Ships and volcanoes, a story

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ccOn his trip in 1772 discovering the Pacific Ocean, captain Cook stumbled upon an island, consisting of a volcano, sticking up above the surface of the ocean. The island dwellers welcomed the strange men on their big ship, and were somewhat suspicious of them at first. Captain Cook made contact with them and witnessed how they managed to stay alive. Every year at the solstice, they took two beautiful virgins and threw them into the volcano. They insisted that this policy protects them from harm, from the eruptions which in the past had caused so much havoc. All life depended on the ritual.

“Don’t throw virgins in”, Cook explained, “it won’t work”. The dwellers became more suspicious: “who are we to throw in then?” Cook laughed. “They can’t think out of the box”, he thought to himself.

The island dwellers saw him chuckling and knew for sure: he has got something up his sleeve, he is tricking us. He is malicious. The chief ordered an attack. Two sailors were killed as the rest of the party managed to row back in the dinghy to their ship lying at anchor.


Our comments

Gay subculture

Like island dwellers, extremists within gay subculture and ghetto’s share a similar suspicion towards those from an outside world who would dare to challenge their worldview. They know for sure that the world is divided into two groups, 100% homosexual and 100% heterosexual. When exgays come along and challenge this strongly held belief, they fear that the exgays are malicious and out to do harm. They know for sure that cunning enemy forces are out to crush your sexuality, on which all life depends.

They have science, all of which is based on the assumption that the world exists out of two types of people. Starting with this paradigm and underlying worldview, the scientists then set out to prove how right the policies of the subculture dwellers are. It is as if they analyze the weight, height and age of the virgins, in order to scientifically determine exactly which virgin gives the gay movement the best reassurance of a safe and happy life. Relentlessly they keep searching for a gay gene, surely it must be out there somewhere to prove the existence of the two types of people. And all political dissonance is analyzed as a cunning attack on the vulnerable island dwellers in the Pacific.


Exgay is not anti-gay. Try explaining that to people locked up in a subculture, where us/them thinking prevails and paranoia slowly but surely sets in. It can be a stubborn fight with a hostile gaylib, persons who are imagining that all others are out to harm you if they denounce the 100% gay/100% straight paradigm. But in the end, tolerance and mutual understanding will prevail.home-75-p-final