Samuel Brinton’s latest move: transgender!

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Sam Brinton changes his storyline yet once again: now he is transgender, prancing around at the Oscars! As to be expected, Samuel Brinton has come up with new rhetoric to gain attention. This activist, who claims he was tortured at the hands of his father, make that a religious counselor, make that a therapist, make that a licensed therapist, for being gay, make that bisexual, has now come out as transgender at the Oscars of 2018.

On March 5th, he went to the Oscars and gained attention for appearing in a crimson gown. He used the bathroom of the actors (or should we say his fellow actors?) and insisted he was transgender, fighting for transgender rights.

In an article in the Los Angeles Times by Robin Abcarian, we read that this transgender person had visited the Oscars ceremony and had used the ladies bathroom to avoid the ridicule of people who do not acknowledge the rights of transgenders. Brinton allegedly claimed that it is the only place he feels safe.

So now, being transgender is “a dream come true”!

Strange he never mentioned his dream when receiving gay-lib awards in 2014, never mentioned his dream when testifying to the United Nations in Geneva in 2016, never mentioned his dream when writing scandalous articles in the New York Times in 2017, and never mentioned his dream while whipping other gay leather men in public during the Massachusetts Gay Pride March in 2017.

And now we are led to believe that a ladies bathroom is the only place he feels safe!

Never noticed any attacks during his awards, or during his visit to the UN in Geneva, or during his studies for nuclear engineer, or during his current employment at the Trevor Project or during his Gay Pride march through Massachusetts, not to mention the numerous times he appeared for paid performances which can be booked through his website.

Never attacked at all, and yet now he is telling folks that he is not safe anywhere but in a ladies bathroom.

At the Oscars, he insisted on being recognized as transgender and to be called “they” and “them” (the plural). In Europe, this is only reserved for kings and queens (in Latin “pluralis maiestatis”). 

In Wikipedia we read,

“The royal we, or majestic plural (pluralis maiestatis), is the use of a plural pronoun or corresponding plural-inflected verb forms to refer to a single person holding a high office, such as a sovereign monarch or religious leader like the Pope.”

This new move that nobody saw coming or remotely suspected (after all, he was Macho King in Massachussetts as he proudly showed off during the Pride March 2017 by whipping a submissive youngster for all to see), is totally consistent with the allegation in our last article about him that he is a pathological liar, who compulsively needs to come up with a new lie all the time, not by malignancy but by psychiatric mental pressure to satisfy his deep need for attention. Pathological liars are first and formemost attention-seekers. He was never transgender in his life, dreams or otherwise. His latest move wraps up the case.

Brinton is faking having a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. People with a PTSD do not readily speak of their past, it is shame filled and hard to get to the surface. Not so for a Pathological Liar, to the contrary. You can approach them any time of day and be treated to a good dramatic yarn. A PTSD’er refuses to talk, a PL’er refuses to shut up. A PTSD’er shrieks away from the limelight, a PL’er is already in the dressing room, wondering how he will look.

In Wikipedia, we read,

“The stories told tend toward presenting the liar favorably. The liar decorates their own person by telling stories that present them as the hero or the victim, or a combination of these: the martyr. For example, the person might be presented as being fantastically brave, as knowing or being related to many famous people, or as having great power, position, or wealth.”

In his newest persona at the Oscars, Brinton seeks out famous people and goes on a selfie with them, now actually proving that he knows many famous people. He even speaks of attaining great power just like Wikipedia predicts, when he says: “It hearkens to rising in power and strength.”

In order to raise money, he writes an essay on a website called, and throws some “conversion therapy” into the narrative:

Call me old fashioned, but I fail to see how “therapy” (that he never had, by the way!) leads to high heels. I am not aware of any connection.

His self-portraits are eligible for the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Eight months ago, he was a scantily clothed Macho King, parading before the crowds, ever so proud. And now in a crimson gown, he is explaining to movie stars how gruesome his life as a transgender has been. And the famous people all ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’, right on the dot.

This article of ours is only written to document his many changing rhetorics, and his many ways to manipulate the crowd. We have not seen the end of his saga.

Gary wrote to me:

“Hey Job, the photos of confused Sam in his formal dress are worth archiving too. Now, he is not only formerly exclusively gay, but bisexual. Does that mean some of that torture therapy his rotten parents put him through worked a tad? And let’s throw a bit of transgender into the mix. He seems to go where there is the

most popularity or perhaps the most money? I gotta hand it to this guy. He knows how to play his audience.”

Job Berendsen, MD.