Radical lesbians on a war path, the NCLR

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There are several extremist gay-lib organizations who continuously spread lies, disinformation and slander against psychotherapy for Same Sex Attractions. One of these groups, the National Center of Lesbian Rights (NCLR), has a long track record of doing so. For forty years now, the radical feminists have been inducing fear by means of biased disinformation, and inflicting mental harm on gullible youths who are new to the gay scene, thereby making them even more frightened than they already are.

Kate Kendall, director NCLR

In this article we will look into the recent array of emails that director Kate Kendall has sent her followers over the last month (July 2017). By means of fact-checking, we will attempt to demonstrate how paranoid, disproportionate and uncalled-for her messages are. The harm inflicted becomes obvious once you know the facts. Who is next on the radical gay-lib menu?

The NCLR, that we have described before (click here), is a small California-based law firm, founded in 1973, which aims to implement a radical gay-activist agenda by means of law suits, court appeals and the tweaking of the legal system. Once or twice a week, people with a subscription receive a short email from Kate (follow her latest blogs here) in order to maintain support and keep spirits high for an alleged fight. The tone of voice is military, the preparations are for battle, the foe is anyone with another opinion and the winner takes all. It sounds like the Charge of the Light Brigade, 160 years ago.

The law firm does not represent people seeking aid like a normal law firm does, it has its own political agenda and seeks plaintiffs to fit the cause. It therefore needs external finances. The aim is to bypass political and tiresome debate with other people in the public arena.   In the 2012 annual report, Kendall wrote on page 2 (click here):

“In 1976 as a legal scholar, Donna Hitchens saw the courtroom as a way to change the world. Our precedent-setting case victories literally rewrite the law, changing the legal landscape for all LGBT people across the nation.”

Their craft has become enforcing political stances on others through clever use of civil law. They succeed in rewriting laws, but in such a way that democratically elected persons are excluded from that process. In short, shrewd lawyers ram it down society’s throat. Voters have no say in all this. It is private interest groups only who run the show, operating without your knowing and behind your back.

Here are the key sentences in the July 2017 emails, as she yet again defines new enemies. Comparable to North Korea, the messages proclaimed by The Leader grow more severe and worrying by the month as she beats the war drums with no way back. The NCLR writes (emphasis added):

We have fought too hard and too long to see these protections wiped out by this brutal, reckless, and hateful administration”. (Obama care dispute, 31st July 2017, not a gay issue)

Dear, Yesterday, President Trump declared war on LGBTQ people. Please stand with us on behalf of transgender service members, and our entire community. (dispute over reversing Obama’s decree on transgender policy in the military, 28th July 2017).

We need to fight for those who can’t. And fight back against the rising tide of hate.” (25th July 2017, no specific issue).

I am reminded every day of the tremendous threat this moment poses both to our community and to the entire nation. It requires a level of vigilance and engagement and energy I have not seen in my lifetime.” (17th July 2017, no specific issue).

Many of us faced challenges in our childhood. But I can’t imagine those faced by the LGBTQ youth who are fighting to survive. NCLR is fighting for LGBTQ youth in every arena—from schools to homeless shelters, foster care, health care, and beyond.” (11th July 2017, NCLR defies parental custodial rights in a case against parents with a gender confused child, a non-gay issue).

So even as we celebrate our victories present and past, we are reminded every day of the tremendous threat this moment poses both to our community and to the entire nation. This moment requires a level of vigilance and engagement and energy I have not seen in my lifetime. But I know that movements are born of moments like this. We will have more victories yet…” (1st July 2017, no specific issue).


1. Tales of an alleged war

In the messages which Ms. Kendall spreads, we see claims of “hate”, “rising tide”, “fighting to survive”, “tremendous threat to the community”, “threat to the entire nation”, “I have not seen in my entire life”, “brutal, reckless and hateful administration”.

When President Trump on July 27th merely challenged one of the many top-down decrees of Barack Obama, she writes “Yesterday, President Trump declared war on LGBTQ people.Let us analyze that last phrase.

War on LGBT people

Is the new administration really declaring war on men with homosexual feelings, women who identify as lesbian, people struggling with bisexual feelings, and youths who are questioning their sexuality?

At the end of July 2017 in a tweet, Donald Trump challenged the Government’s acceptance of military service by personnel suffering from Gender Identity Disorder. This is an officially recognized mental disorder according to the Diagnostic Statistics Manual-5. It is an unstable psychiatric condition, where research shows that 20% of all GID persons who have ‘transitioned to a new sex’, want to transition back within five years to the body in which they supposedly were wrongly assigned.

According to The Guardian (David Batty, click here):

“The review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals finds up to 20% regret transitioning and no conclusive evidence was found that shows gender reassignment surgery improves the lives of transsexuals, with many people remaining severely distressed and even suicidal after the operation”.

The story we are led to believe, is that they were ‘entrapped’, and now they want to be entrapped back again in that very same ‘wrong’ body, with all the costs, efforts and side-effects of operations and hormonal treatment to go with it. They changed their mind, not as a rare incident, but as a very recurrent event, affecting all of their daily life and their ability to be immediately fit and available for duty.

The new Commander In Chief has, in our view, every right to finally put that issue up to discussion, especially when his predecessor imposed his radical stance by presidential decree with no consultation or thumbs up from the Pentagon officials. With Donald Trump, it is apparently back to the drawing board, but this time with a broader military consultation and a more thorough review of all the scientific facts concerned.

Trump wants his military staff to take a closer look at the many sides of the issue which Obama swept under the carpet, not only from the personal view of the gender confused person in one of his/her many stages of dealing with gender confusion, but from the view of the military core business as well.

The most important argument, hitherto overlooked, is the fact that unfit members of any combat zone platoon endanger the lives of their peers when their emerging personal identity- and hormonal issues could confound their judgment. This may very well reflect on their immediate combat fighting capability under extremely stressful circumstances. 20% is not to be taken lightly when such numbers of employees are known to demonstrate an irresistible urge to “transition back”. This could be at a moment when the platoon needs it least.

According to research, it has been on that soldier’s mind ever since the start of the “necessary” hormone treatment and cosmetic surgery. These medical interventions just didn’t do the trick. Now, these “trans” soldiers long for that formerly denounced body. And according to Obama, every colleague who is in the front line and is facing enemies, is to regard unpredictable gender-obsessed behavior as totally normal too, risking to be pronounced an intolerant bigot for thinking otherwise.

By the way, people with Gender Identity Disorder are not merely the happy-go-lucky individuals without a worry in the world that the trans activists portray them to be. Research shows that they demonstrate disproportionate levels of depression and suicidality, none of which, to date, can adequately be explained by hostile societal pressure. Here are the research results of suicidality in gender confused subjects in the USA:

2. President Trump did not declare war

In his July tweet, the issue was Gender Confusion, affecting an extremely small minority in society. Trump did not declare “war” (if war was declared at all) on others, such as persons identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning (LGBQ).

Apparently, Kendall throws all sorts of persons on one big heap when it fits her strategies, but such is a dangerous move.

So, Miss Kendall is lying. It is fair to say that she is the one declaring the supposed “war” and not the other way around. She repeats the phrase “hate” in each and every email, making it mainstream till no-one doubts its existence.

When we review the new administration to date, no “war” on homosexuals or bisexuals can be substantiated. There is now an over-due discussion about issues concerning the deployment of the fringe of individuals who are gender confused, a discussion which, by the way, Obama avoided by ruling by decree.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with fundraiser and gay lobbygroup HRC

When signing his top-down documents, he knew very well that his views were shared by few policy-makers in the Pentagon, and that they stem from gay activists, organized in private interest groups contributing heavily with funds to his and Hillary Clinton’s election campaigns (click here), most notably the wealthy political lobbygroup Human Rights Campaign, an ally of the NCLR.

When it comes to creating adversity in society, the only person at this time using militant phrases and whipping the crowds up with talk of “war”, “victories”, “fighting to survive”, “brutal, reckless, hateful”, is Miss Kendall.

Kendall exhibits anxiety. This is then projected onto other people, creating us-them thinking as she conjures visions of a hostile world that would exist outside her small daily circle.

It could very well lead to paranoid thinking, as seen in marginal sects with religious or visionary leaders. A state of generalized anxiety often ensues, ultimately giving way to persecutory initiatives. Kendall is not into talking with other people, she is into the next battle against other people in court or otherwise. She is definitely not into creating common ground. That is not her trade, nor that of the radical organizations that seek to ally with her.

Remarkably, she says that she has never felt so anxious in her “entire life”, meaning from the 1970’s up till now. How weird when we consider that tolerance for a gay lifestyle has never been so fashionable as in 2017.

The world is portrayed as one dark tunnel, omens are on the walls, the foe needs to be faced and we must emerge victoriously: there is no other way.

In June 2017, she organized a boat trip for 2.000 fellow-lesbians on the Olivia line (click here), a spree of heterophobia with not a man in sight. In the advertisement it says:

“We always charter entire ships or buy out whole resorts to provide a safe space for women to be out and feel free for an extraordinarily unique experience – to have an all-woman, all-lesbian vacation.”

Free from the opposite sex at last. In dictionary.com, we read:

Phobia, (noun): a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.”

The phobia is then projected onto the people around, accusing them of being the ones who are phobic. This train of thought is radical feminism, assuming, insisting, in fact knowing for sure that the world is not a safe place. Even the captain’s being male was considered offensive, so he was replaced.

How harmful can this be? Just replace the word “lesbian” (which the radicals claim is a genetic trait) with the word “white” (which is a known genetic trait), and see what you get.

“We offer you an all-white holiday with white people only, as far as the eye can see. To this end, we rent off entire boats and resorts. It makes for an extraordinarily unique experience – to have an all-white vacation. On the boat that we hired, we saw a big grin on the bridge, and behind that grin: a Negro! We had him duly replaced of course, and now we can advertise: “Come celebrate with our captain, he is white”.

How big, diverse, tolerant, and “inclusive” is that so-called LGBTQ community really when it comes to accepting other people as they want to be?

Imagine my replying to your hospitality:

“Oh certainly, I would love to come over with the kids. But I need to know for sure that your place is a safe place for them. After all, you never know”.

Isn’t this a slap in the face? Isn’t this extremely offensive to a decent average heterosexual man? Nope, it is the NCLR.

3. War chest

The NCLR has dozens of pro bono lawyers working for them, and millions of dollars at their disposal to carry out the radical feminist agenda (2012 annual report, page 9, see below).

99.8% of this comes from donations thanks to the well crafted rhetoric.

Kendall can literally not afford to tune down her tone. Fear sells, and she has fifty mouths to feed (employees list, page 15).

4. Why worry?

Why is this a problem? Why go all the way to explain what a tiny law firm with merely a big sounding name, is doing in downtown San Francisco? After all, there are so many small private initiatives around the country, huffing and puffing to blow down evil as they feel fit. Enjoying a boat trip, dining with the captain. What is the big deal?

I will tell you why. It is not only the Kendall crew building up steam and preparing for battle that is worrying, but it is the spreading and mainstreaming of homo-sexism that is the actual grand design behind the campaigns. And every activist knows it and enjoys.

If you look at a good looking guy and feel jealousy or a diffuse feeling nagging at your mind and secret wishes to follow and be like him, then there is nowhere to go but “gay”, whether you want it or not: the new default ideology in the West. The idealization of anything but straight.

Experiencing same-sex attractions has now become a basket trap. Once you publicly announce any doubt about your fantasies, then a gay label will be your fate for ever more. And all of psychiatry and psychotherapy is being manipulated by public pressure, disinformation, law, naming-and-shaming, or sheer brutality to comply.

In the last few years, a small group of radical gender-confused activists have also hopped on board, as they offer to ally under a NATO doctrine of sorts, taking positions on a newly crafted naval fleet. Proudly they sit behind the battle-guns. These are people with a mission. It is “all for one and one for all”. Their aim is to free the entire Western civilization of alleged ‘bigots’.

The organizations constituting radical gay-lib have huge financial resources, and they are in for the kill.

5. The harm that is inflicted

Young people, newly venturing into a gay lifestyle, suffer when their future is portrayed as an exile from mainstream life, where you are forced to deal with hardships, bias and hatred. The effects of this scare-mongering are not as in so-called alternative medicine, with its slogan that ‘if this substance doesn’t work for you, at least it won’t harm you’. A great deal of harm is inflicted. But who is currently researching the side-effects from radical gay-lib activism? Who dares, and who has the financial resources to do so?

In order to portray other civilians as evil and to raise funds, the NCLR bends the truth, generates fake news, fabricates deceitful accusations and grossly misinforms its followers by concealing unwelcome facts. Having already made up their mind for battle, they pick on unsuspecting individuals minding their own business, like the non-profit organizations JONAH (click here) and People Can Change (click here). There will be no freedom of Speech or freedom of Assembly until you are given permission. The NCLR does not argue, the NCLR silences.

6. Romantic appeal

For many, the campaigns have a distinct romantic quality, a David and Goliath of sorts. In history we have seen this often before, tales of brave battles to be remembered for ever. Proudly, Kate cheers the recruits on to fight whilst the End of Time is nigh and the Nation is at stake. Never in her life, or that of any Mortal, has peril been so grave. “Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them, into the Valley of Death rode the 600”.

Like in Alfred, Lord Tennysons’s immortal poem, The Charge Of The Light Brigade (see below), we witness the Great Sages of History itself.

We haven’t heard the last of Kate Kendall.

Job Berendsen, MD.