Gay Liberation Movement is anti-psychiatry

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psy-killsThere are great paradigm differences between Reparative Therapy which stems from a century of tradition since Sigmund Freud declared that all people are innately bisexual in their potential, and on the other hand anti-psychiatry, which is the foundation of gaylib.

Antipsychiatry has been abolished for heterosexuals in the nineties, but still continues for homosexuals in a small forgotten niche in society, because opposition to this ideology is labeled as homophobic. Here is an overview of differences in worldview:


szassPsychiatry: We acknowledge that in your personal development due to environmental factors, you have suffered things and have reacted to things, which need to be explored in order to become competent and face the world on your own, in a healthy way.

Anti-psychiatry: We acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with you, never has been, that you are perfect and that society has all sorts of norms, into which you just don’t appear to fit, however perfect you are born. This coercive society has to be looked into, in order for you to understand your current predicament.


Psychiatry: you need to understand what you are feeling and what got you to this point, and to make goals for yourself with the help of a psychotherapist, if you so choose, in order to function with everyone around you.

Anti-psychiatry: you need to understand that your feelings are irrelevant because there is no problem there, all problems are caused by a hostile coercive society which sets out to make innocent people comply, with force usually, to society norms limiting your freedom to be who you truly are. They make you suffer, over and over again. You are an abuse victim, even if you never felt it that way.


Psychiatry: therapists have a body of knowledge of more than a hundred years of patients in psychotherapy in psychoanalysis, enlarged by subsequent additions of authors, thinkers and therapy results.

Anti-psychiatry: over the last century therapists have become part of a hostile coercive framework of social institutes, who in the end mould people into becoming replicas of a golden standard for the silent and obedient working force, which in no way reflect your true self. Their coercion has become a tool of repression.


psy-junkPsychiatry: your private development is centre of your experiental world.

Anti-psychiatry: a hostile coercive world has become an ever growing framework of iron bars, deterring and estranging you from your true self.


Psychiatry: aim is to come in contact with your inner strength, and overcome paralyzing feelings of victimship.

Anti-psychiatry: Mental health is social struggle against repressive social structures and corroding influences. In this lonely battle, aim is to come in contact with as many allies as possible to stand as one. Mutual support with other groups is needed, now you have been victimized.


Psychiatry: we charge rates, as doctors do for all patients

Anti-psychiatry: you are being brainwashed into social norms which do not truly reflect the great diversity of mankind. Only we see that. You are being exploited by a compliant and extravagant social elite.


Psychiatry: many people have profited from the insights offered to them from insight-giving psychotherapy.

Anti-psychiatry: many people have successfully been brainwashed into complying to social norms, which in the end cause harm, if not to say suicide. Countless dead bodies are scattered around thanks to psychotherapists. Social institutions like the police join in the Great Deal to cover up for it. Therefore the evidence has not been adequately documented. But everybody personally knows many buddies who have killed themselves after receiving psychotherapy. And the numbers are huge. It is all being swept under the carpet.


psy-industryPsychiatry: things like electroshocks and other physical efforts to help suffering patients, have been successfully replaced by more adequate forms of help, thanks to the trial and error nature of evidence-based psychiatric scientific advance.

Anti-psychiatry: electroshocks, vomiting therapy and cold-hot waterbaths go on to this day, and countless individuals are prepared to take the stand to testify againts these infringements of human rights. In remote and rural areas, we all know about the going-on’s of psychotherapy.


Psychiatry: transgenders commit suicide attempts at a rate of 50% before their 21st birthday, and 70% in all at adult age.

Anti-psychiatry: they have all seen qualified doctors. It is an industry of death.


Psychiatry: but there are no reparative therapists in Holland, Sweden and Belgium, and yet the suicide rates are just as high

Anti-psychiatry: transgenders all have twitter accounts. They constitute a sensitive and vulnerable community. Psychiatry contributes to a hostile and repressive social climate, no matter where you live. It is called internalized magnified covert cultural sexual abuse.


Psychiatry: the anti-psychiatric movement is making psychiatry a puppet of political correctness.

Anti-psychiatry: these guys are mocking us, making us look like fools, degrading our dignity as equal human beings.


Psychiatry: these guys are going in for the kill, they intend to ban psychotherapy, criminalize psychotherapists, rob you of your livelihood and, if you as a licensed therapist or a lay person even mention your worldview, file charges for hate speech. With all the fines and jail sentences to go with it.

Anti-psychiatry: free the constrained and misunderstood violent psychotic patients from their isolation cells, and lock the therapists up instead. It is time that psychotherapists do time, not the abuse survivor. Therapists need a lawyer to defend themselves, not the patient. And we intend to improve mental health care in this way. Anti-psychiatry means we are anti psychiatry. We intend to eradicate, exterminate and abolish for once and for all.


st-c-dayOur comment:

When you have studied anti-psychiatry, then you truly understand the mind of gaylib. On their website the anti-psychiatrist activists publish their mission statement: “25 Reasons why psychiatry must abolished”. Nr. 17 proves the alliance between both movements when they write:

17. Because psychiatrists, particularly white male psychiatrists, are homophobic – the American Psychiatric Association (APA) once labelled homosexuality as a “mental illness” or “mental disorder” – and use forced electroshock on lesbians, trying to coerce them into adopting a heterosexual life style.”

This clearly racist and sexist statement creates an alliance with the civil rights- and the feminist movements, none of whom do sufficient fact checking, as gaylib doesn’t do either. The statements exploit public ignorance on psychiatry issues. Fear sells. To fully understand, it takes psychiatric knowledge to see the nonsense of the claims.

In statement 23, wild and defaming rumors about therapy are spread:

23. Because psychiatry is based on the 3 F’s: Fear, Fraud, and Force.

The antipsychiatric movement is almost a complete failure within psychiatry. The movement still needs some national victory to justify their cause. The gay issue is one of the last strongholds to gain public attention. Gaylib has suggested to celebrate a ban on reparative therapy at next Christopher Street Day, gay pride day, proclaiming the abolition of psychiatric abuse: malignant social structures have been defeated, the suffering of gays has finally ended.