely neurotically because of a fundamental rejection of the same-sex parent which lies at the foundation of almost all same-sex attractions? No, Sammy’s gang doesn’t believe in that. Nope, Sammy is the victim and Dad and all that he stands for, heterosexuality, is the blame. Born that way.

First the bad guy was his father, a Baptist minister. Then there was this religious counselor, so he claims, a regular bad guy. But sometimes he says it was a therapist, and sometimes even a licensed professional psychotherapist; the accounts vary.

In an article in Time (2014), the interviewer writes about Brinton:

“Some of the memories are hazy more than 10 years later, but Brinton does remember the tactics the counselor used.”

Hazy? That didn’t prevent him giving a tear-jerking performance at the United Nations in Geneva in 2015! He just can’t quite remember the name, nor the address, and not even the city. Was he big, small, burly, thin? Can’t remember. Yep, hazy!

To inquisitive gay journalist Wayne Besen he says: ‘I am sorry, I guess substantiating is not an option, can’t help you there’.

The NCLR put his testimony and lawyer Samantha Ames’s story to the UN on Youtube, where Brinton’s voice even breaks as he reads the script. The NCLR writes in the accompanying text:

“Co-chair of the #BornPerfect Advisory Committee, Samuel Brinton testified before the U.N.’s Committee Against Torture about the therapist who, at the age of ten, tried to change their sexual orientation through conversion therapy. The stories they shared brought tears to the eyes of U.N. and State Department officials.”

The stories they shared? Point is, Samantha Ames has never seen a therapist in her life, according to the NCLR website. Her dad was a Protestant minister who upheld strong religious convictions with whom she fought. They have since made up. No more. Where are the therapy sessions, Samantha?

On the NCLR website, Brinton says:

“In the two minutes that I was given to address the U.N.’s Committee Against Torture, I fought back tears as I described how a psychotherapist, at the request of my parents, tried to change my sexual orientation through conversion therapy when I was 10 years old.”

Psychotherapist? In previous years, it was a Baptist minister father, then a religious counselor, and now a psychotherapist?

16 hours later, the UN Charter was updated, and no one else was questioned on the issue. On this photo on the NCLR website to the right, we see Samantha and Sam posing next morning ever so proud in Geneva after what the NCLR labels as a “victory”.

This is not the first time that activists use a hoax in their campaign. In 2014, they asked an individual with a Gender Identity Disorder, Brielle Goldani, to repeat her dramatic tale to the New Jersey legislative council. She claims she was tortured in a gay conversion camp called “True Directions” in Ohio.

But the state government of Ohio could find no record that a camp named “True Directions” had ever existed there. Goldani claimed that her family’s church in New Jersey had paid for him to go to the camp for a month and a half, but the pastor of the church scoffed at the idea that they would ever have done such a thing.

Therapist Christopher Doyle did fact-checking and found one reference to a “gay conversion camp” called “True Directions,” though. It was part of the plot of a fictional 1999 movie called But I’m a Cheerleader, which starred drag queen RuPaul.

Goldani had taken the plot of this far-fetched movie, and tried to pass it off as her own life story.

Gay-lib extremists have never reacted to Doyle’s article Transgendered woman lies about therapy ‘torture’“.


But even if we follow through on Brinton’s unbelievable story, could it be that when those alleged ice-packs were laid on his hands, no matter how clumsily or amateuristicly performed, and if it worked (while the parents prayed to God to spare their first-born son) then that was considered a gift from God compared to the lethal pneumonia, the debilitating Kaposi cancer and the agonizing blindness (Toxoplasmosis) which accompanied every death way back then? Every kid died blind in those days, it was almost sure to come. Losing a child is the only grief you cannot overcome.

So the counselor amateuristicly put an elastic band around his wrist to snap whenever great looking guys came around. Has he ever thought of going to Afghanistan to serve his country? No, not Sam. Wrist still hurts. Can’t go.

Samuel Brinton (standing)

Dad feared what he knew about the gay scene. He says that in that world, guys treat each other like dogs. Are the worries of Southern Baptist ministers truly only founded on prejudice? On what grounds?

They feared rightfully that their first-born may have died. A whole generation was swept away at the end of the last century.

It was new for them, it was new for young kids. The powerlessness was a mutually shared excruciating atrocity at the turn of the century for all, and I mean all people involved, not just the youngster.

Activists appear to feel very entitled, but loving your folks is a two-way street.

Samuel Brinton is an activist, following the Gay Activist Manual  (“The Overhauling of Straight America”) conceived in 1989 by PR-strategists Kirk and Madsen as a guideline for a cultural “liberation” war. When it comes to painting a picture, they advised,

“The public should be shown images of ranting homophobes whose secondary traits and beliefs disgust middle America. These images might include: the Ku Klux Klan demanding that gays be burned alive or castrated; bigoted southern ministers drooling with hysterical hatred to a degree that looks both comical and deranged; menacing punks, thugs, and convicts speaking coolly about the “fags” they have killed or would like to kill; a tour of Nazi concentration camps where homosexuals were tortured and gassed.

A campaign to vilify the victimizers is going to enrage our most fervid enemies, of course. The shoe fits, and we should make them try it on for size, with all of America watching.”

Brinton has joined the radical gay movement. He implements this time-tested radical-aggressive strategy and he is delivering, right on the dot. Even it means publicly vilifying his own folks.

Samuel Brinton (to the left)

In this photo we see Brinton humiliating another man in public. Imagine his father marching his mother around on a dog leash and using the whip on her for all to see, wouldn’t THAT give a stir! Or Donald Trump with Melania!

But if their son does so, you are called a bigot to even raise an eyebrow. It is Dad’s job to be extremely proud, so activists insist. It is as if they want him to say: “Wow, this is what I always wanted for my son; I am so happy.”

In the New York Daily News in 2015 Samuel Brinton is quoted saying:

“They’re not happy I’m talking about what happened,” he said.

But he carries on publicly humiliating them anyway, receiving activist awards in the process for his ‘services’ to the community. Humiliating people turns Samuel Brinton on. The parents are facing a life sentence of torment.

L’histoire se repète

History repeats itself. Remember the story of Pavlik Morozov, the soviet kid who reported his dad to the police and became the national hero? In Wikipedia we read,

“Born to poor peasants in Gerasimovka, a small village 350 kilometres (220 mi) north-east of Yekaterinburg (then known as Sverdlovsk), Morozov was a dedicated communist who led the Young Pioneers at his school and supported Stalin’s collectivization of farms.

In 1932, at the age of 13, Morozov reported his father to the political police. Supposedly, Morozov’s father, Trofim, the chairman of the Gerasimovka Village Soviet, had been “forging documents and selling them to the bandits and enemies of the Soviet State” (as the sentence read). Trofim Morozov was sentenced to 10 years in a labour camp and later executed.

The Soviet government declared Pavlik Morozov a glorious example for the youth. Statues of him were built, and numerous schools and youth groups were named in his honour. An opera and numerous songs were written about him. Gerasimovka’s school, which Morozov attended, became a shrine and children from all over the Soviet Union went on school excursions to visit it.”

The glorification of the “hero”, be it in the soviet newspaper The Pravda or in the New York Times, leaves the parents nowhere to go. His employer, the NCLR, with much ado even gave him a “Courage” Award in 2014 to enhance the glorification. He smiles as he discusses the subject, quite strange for someone who allegedly has PTSD. About his employer, the NCLR, he says during the awards:

“They have supported me, standing with me as I cry and jumping up and down with me when I celebrate.”


Just like a flower feeds a bee with pollen and gets rewarded with fertilization, so do the activist lawyers feed this sufferer of a compulsive drive with attention, to extract unique and improbable tales which cannot be substantiated. The USA has excellent laws against torture, assault and battery, and these lawyers have not proved that the existing laws fail in any way. So, that is obviously not the issue.

It is the subject itself, heterosexuality, that they want silenced for youths, and ultimately for adults, regardless of the own wishes of the client in question and the existence of bisexuality and sexual fluidity. This phenomenon is called homosexism, meaning that the gay label is the only way to go. And they do so by emotional manipulation of the public opinion.

NCLR boat trip on the MS Olivia

In 2015 the NCLR organized a boat trip on the MS Olivia for 2.000 lesbians. The captain was male, he was replaced. Imagine anyone else replacing a captain because he is gay!!

This is heterophobia, a deep-rooted loathing of the opposite sex. Brinton is conveniently being exploited by radical lesbians.

And now, the pseudo-scientists who call themselves LGBT-psychologists and who infiltrate major professional organizations, spread the news that all world leaders came together at the UN and after much discussion reached the conclusion that therapy for same-sex attractions constitutes torture. That is how they do it.

It is called activism.

Job Berendsen, MD.