How to write a horror story

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horror-man1In their effort to ban reparative therapy, gay-lib sends reporters adults who tell their “story” about memories of what they label conversion therapy. They state that all this is being coerced onto minors.

In Time Magazine , for example, a gentleman tells his story: “I know all this because I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve been through conversion therapy, albeit when I was an adult and with the privilege of being able to refuse the treatment if I wanted to.

If we read carefully what is being put forward, we see that it is not about minors at all which should be the subject at hand, there is no proof of any coercion of which therapists are accused and, to his anger, it is about a therapist who does not blindly accept the transgender label. I would say: rightfully so, therapist, good work, there are many youngsters for whom feeling different is a passing phase. Teenage years are all about wondering and doubting about identities in every regard.


trans-suicide-ratesBefore age 21, 45% of all “transgender” youths without a therapist commit suicide attempts, according to the 2014 report of the American Suicide Prevention Foundation (click here).


trans-suicide-rates-mentalhealthWhen a mental health condition is also present, the numbers rise to a staggering 65%, so the report says.


But in horror stories gay-lib prefers to blame it on the therapist who was at hand.

The hysterics of it all has a profound impact on the readers, and the reporters fail to cross-examine or hear the story from the therapist himself. Neither does Time Magazine check the facts from a second independent source. A totally one-sided attempt at defaming and persecuting professional health workers. So much for this form of journalism.

How about us using the same political tactics to make the public aware of the situation after the ban has been installed? After all, 50% of all youngsters experience some same-sex attractions during their teens, according to a recent UK government study (click here), but only 3% end up with a gay identity. And yet all these youngsters will be forced to see a gay affirmative therapist, and a gay affirmative therapist only. No other way to go. Let us see what horror story we can invent, using the same strategy as gay-lib does. It would go something like this:


“When I was 16, I once confessed to my parents that I was deeply impressed by the good looks of Jack, who was a sports hero at our school. My parents sent me to a psychologist. He turned out to be a so-called gay affirmative therapist. We had heard about them at school, at the gay-straight alliance that we all have to attend. Those men are everywhere. I protested that I wasn’t gay, but was told that this was the only way to go. My parents said there was no other option any more.

Being with that guy was hell. I now feel so damaged. He was so “other”, he constantly smiled at me and talked with a smooth, super-friendly voice, looking me straight in the eyes. He diagnosed me as homophobic. I felt so ashamed. He said I needed to go to a gay bar and learn to be myself. He told me he had H.I.V., and had had more than 500 boyfriends. In his soft high pitched voice, he said that was normal, and insisted that I was homophobic without my realizing it. He kept on looking at my crotch all the time, and I had fantasies about the H.I.V.-virus dripping from his penis.

When I once told him that I felt depressed, he insisted that society had abused me. I had to go to a gay bar to get to know my own culture, so he advised, and just kept on looking at my crotch. It was a nightmare. I really freaked out when he once laughed in his super friendly way and said: “you are such a homophobic adorable hottie, you”. I felt so manipulated. I said I wanted to stop with this therapy, but he forced me to see the school counselor first, because society had abused me real bad, so he said.

The school counselor told me there was no alternative but a gay affirmative therapist. I cried all night. After six months, I refused to go, to the anger of my parents. I now have a girlfriend, and look back at the most horrible, uncomfortable and coercive experience I have ever gotten myself into. How I wish I had never mentioned admiring Jack.”

Why don’t we invent hysterical stories too, to inform the public what Gay Affirmative Therapy is all about? After all, not one legislative representative has any idea what kind of therapy is being coerced onto all teenagers. There is no scientific literature out there about GAT, no research on the harm it inflicts, no description of it, no comparative study to other approaches, and anyone can call himself a GAT therapist. If you complain, after the ban there is no alternative. Every other way to go is labeled unethical. Few of us really know what GAT is all about. How about also using horror story marketing? As ex-chairman of a local gay-lib let me tell you: it is wicked, but it works.home-75-p-final