A ban on geology?

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geoA ban on geology?

With his proposed ban on reparative therapy, Obama may just as well ban geology.

Gaylib has managed to influence the presidential advisor of Barack Obama to support a ban on reparative therapy, that is to say any psychotherapeutic counselling of youngsters where heterosexual feelings are explored or evaluated with a client who experiences homosexual or homoerotic feelings.

Therapists are to be banned and punished, scientific research on the subject is considered by pressure groups to be unethical so that funding of research has become impossible, and therapy contracts are to be monitored by law enforcement officers for law infringement.

How absurd. What a paranoid overkill by US gaylib in an emancipation struggle. In the Netherlands and Denmark there is no discrimination on this subject. Are Dutch and Danish doctors or psychologists going to be investigated, prosecuted and punished too? For what, if there is no social discrimination? After all, discrimination in certain areas of some societies is the main reason for the whole US gaylib endeavour, but what if there is no definible discrimination? Or is it pure heterophobia?

A paradigm switchvuur-bp-2010

Imagine we have a fanatical group of environmentalists, who predict spilling of oil during accidents involving offshore oil platforms. They have great fear, and so they ask Obama to look into the science of geology and geologists. After all, these people work for the oil drilling business. If we put them out of business, then let us see if there is still any oil spilling and reaching our shores.

So Obama signs a bill to ban geological research, the faculties of geology at universities are to be closed, sonar examination of the sea bed is unethical and teaching geology to students is considered malpractice.

That’ll teach those oil companies! Put ’em out of business for once and for all! Starting with geology!

The same way of thinking applies to discrimination in society. Lock up therapists, whether they are licensed and approved or not. Intervene with doctors doing their stuff. Then the land of the free will prevail. And if clients complain, then tell them that times have changed. In the old days as a kid, you couldn’t talk freely about homosexual feelings, now gaylib has turned things around the other way and you can’t talk freely about heterosexual feelings, not even with your very own psychiatrist.home-75-p-final