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Dutch gay-lib glorifies male gay promiscuity

2 men kissingResearch by the governmental Dutch Statistics Bureau last week proved that marriages between lesbians end up far more often in a divorce compared to marriages between gay men and two heterosexuals. “This is because women have, as heterosexuals do, a different perspective on marital fidelity” so says Professor Gert Hekma, a male professor of Sociology at Gay and Lesbian Studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) today in the mainstream newspaper De Volkskrant (click here). Here is what he has to say in the newspapers immediately following the Bureau statistics that lesbians have 30% divorce rate compared to 18% for heterosexuals and 15% for homosexually married men Continue reading Dutch gay-lib glorifies male gay promiscuity

Dutch lesbian divorce rate rockets sky high

lesbian marriageAccording to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) yesterday, the probability that a Dutch marriage does not endure, is greatest in lesbians. More than 30 percent of the 580 lesbian marriages in 2005, ended ten years later in divorce. This conclusion was published by the Bureau after researching the number of marriages and divorces since the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2001 (click here). A marriage between two men appears to last longer, but after ten years more than 15 percent of same-sex male marriages ended in divorce. With heterosexual marriages the average percentage is slightly higher: 18 percent. Continue reading Dutch lesbian divorce rate rockets sky high