Even straight people want me to be ‘gay’

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beachThanks to political correctness, even people around me who identify as straight want me to just become a gay guy. I hate it. In my view the form of political correctness around the issue of gay rights and lifestyles has become too simplistic and intolerant of other ideologies. We need to reverse this.

To be politically correct about identifying as gay means to welcome and applaud this sexual preference and lifestyle. If some men don’t want to be considered as gay, the response is often: “Oh, that’s too bad! You are what you are. And why be in denial of your own reality? We aren’t going to condemn you any more. So there is no need to hide or deny your sexual feelings.”

But who is going to define my personal feelings? Do I have any say in this at all? Why should a person be forced to squeeze into an identity that doesn’t fit them?

Many people are not comfortable with living their lives as gays, not comfortable with having gay sex or even with the idea of it. You may have attractions to the same sex, fleeting or more constant, but why should you indulge in those feelings, if you don’t want to?

I want to stress that I am entitled to my own opinion on this. In my case I feel that these feelings are inappropriate for me for moral, religious, social, familial and cultural reasons. And those reasons are not imposed on me by people around me, but ones which I cherish for my own very personal and logical reasons. In other words, I demand the right to choose to live the kind of life I want and to have the kind of partner I desire, or even to have no partner at all, for that matter.

Why do pro-gay supporters feel they have to foist their values and beliefs about sexuality on everybody universally? It has been scientifically proved that sexuality is fluid, and that changes in sexual attraction can and do occur all the time. Why should people who want to take steps in the direction of changing their sexual feelings or in investigating them, be scorned or even denied the option of change?

Why do pro-gay activists take my decisions personally and feel they are being slandered or slighted by me, a person who doesn’t want to be resigned to a lifetime of attraction to and indulgence in sex with the same gender?

And furthermore, why should people who feel their own sexuality is on the move be denied the chance to have, for example, a married life with a person of the opposite sex? Why should they be denied the opportunity of bearing and raising children of their own blood? Why should they be told the possibility of having a happy and satisfying family life with mother, father and children is not within their reach?

You seem to get promised an alternative of a satisfying relationship with a gay partner. But at the end of the day, where is my right to choose my own lifestyle? I have no problems with gays and lesbians living their lives in any way that suits them. But why should it be a problem that others don’t want to take this path? And the ultimate question in this debate is: why do dissenters to gay-lib ideology no longer have any choice about the destiny of their own life?

Gay-lib insists that everyone should have the right to be different. To all who support gay-lib I say, when is this going to apply to me too?

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