Dutch gay-lib glorifies male gay promiscuity

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2 men kissingResearch by the governmental Dutch Statistics Bureau last week proved that marriages between lesbians end up far more often in a divorce compared to marriages between gay men and two heterosexuals. “This is because women have, as heterosexuals do, a different perspective on marital fidelity” so says Professor Gert Hekma, a male professor of Sociology at Gay and Lesbian Studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) today in the mainstream newspaper De Volkskrant (click here). Here is what he has to say in the newspapers immediately following the Bureau statistics that lesbians have 30% divorce rate compared to 18% for heterosexuals and 15% for homosexually married men:


“Women are less likely to have casual sex than men. They are less often prepared to engage in a healthy open relationship. Gay guys, on the other hand, are more healthily promiscuous. They are less envious and find that adventures outside the relationship are a normal part of life. With many gay couples after five to seven years, they are done with having monogamous sex. Then the partners finally agree that sex with another is permissible as long as no love is involved. The gay culture makes it even easier for men – with or without permission – to cheat. They can easily encounter a potential sex partner in the dark-rooms or via dating apps. Therefore the world of sex with other men is more easily accessible, leading to a healthier lifestyle and less divorce”, according to the gay-lib Utrecht University lecturer.


Our comment

What the University LGBT-Science lecturer does not take into consideration, is the fact that with his “healthy promiscuous relationships” the average gay guy is at the same time at great risk for sexual transmittable diseases: H.I.V., Hepatitis C, and Chlamydia being the main concern. At this time, Heterosexual-Science acknowledges the fact that in the USA 50% of all black Americans who take on the gay label, will face becoming contaminated with H.I.V. during their lifetime. In impoverished areas, this risk rises to a staggering 80%.


Still glad to be gay? Only when gay-lib sociologists rule out the facts of current day life (H.I.V and the multitude of other sexual transmittable disease) can one genuinely be glad to be gay, and enforce this stance at every primary or high school. The question arises: should we allow Gay and Lesbian psychiatrists and activists, with or without a University degree, with their obvious narrow-minded stance, to dictate what is healthy for children and youths, in defiance of heterosexual parental concerns across the USA? Should we allow them to dictate who shall be punished by law, such as psychotherapists who offer help into looking into, and carefully discovering your full array of sexual possibilities, the so-called “harmful” sexual orientation therapy?


lionessEvery lioness places her cubs before her own life; ever gay guy places the glorification of his promiscuity before the interests of his (adopted) kids. At least when we see the gut feelings exhibited by this LGBT scientist, published within hours of the Statistics Bureau research findings. We are witnessing the glorification of promiscuous sex. The Gay sociologist is not interested in the interests of kids growing up in male same-sex marriages. His primary concern is defending promiscuity. How then are these two Dads going to explain to their children that one Dad, or both, may very well die due to their own doing, glad as they are to be gay? This is no exception, this is the rule. In no way does professor Hekma show any consideration for the child at hand. Perhaps the fact, that it is not his offspring, is paramount to his stance on life, and his lectures at the University.


Excerpt De Volkskrant: “Dat huwelijken tussen twee vrouwen vaker stranden dan huwelijken tussen twee mannen, komt doordat vrouwen een andere kijk op echtelijke trouw hebben. Dat zegt docent homo- en lesbische studies Gert Hekma van de Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA). ‘Vrouwen zijn minder makkelijk met seks dan mannen. Ze houden er minder vaak een open relatie op na.’


Homomannen zijn volgens Hekma wat losbandiger. Zij zijn minder jaloers en vinden dat avontuurtjes buiten de deur bij het leven horen. ‘Bij veel homokoppels is het na vijf tot zeven jaar wel gedaan met de seks. Dan spreken de partners bijvoorbeeld af dat seks met een ander geoorloofd is zo lang daar geen liefde bij komt kijken.’

De homocultuur maakt het voor mannen ook makkelijker om – al dan niet met toestemming – vreemd te gaan, denkt Hekma. ‘Ze kunnen een potentiële sekspartner tegenkomen op ontmoetingsplaatsen, in dark-rooms of met datingapps als Grindr.’ Daarmee is de sekswereld voor mannen makkelijker toegankelijk, denkt de UvA-docent.

JB, Amsterdam.