Is being gay a disease?

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psychIs being gay a disease?


Gaylib insists that homosexual feelings are not a psychiatric disease per se, and that therefore any counselling on the subject is unethical and malpractice.

Well, marriage problems aren’t a disease either and yet millions of people see psychotherapists annually, there where we see 30% of all marriages ending within three years in a divorce. These problems cause great suffering and social harm, usually spread over two generations of victims. By the same radical gaylib standards then, treatment of these clients is to be considered unethical and malpractice.


In our view, radical gaylib pressure groups have no business interfering in another person’s psychotherapy, just because they don’t like the possible outcome or have absurd fantasies of “harm” being inflicted by licensed therapists. The proposed ban on discussing heterosexual feelings with a gay guy or lesbian is absurd.

The extremists wish to “protect” minors, there where recent research in the UK has proved that almost 49% of teenagers admit having had some homosexual feelings at one point or another. Only 3% ultimately end up adopting a gay identity at age 25. Who is going to “protect” the youngsters turning up straight when a ban on straight talk is installed for any teenager mentioning homosexual feelings?


The extremists must realize that their strategy forms a huge precedent, there where outside pressure groups have all sorts of opinions on political sensitive issues. How about banning psychotherapists who deal with pregnant teenagers confused about abortion decisions, banning psychotherapists who counsel hiv-patients with their euthanasia wish, banning psychotherapists who counsel same-sex couples contemplating adoption? Wouldn’t that give a stir in the meetings of the gaylib extremists! And yet, gaylib in their shortsightedness and one-track mind are creating a precedent of great magnitude, especially when another administration comes to power.


Is the shrink’s office to become a political battlefield? Is he/she to look over his shoulder and think: Oh my god, who is winning the elections? For elections will, from now on, reflect big time on the “correctness” of his/her therapeutical work.

Outside interference

The psychotherapeutic community must stand up against the strategies of radical gaylib (or the extremist God Hates Fags group for that matter), denounce outside interference of any sort and on any topic, and must be courageous enough to say no to gaylib, however awkwardly politically incorrect or homophobic that may seem.

We promote client-centered approach and denounce pressuregroup-centered therapy of any sort.home-75-p-final